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Merchant Navy Losses

[UP] - Merchant Navy Losses - Damaged Merchant Ships


List of all Merchant Navy ships and fishing vessels lost due to enemy action during World War II, and also Merchant Navy ships and fishing vessels lost through reasons other than enemy action, 1939 - 1945.


The list shows all merchant ships lost to enemy action during the Second World War by month. A second list shows all fishing vessels lost due to enemy action 1939 - 1945.

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 Also included at the bottom is a list of all merchant and fishing ships lost due to other reasons during the war.  

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A separate list of all Merchant Navy ships and fishing vessels damaged during World War Two is also available by clicking here.

Casualties to Personnel of British Merchant Ships

Deaths (at sea or ashore) and supposed deaths (at sea) which have been notified to the Registrar General of shipping and seamen and recorded as due to enemy action or other causes arising out of the war, comprising :

(1) Seamen of all nationalities who served in British ships, and 

(2) British seamen who served in foreign ships chartered or requisitioned by His Majesty's Government, from the outbreak of war to 31st August 1945, were as follows: -

In Merchant Vessels                                 In Fishing Vessels                               Total

           29,180                                                         814                                              29,994


British Merchant Vessels Lost By Enemy Action

Date Name Type Gross Tons Cause of Loss How Lost Remarks
September 1939
3rd Athenia Steamship 13.581 Submarine Torpedo
5th  Bosnia Steamship 2.407 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
5th Royal Sceptre Steamship 4.853 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
6th Rio Claro Steamship 4.086 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
6th Manaar Steamship 7.242 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
7th Pukkastan Steamship 5.809 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
7th Olivegrove Steamship 4.060 Submarine Torpedo
7th Gartavon Steamship 1.777 Submarine Gunfire
8th Winkleigh Steamship 5.055 Submarine Torpedo
8th Regent Tiger Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.177 Submarine Torpedo
8th Kennebec Steamship / Tanker 5.548 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire Wreckage sunk by H.M.S. on 9th Sept
10th Goodwood Steamship 2.796 Mine -
10th Magdapur Steamship 8.641 Mine -
11th Blairlogie Steamship 4.425 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire Abandoned and sunk 
11th Firby Steamship 4.869 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
11th Inverliffey Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.456 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
13th Neptinia Tug 798 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
14th Vancouver City Motor Vessel 4.955 Submarine Torpedo
14th Fanad Head Steamship 5.200 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
14th British Influence Motor Vessel 8.431 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
15th Cheyenne Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.826 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
15th Truro Steamship 974 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
16th Aviemore Steamship 4.060 Submarine Torpedo
16th Arkleside Steamship 1.567 Submarine Gunfire
16th Bramden Steamship 1.594 Mine -
17th Kafiristan Steamship 5.193 Submarine Torpedo
18th Kensington Court Steamship 4.863 Submarine Gunfire
22nd Akenside Steamship 2.694 Submarine Torpedo
24th Hazleside Steamship 4.646 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
30th Clement Steamship 5.051 Raider - "Admiral Graf Spee"
October 1939
4th Glen Farg Steamship 876 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
5th Stonegate Steamship 5.044 Raider - "Deutschland"
5th Newton Beech Steamship 4.651 Raider - "Admiral Graf Spee"
7th Ashlea Steamship 4.222 Raider - "Admiral Graf Spee"
10th Huntsman Steamship 8.196 Raider - "Admiral Graf Spee"
13th Heronspool Steamship 5.202 Submarine Torpedo
14th Lochavon Motor Vessel 9.205 Submarine Torpedo
14th Sneaton Steamship 3.678 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
17th Yorkshire Steamship 10.184 Submarine Torpedo
17th City of Mandalay Steamship 7.028 Submarine Torpedo 
17th Clan Chisholm Steamship 7.256 Submarine Torpedo
20th Sea Venture Steamship 2.327 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
21st Orsa Steamship 1.478 Mine -
22nd Whitemantle Steamship 1.692 Mine  -
22nd Trevanion Motor Vessel 5.299 Raider - "Admiral Graf Spee"
24th Ledbury Steamship 3.528 Submarine Gunfire
24th Menin Ridge Steamship 2.474 Submarine Torpedo 
24th  Tafna Steamship 4.413 Submarine Torpedo
27th Bronte Steamship 5.317 Submarine Torpedo  Sunk by H.M.S. on 30th October
29th Malabar Steamship 7.976 Submarine Torpedo
30th Cairnmona Steamship 4.666 Submarine Torpedo
November 1939
9th Carmarthen Coast Steamship 961 Mine -
13th Ponzano Motor Vessel 1.346 Mine -
13th Matra Steamship 8.003 Mine -
15th Woodtown Steamship 794 Mine -
15th Africa Shell Motor Vessel / Tanker 706 Raider - "Admiral Graf Spee"
16th Arlington Court Steamship 4.915 Submarine Torpedo
17th Parkhill Steamship 500 Cause Unknown -
18th Blackhill Steamship 2.492 Mine -
19th Torchbearer Steamship 1.267 Mine -
19th Pensilva Steamship 4.258 Submarine Torpedo
19th Darino Steamship 1.351 Submarine Torpedo
20th Stanbrook Steamship 1.383 Cause Unknown -
20th Bowling Steamship 793 Cause Unknown -
21st Geraldus Steamship 2.495 Mine -
22nd Lowland Steamship 974 Mine -
23rd Hookwood Steamship 1.537 Mine -
24th Mangalore Steamship 8.886 Mine -
25th Royston Grange Steamship 5.144 Submarine Torpedo
25th Uskmouth Steamship 2.483 Submarine Torpedo / Gunfire
28th Rubislaw Steamship 1.041 Mine -
29th Ionian Steamship 3.114 Mine - Abandoned 
30th Sheaf Crest Steamship 2.730 Mine -
December 1939
1st Dalryan Steamship 4.558 Mine -
2nd San Calisto Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.010 Mine -
2nd Doric Star Steamship 10.086 Raider - "Admiral Graf Spee"
3rd Tairoa Steamship 7.983 Raider - "Admiral Graf Spee"
3rd Moortoff Steamship 875 Cause Unknown -
4th Horsted Steamship 1.670 Submarine Torpedo
5th Navasota Steamship 8.795 Submarine Torpedo
7th Thomas Walton Steamship 4.460 Submarine Torpedo
7th Streonshalh Steamship 3.895 Raider - "Admiral Graf Spee"
8th Merel Steamship 1.088 Mine -
8th Brandon Steamship 6.668 Submarine Torpedo
8th Corea Steamship 751 Mine -
9th San Alberto Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.397 Submarine Torpedo Sunk on 11th by H.M.S.
10th Willowpool Steamship 4.815 Mine -
12th Marwick Head Steamship 496 Mine -
12th King Egbert Motor Vessel 4.535 Mine -
13th Deptford Steamship 4.101 Submarine Torpedo
14th Inverlane Motor Vessel / Tankers 9.141 Mine -
16th Amble Steamship 1.162 Mine -
17th Serenity Motor Vessel 487 Aircraft Bombed
19th City of Kobe Steamship 4.373 Mine -
25th Stanholme Steamship 2.473 Mine -
31st Box Hill Steamship 5.677 Mine -
January 1940
7th Cedrington Steamship 5.160 Mine -
7th Towneley Steamship 2.888 Mine -
9th Dunbar Castle Motor Vessel 10.002 Mine -
9th Oakgrove Steamship 1.985 Aircraft Bombed
9th Gowrie Steamship 689 Aircraft Bombed
10th Upminster Steamship 1.013 Aircraft Bombed
11th El Oso Steamship / Tanker 7.267 Mine -
11th Keynes Steamship 1.706 Aircraft Bombed Previously attacked
12th Granta Steamship 2.719 Mine -
16th Inverdargle Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.456 Mine -
17th Cairnross Steamship 5.494 Mine -
17th Polzella Steamship 4.751 Cause Unknown -
20th Caroni River Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.807 Mine -
21st Ferryhill Steamship 1.086 Mine -
21st Protesilaus Steamship 9.577 Mine -
23rd Baltanglia Steamship 1.523 Submarine Torpedo
28th Eston Steamship 1.487 Mine -
29th Stanburn Steamship 2.881 Aircraft Bombed
29th Leo Dawson Steamship 4.330 Cause Unknown -
30th Giralda Steamship 2.178 Aircraft -
30th Vaclite Steamship / Tanker 5.026 Submarine Torpedo
30th Bancrest Steamship 4.450 Aircraft Bombed
30th Voreda Steamship / Tanker 7.216 Aircraft Bombed
30th Highwave Steamship 1.178 Aircraft Bombed
February 1940
1st Creofield Steamship / Tanker 838 Cause Unknown -
2nd Ellen M Motor Vessel 498 Cause Unknown -
2nd Portelet Steamship 1.064 Mine -
2nd British Councillor Steamship / Tanker 7.048 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 3rd
3rd Armanistan Steamship 6.805 Submarine Torpedo
5th Beaverburn Steamship 9.874 Submarine Torpedo
7th Munster Motor Vessel 4.305 Mine -
9th Chagres Steamship 5.406 Mine -
9th Agnes Ellen Steamship 293 Mine -
13th British Triumph Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.501 Mine -
14th Gretafield Steamship / Tanker 10.191 Submarine Torpedo Beached, later total loss
14th Tiberton Steamship 5.225 Cause Unknown -
14th Sultan Star Steamship 12.306 Submarine Torpedo
14th Langleford Steamship 4.622 Submarine Torpedo
17th Baron Ailsa Steamship 3.656 Mine -
17th Pyrrhus Steamship 7.418 Submarine Torpedo
21st Loch Maddy Steamship 4.996 Submarine Torpedo
22nd British Endeavour Steamship / Tanker 4.580 Submarine Torpedo
24th Royal Archer Steamship 2.266 Mine -
24th Clan Morrison Steamship 5.936 Mine -
24th Jevington Court Steamship 4.544 Mine -
March 1940
2nd Albano Steamship 1.176 Mine -
3rd Cato Steamship 710 Mine -
4th Pacific Reliance Motor Vessel 6.717 Submarine Torpedo
4th Thurston Steamship 3.072 Submarine Torpedo
8th Counsellor Steamship 5.068 Mine - Sunk
9th Chevvchase Steamship 2.719 Mine -
9th Borthwick Steamship 1.097 Mine -
9th Akeld Steamship 643 Mine -
11th Abbotsford Steamship 1.585 Cause Unknown -
12th Gardenia Steamship 3.745 Mine -
15th Melrose Steamship 1.589 Mine -
20th Barn Hill Steamship 5.439 Aircraft Bombed
25th Daghestan Steamship / Tanker 5.742 Submarine Torpedo
April 1940
9th Thistlebrae Steamship 4.747 Seized - Taken in prize
10th Blythmoor Steamship 6.582 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
12th Thorland Steamship 5.208 Seized -
12th Stancliffe Steamship 4.511 Submarine Torpedo Taken in prize
15th Salerno Steamship 870 Seized - Taken in prize
15th Salmon Pool Steamship 4.803 Seized - Taken in prize
15th Mersington Court Steamship 5.141 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
15th North Cornwall Steamship 4.304 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
17th Swainby Steamship 4.935 Submarine Torpedo
20th Hawney Steamship 5.380 Mine -
20th Mersey Steamship 1.037 Mine -
21st Cedarbank Motor Vessel 5.159 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Romanby Steamship 4.887 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
22nd Riverton Steamship 5.378 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
23rd Lolworth Steamship 1.989 Mine -
24th Stokesley Steamship 1.149 Mine -
24th Rydal Force Steamship 1.101 Mine -
24th Haxby Steamship 5.207 Raider -
25th Margam Abbey Steamship 2.470 Mine -
May 1940
3rd Scientist Steamship 6.199 Raider -
4th San Tiburcio Steamship 5.995 Mine -
6th Brighton Steamship 5.395 Mine -
10th Henry Woodall Steamship 625 Mine -
11th Tringa Steamship 1.930 Mine -
12th Roek Steamship 1.041 Mine -
12th St. Denis Steamship 2.435 Scuttled -
13th City of Brussels Steamship 629 Seized -
20th Pembroke Coast Motor Vessel 625 Aircraft Bombed
20th Mavis Steamship 935 Aircraft Bombed
21st Firth Fisher Steamship 574 Mine -
21st Bawtry Steamship 835 Aircraft Bombed Salved by Germans and taken in prize
21st Hubbastone Steamship 873 Aircraft Bombed Salved by Germans
21st Maid of Kent Steamship 2.693 Aircraft Bombed
24th Brighton Steamship 2.391 Aircraft Bombed
25th Spinel Motor Vessel 650 Aircraft Bombed Salved by Germans and taken in prize
27th Sequacity Motor Vessel 870 Shelled by shore battery -
27th Worthtown Steamship 868 Aircraft Bombed Salved by Germans and taken in prize
27th Sheaf Mead Steamship 5.008 Submarine Torpedo
28th Queen of the Channel Motor Vessel 1.162 Aircraft Bombed
28th Carare Steamship 6.878 Mine -
28th Abukir Steamship 694 E-boat Torpedo
28th Marjory H Motor Vessel 84 Seized - Taken in  prize
29th Mona's Queen Steamship 2.756 Mine -
29th Lorina Steamship 1.578 Aircraft Bombed
29th Clan MacAlister Steamship 6.787 Aircraft Bombed
29th Fenella Steamship 2.376 Aircraft Bombed
29th Telena Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.406 Submarine Gunfire
30th Normannia Steamship 1.567 Aircraft Bombed
30th Stanhall Steamship 4.831 Submarine Torpedo
31st Orangemoor Steamship 5.775 Submarine Torpedo
June 1940
1st Scotia Steamship 3.454 Aircraft Bombed
1st Orford Steamship 20.043 Aircraft Bombed
1st Lark Sailing Barge 67 Abandoned -
1st Royalty Sailing Barge 101 Beached & abandoned -
1st Duchess Sailing Barge 91 Beached & abandoned -
1st Lady Rosebery Sailing Barge 109 Mine -
1st Doris Sailing Barge 83 Mine -
1st Barbara Jean Sailing Barge 144 Beached & abandoned -
1st Aidie Sailing Barge 144 Beached & set on fire -
1st Ethel Everard Sailing Barge 190 Beached & abandoned -
2nd Fossa Tug 105 Stranded & abandoned -
2nd Astronomer Steamship 8.401 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Parts Steamship 1.790 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Polycarp Steamship 3.577 Submarine Torpedo
5th Sweep II Sludge Vessel 145 Mine -
5th Capable Motor Vessel 216 Mine -
5th Stancor Steamship 798 Submarine Gunfire
6th Frances Massey Steamship 4.212 Submarine Torpedo
6th Harcalo Steamship 5.081 Mine -
8th Hardingham Steamship 5.415 Mine -
8th Oilpioneer Motor Vessel / Tanker 5.666 Warship - "Admiral Hipper"
8th Orma Steamship 19.840 Warship - "Admiral Hipper"
9th Empire Commerce Steamship 3.857 Mine -
9th Dulwich Steamship 4.102 Beached & set on fire - Salved by Germans and taken in prize
11th St. Ronaig Motor Vessel 509 Mine -
11th Bruges Steamship 2.949 Aircraft Bombed
12th Baron Saltoun Steamship 3.404 mine -
12th Willowbank Motor Vessel 5.041 Submarine Torpedo
12th Earlspark Steamship 5.250 Submarine Torpedo
12th Barbara Marie Steamship 4.223 Submarine Torpedo
12th Train Ferry No. 2 Steamship 2.678 Beached & abandoned -
12th Sallow Motor Vessel 209 Damaged & abandoned - Taken in prize
12th Innisulva Motor Vessel 264 Beached & abandoned -
13th British Inventor Steamship / Tanker 7.101 Mine -
14th British Petrol Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.891 Raider -
14th Balmoralwood Steamship 5.834 Submarine Torpedo
15th Eric Boye Steamship 2.238 Submarine Torpedo
16th Wellington Star Motor Vessel 13.212 Submarine Torpedo
17th Teiresias Steamship 7.405 Aircraft Bombed
17th Lancastria Steamship 16.243 Aircraft Bombed
18th Niagara Steamship 13.415 Mine -
18th Ronwyn Steamship 1.766 Damaged & abandoned -
18th Hester Steamship 1.199 Damaged & abandoned -
18th Dido Steamship 3.554 Abandoned & seized -
19th Roseburn Steamship 3.103 E-Boat Torpedo & Gunfire
19th Baron Loudoun Steamship 3.164 Submarine Torpedo
19th British Monarch Steamship 5.661 Submarine Torpedo
19th The Monarch Steamship 824 Submarine Torpedo
20th Stesso Steamship 2.290 Aircraft Bombed
20th Empire Conveyor Steamship 5.911 Submarine Torpedo
20th Otterpool Steamship 4.876 Submarine Torpedo
21st Luffworth Steamship 279 Abandoned - Taken in prize
21st Yarraville Steamship / Tanker 8.627 Submarine Torpedo
21st San Fernando Steamship / Tanker 13.056 Submarine Torpedo
24th Albuera Steamship 3.477 E-boat Torpedo
24th Kingfisher Motor Vessel 276 E-Boat Torpedo
25th Windsorwood Steamship 5.395 Submarine Torpedo
25th Saranac Steamship / Tanker 10.049 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
27th Llanarth Steamship 5.053 Submarine Torpedo
29th Empire Toucan Steamship 4.127 Submarine Torpedo& Gunfire
30th Avelona Star Steamship 13.376 Submarine Torpedo Sank 1st July
July 1940
1st Beignon Motor Vessel 5.218 Submarine Torpedo
1st Clearton Steamship 5.219 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Aeneas Steamship 10.058 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Arandora Star Steamship 15.501 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Athellaird Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.999 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Bijou Sailing Barge 98 Aircraft Bombed
4th Elmcrest Steamship 4.343 E-Boat Torpedo
4th Dallas City Motor Vessel 4.952 Aircraft Bombed
4th Silverdial Tug 55 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
4th Coquet Mouth Dredger 477 Mine -
5th Delambre Steamship 7.032 Raider -
5th Magog Steamship 2.053 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
8th Humber Arm Steamship 5.758 Submarine Torpedo
9th Aylesbury Steamship 3.499 Submarine Torpedo
10th Tascalusa Steamship / Tanker 1.905 Aircraft Bombed
10th Waterloo Steamship 6.433 Aircraft Bombed
10th Davisian Steamship 1.964 Raider -
11th Sea glory Steamship 7.506 Submarine Torpedo
11th City of Bagdad Steamship 352 Raider -
11th Mallard Steamship 2.162 E-Boat Torpedo
12th Hornchurch Steamship 5.228 Submarine Bombed
13th King John Motor Vessel 7.769 Raider -
13th Kemmendine Steamship 779 Raider -
14th Island Queen Steamship 779 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
14th Gracefield Steamship 4.631 Raider -
15th Bellerock Steamship 1.199 Mine -
15th Heworth Steamship 2.855 Aircraft Bombed
15th City of Limerick Steamship 1.359 Aircraft Bombed
16th Wendover Steamship 5.487 Raider -
16th Scottish Minstrel Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.998 Submarine Torpedo Sank on the 17th
17th Manipur Steamship 8.652 Submarine Torpedo
17th Woodbury Steamship 4.434 Submarine Torpedo
17th Fellside Steamship 3.509 Submarine Torpedo
19th Pearlmoor Steamship 4.581 Submarine Torpedo
20th Troutpool Steamship 4.886 Mine -
20th Pulborough Steamship 960 Aircraft Bombed
21st Terlings Steamship 2.318 Aircraft Bombed
21st Ellaroy Steamship 712 Submarine Gunfire
23rd The Lady Mostyn Motor Vessel 305 Mine -
25th Corhaven Steamship 991 Aircraft Bombed
25th Polgrange Steamship 804 Aircraft Bombed
25th Leo Steamship 1.140 Aircraft Bombed
25th Henry Moon Steamship 1.091 Aircraft Bombed
25th Portslade Steamship 1.091 Aircraft Bombed
26th Lulonga Steamship 821 E-Boat Torpedo
26th Haytor Steamship 1.189 Mine -
26th Broadhurst Steamship 1.013 E-Boat Torpedo
26th London Trader Steamship 646 E-Boat Torpedo
26th Accra Motor Vessel 9.337 Submarine Torpedo
26th Vinemoor Motor Vessel 4.359 Submarine Torpedo
27th Durdham Sand Dredger 477 Mine -
27th Salvestria Steamship / Tanker 11.938 Mine -
27th Sambre Steamship 5.260 Submarine Torpedo
27th Thiara Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.364 Submarine Torpedo
28th Orlock Head Steamship 1.563 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
28th Auckland Star Motor Vessel 13.212 Submarine Torpedo
29th Gronland Steamship 1.264 Aircraft Bombed Previously damaged by aircraft on 25th
29th Ousebridge Steamship 5.601 Mine -
29th Moidart Steamship 1.262 Mine -
29th Clan Monroe Steamship 5.952 Mine -
29th Clan Menzies Steamship 7.336 Submarine Torpedo
30th Jamaica Steamship 5.475 Submarine Torpedo
31st Jersey City Steamship 6.322 Submarine Torpedo
31st Domingo De Larrinaga Steamship 5.358 Raider -
August 1940
2nd City of Brisbane Steamship 8.006 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Statira Motor Vessel 4.852 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Wychwood Steamship 2.794 Mine -
4th Geraldine Mary Steamship 7.244 Submarine Torpedo
4th King Alfred Steamship 5.272 Submarine Torpedo
4th Gogovale Steamship 4.586 Submarine Torpedo
5th Boma Steamship 5.408 Submarine Torpedo
7th Mohamed Ali Steamship 7.527 Submarine Torpedo
8th Upwey Grange Motor Vessel 9.130 Submarine Torpedo
8th Holme force Steamship 1.216 E-Boat Torpedo
8th Fife Coast Motor Vessel 367 E-boat Torpedo
8th Coquetdale Steamship 1.597 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
8th Empire Crusader Steamship 1.042 Aircraft Bombed
8th Ouse Steamship 1.004 Collision - In avoiding torpedo from E-Boat
11th Llanfair Steamship 4.966 Submarine Torpedo
12th British Fame Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.406 Submarine Torpedo
14th Betty Steamship 2.339 Submarine Torpedo
15th Sylvafield Motor Vessel / Tanker 5.709 Submarine Torpedo
15th Brixton Steamship 1.557 Mine -
16th Clan Macphee Steamship 6.628 Submarine Torpedo
16th Empire Merchant Motor Vessel 4.864 Submarine Torpedo
16th City of Birmingham Steamship 5.309 Mine -
16th Meath Steamship 1.598 Mine -
18th Ampleforth Steamship 4.576 Submarine Torpedo
20th Turakina Steamship 9.691 Raider -
21st Anglo Saxon Steamship 5.596 Raider -
21st James No. 70 Hopper Barge 182 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Thorold Steamship 1.689 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
23rd Cumberland Steamship 10.939 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Makalla Steamship 6.677 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Llanishen Steamship 5.053 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Severn Leigh Steamship 5.242 Submarine Torpedo
23rd St. Dunstan Steamship 5.681 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Brookwood Steamship 5.100 Submarine Torpedo& Gunfire
24th Blairmore Steamship 4.141 Submarine Torpedo
24th La Brea Steamship / Tanker 6.666 Submarine Torpedo
24th King City Steamship 4.744 Raider -
25th Yewcrest Steamship 3.774 Submarine Gunfire
25th Jamaica Pioneer Steamship 5.471 Submarine Torpedo
25th Pecten Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.468 Submarine Torpedo
25th Empire Merlin Steamship 5.763 Submarine Torpedo
25th Athelcrest Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.825 Submarine Torpedo
25th Harpalyce Steamship 5.169 Submarine Torpedo
25th Goathland Steamship 3.821 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
25th Fircrest Steamship 5.394 Submarine Torpedo
26th Ilvington Court Steamship 5.187 Submarine Torpedo
26th Remuera Steamship 11.445 Aircraft Torpedo
26th Cape York Steamship 5.027 Aircraft Torpedo
26th British Commander Steamship / Tanker 6.901 Raider -
28th Kyno Steamship 3.946 Submarine Torpedo
28th Dalblair Steamship 4.608 Submarine Torpedo
29th Empire Moose Steamship 6.103 Submarine Torpedo
29th Astra II Steamship 2.393 Submarine Torpedo
30th Chelsea Steamship 4.804 Submarine Torpedo
30th Mill Hill Steamship 4.318 Submarine Torpedo
31st Har Zion Steamship 2.508 Submarine Torpedo
September 1940
2nd Thornlea Steamship 4.261 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Cymbeline Steamship / Tanker 6.317 Raider
3rd Ulva Steamship 1.401 Submarine Torpedo
4th Titan Steamship 9.035 Submarine Torpedo
4th Luimneach Steamship 1.074 Submarine Gunfire
4th Corbrook Steamship 1.729 E-Boat Torpedo
4th New Lambton Steamship 2.709 E-Boat Torpedo
4th Joseph Swan Steamship 1.571 E-Boat Torpedo
4th Fulham V Steamship 1.562 E-Boat Torpedo & Gunfire
6th St. Glen Steamship 4.647 Aircraft Bombed
7th Beckton Tug 45 Aircraft Bombed
7th Jose De Larrinaga Steamship 5.303 Submarine Torpedo
7th Neptunian Steamship 5.155 Submarine Torpedo
9th Athelking Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.557 Raider
9th Mardinian Steamship 2.434 Submarine Torpedo
9th Minnie De Larrinaga Steamship 5.049 Aircraft Bombed
10th Benarty Steamship 5.800 Raider
11th Albionic Steamship 2.468 Raider
12th Benavon Steamship 5.872 Raider
12th Gothic Steamship / Tanker 2.444 Mine
14th St. Agnes Steamship 5.199 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
15th Empire volunteer Steamship 5.319 Submarine Torpedo
15th Kenordoc Steamship 1.780 Submarine Gunfire
15th Halland Steamship 1.264 Aircraft Bombed
15th Nailsea River Steamship 5.548 Aircraft Torpedo
16th Aska Steamship 8.323 Aircraft Bombed
16th Bibury Steamship 4.616 Raider
16th City of Mobile Steamship 6.614 Aircraft Bombed
17th Crown Arun Steamship 2.372 Submarine Torpedo
17th City of Benares Steamship 11.081 Submarine Torpedo
17th Tregenna Steamship 5.242 Submarine Torpedo
17th Marina Steamship 5.088 Submarine Torpedo
17th Commissaire Ramel Steamship 10.061 Raider
18th Magdalena Steamship 3.118 Submarine Torpedo
19th Shelbrit I Motor Vessel / Tanker 1.025 Mine
20th Invershannon Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.154 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 21st
20th Empire Adventure Steamship 5.145 Submarine Torpedo
20th New Sevilla Steamship / Tanker 13.801 Submarine Torpedo
20th Baron Blythswood Steamship 3.668 Submarine Torpedo
21st Frederick S. Fales Steamship 10.525 Submarine Torpedo
21st City of Simla Steamship 10.138 Submarine Torpedo
21st Torinia Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.364 Submarine Torpedo
21st Canonesa Steamship 8.286 Submarine Torpedo
21st Scholer Steamship 3.940 Submarine Torpedo Abandoned
21st Empire Airman Steamship 6.586 Submarine Torpedo
21st Blairangus Steamship 4.409 Submarine Torpedo
21st Elmbank Motor Vessel 5.156 Submarine Torpedo
21st Dalcairn Steamship 4.608 Submarine Torpedo
24th Continental Coaster Steamship 555 E-Boat Torpedo
25th Mabriton Steamship 6.694 Submarine Torpedo
25th Eurymedon Motor Vessel 6.223 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 27th
25th Sulairia Steamship 5.802 Submarine Torpedo
26th  Stratford Steamship / Tanker 4.753 Submarine Torpedo
26th Corrientes Steamship 6.863 Submarine Torpedo
26th Port Dension Steamship 8.043 Aircraft Torpedo Sank on 27th
26th Manchester Brigade Steamship 6.042 Submarine Torpedo
28th Empire Ocelot Steamship 5.759 Submarine Torpedo
28th Darcoila Steamship 4.084 Submarine Torpedo
28th Dalveen Steamship 5.193 Aircraft Bombed
29th Bassa Steamship 5.267 Submarine -
30th Heminge Steamship 2.499 Submarine Torpedo
30th Samala Steamship 5.390 Submarine -
October 1940
1st Highland Patriot Steamship 14.172 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Kayeson Steamship 4.606 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Latymer Steamship 2.218 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Lady of the Isles Cable Ship 166 Mine -
4th Sirdar Tug 34 Aircraft Bombed
5th Adaptity Steamship 372 Mine -
6th Benlawers Steamship 5.943 Submarine Torpedo
6th Jersey Queen Steamship 910 Mine -
6th British General Steamship / Tanker 6.989 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 7th
8th Bellona II Steamship 840 Aircraft Bombed
8th Confield Steamship 4.956 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 9th
8th Natia Steamship 8.715 Raider -
9th Craigwen Steamship 3.697 Submarine Torpedo
9th Alderney Queen Motor Vessel 633 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
11th Port Gisborne Motor Vessel 8.390 Submarine Torpedo
12th St. Malo Steamship 5.779 Submarine Torpedo
12th Pacific Ranger Motor Vessel 6.865 Submarine Torpedo
13th Stangrant Steamship 5.804 Submarine Torpedo
14th Hurunui Steamship 9.331 Submarine Torpedo
14th Reculver Motor Vessel 683 Mine -
15th Thistlegarth Steamship 4.747 Submarine Torpedo
15th Bonheur Steamship 5.327 Submarine Torpedo
16th Trevisa Steamship 1.813 Submarine Torpedo
17th Uskbridge Steamship 2.715 Submarine Torpedo
17th Scoresby Steamship 3.843 Submarine Torpedo
17th Languedoc Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.512 Submarine Torpedo
17th Frankrig Steamship 1.361 Mine - Sank on 18th
17th Hauxley Steamship 1.595 E-Boat Torpedo Sank on 19th
18th Assyrian Steamship 2.962 Submarine Torpedo
18th Sandsend Steamship 3.612 Submarine Torpedo
18th Beatus Steamship 4.885 Submarine Torpedo
18th Empire Minivier Steamship 6.055 Submarine Torpedo
18th Creekirk Steamship 3.917 Submarine Torpedo
18th Fiscus Steamship 4.815 Submarine Torpedo
18th Shekatika Steamship 5.458 Submarine Torpedo
18th  Empire Brigade Steamship 5.154 Submarine Torpedo
19th Wandby Steamship 4.947 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 21st
19th Aridity Motor Vessel 336 Mine -
19th Matheran Steamship 7.653 Submarine Torpedo
19th La Estancia Steamship 5.185 Submarine Torpedo
19th Caprella Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.230 Submarine Torpedo
19th Ruperra Steamship 4.548 Submarine Torpedo
19th Shirak Steamship / Tanker 6.023 Submarine Torpedo
19th Sulaco Steamship 5.389 Submarine Torpedo
19th Uganda Steamship 4.966 Submarine Torpedo
19th Sitala Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.218 Submarine Torpedo
19th Clintonia Steamship 3.106 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
19th Sedgepool Steamship 5.556 Submarine Torpedo
20th Loch Lomond Steamship 5.452 Submarine Torpedo
20th Whiteford Point Steamship 5.026 Submarine Torpedo
21st Kerry Head Steamship 825 Aircraft Bombed
21st Houston city Steamship 4.935 Mine -
24th Matina Steamship 5.389 Cause Unknown -
26th Dosinia Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.053 Mine -
27th Suavity Motor Vessel 634 Mine -
28th Devonia Steamship 98 Mine -
28th Sheaf Field Steamship 2.719 Mine -
28th Sagacity Steamship 490 Mine -
28th Wythburn Steamship 420 Mine -
28th Empress of Britain Steamship 42.348 Submarine Torpedo Previously attacked by Aircraft. and set on fire on 26th, Attacked again by Submarine & sunk.
29th G. W. Humphreys Sludge Vessel 1.500 Mine -
30th Rutland Steamship 1.437 Submarine -
31st Hillfern Steamship 1.535 Cause Unknown -
November 1940
1st Empire Bison Steamship 5.612 Submarine Torpedo
1st Letchworth Steamship 1.317 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Lea Tug 168 Mine -
2nd Deanbrook Tug 149 Mine -
3rd Casanare Steamship 5.376 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Kildale Steamship 3.877 Aircraft Bombed
5th Scottish Maiden Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.993 Submarine Torpedo
5th Maiden Steamship 7.908 Raider - "Admiral Scheer"
5th Trewellard Steamship 5.201 Raider - "Admiral Scheer"
5th Beaverford Steamship 10.042 Raider - "Admiral Scheer"
5th Haig Rose Steamship 1.117 Cause Unknown -
5th Kenbane Head Steamship 5.225 Raider -
5th Mopan Steamship 5.389 Raider -
5th Fresno City Motor Vessel 4.955 Raider -
6th Nalon Steamship 7.222 Aircraft Bombed
6th Clan Mackinlay Steamship 6.365 Aircraft Bombed
7th Herland Steamship 2.645 Mine -
7th Cambridge Steamship 10.855 Mine -
7th Astrologer Steamship 1.673 Aircraft Bombed
9th Baltrader Steamship 1.699 Mine -
11th Automedon Steamship 7.528 Raider -
11th Trebartha Steamship 4.597 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
11th Skarv Steamship 158 Mine -
11th Creemuir Steamship 3.997 Aircraft Torpedo
11th Balmore Steamship 1.925 Aircraft Bombed
12th Argus Steamship 661 Mine -
13th Cape St. Andrew Steamship 5.094 Submarine Torpedo
13th Empire Wind Steamship 7.459 Aircraft Bombed
13th Leon Martin Motor Vessel / Tanker 1.951 Mine -
14th St. Catherine Steamship 1.216 Aircraft Torpedo
14th Buoyant Motor Vessel 300 Mine -
15th Kohinur Steamship 5.168 Submarine Torpedo
15th Amenity Motor Vessel 297 Mine -
15th Apapa Motor Vessel 9.333 Aircraft Bombed
15th Blue Galleon Steamship 712 Aircraft Bombed
16th Fabian Steamship 3.059 Submarine Torpedo
16th Planter Steamship 5.887 Submarine Torpedo
17th St. Germain Motor Vessel 1.044 Submarine Torpedo
18th Lilian Moller Steamship 4.866 Submarine Torpedo
18th Congonian Motor Vessel / Tanker 5.065 Submarine -
18th Ability Motor Barge 293 Mine Bombed & Gunfire
18th Nestlea Steamship 4.274 Aircraft -
18th Nowshera Steamship 7.920 Raider -
20th Maimoa Steamship 10.123 Raider Torpedo
21st Daydawn Steamship 4.768 Submarine -
21st Dakotian Steamship 6.426 Mine Torpedo
21st Cree Steamship 4.791 Submarine Raider -
22nd Port Brisbane Steamship 8.739 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Justitia Steamship 4.562 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Bradfyne Steamship 4.740 Mine -
22nd Hercules Tug 82 Mine -
22nd Pikepool Steamship 3.683 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Oakcrest Steamship 5.407 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Bonaparte Tug 38 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Leise Maersk Motor Vessel 3.136 Submarine Torpedo
23rd King Idwal Steamship 5.115 Submarine Torpedo
24th Tymeric Steamship 5.228 Submarine -
24th Preserver Salvage Vessel 630 Mine -
24th Ryal Motor Vessel 367 Mine -
24th Behar Steamship 6.100 Mine - Beached later total loss
24th  Thomas M Motor Vessel 310 Mine -
24th  Alice Marie Steamship 2.206 Mine -
24th Port Hobart Steamship 7.448 Raider - "Admiral Scheer"
25th Holmwood Steamship 546 Raider -
25th T.C.C. Hopper No. 3 Hopper Barge 698 Mine -
26th Rangitane Motor Vessel 16.712 Raider -
27th Diplomat Steamship 8.240 Submarine Torpedo
27th Glenmoor Motor Vessel 4.393 Submarine Torpedo
28th St. Elwyn Steamship 4.940 Submarine Torpedo
28th Irene Maria Steamship 1.860 Submarine -
29th Aid Tug 134 Warship -
29th B.H.C. No. 10 Barge 290 Warship -
29th Aracataca Steamship 5.378 Submarine Torpedo
December 1940
1st Her Majesty Paddle Steamer 235 Aircraft Bombed
1st British Officers Steamship / Tanker 6.990 Mine -
1st Port Wellington Steamship 8.301 Raider -
1st Palmella Steamship 1.578 Submarine Torpedo
1st Tribesman Steamship 6.242 Raider - "Admiral Scheer"
1st Appalachee Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.826 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Conch Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.376 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Jeanne M Steamship 2.465 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Wilhelmina Steamship 7.135 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Kavak Steamship 2.782 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Tasso Steamship 1.586 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Stirlingshire Motor Vessel 6.022 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Goodleigh Steamship 5.448 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Victor Ross Motor Vessel / Tanker 12.247 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Lady Glanely Motor Vessel 5.497 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Victoria City Steamship 4.739 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Pacific President Motor Vessel 7.113 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Jolly Girls Motor Vessel 483 Mine -
3rd W. Hendrik Steamship 4.360 Aircraft Bombed
5th Silverpine Motor Vessel 5.066 Submarine Torpedo
5th Nimbin Motor Vessel 1.052 Mine -
5th Empire Statesman Motor Vessel 5.306 Submarine -
6th Supremity Motor Vessel 554 Mine -
6th Triona Steamship 4.413 Raider -
7th Komata Steamship 3.900 Raider -
7th Triadic Motor Vessel 6.378 Raider -
7th Triaster Motor Vessel 6.032 Raider -
8th Calabria Steamship 9.515 Submarine Torpedo
8th Actuality Motor Vessel 311 Mine -
8th Empire Jaguar Steamship 5.186 Submarine Torpedo
9th Royal Sovereign Motor Vessel 1.527 Mine -
11th Rotorua Steamship 10.890 Submarine Torpedo
14th Western Prince Motor Vessel 10.926 Submarine Torpedo
14th Kyleglen Steamship 3.670 Cause Unknown -
14th Euphorbia Steamship 3.380 Cause Unknown -
15th N. C. Monberg Steamship 2.301 E-Boat Torpedo
17th Inver Steamship 1.543 Mine -
17th Malrix Steamship 703 Mine -
17th Beneficent Steamship 2.944 Mine -
17th Aqueity Motor Vessel 370 Mine -
17th Belvedere Steamship 869 Mine  -
18th Napier Star Steamship 10.116 Submarine Torpedo
18th Duquesa Steamship 8.651 Raider - "Admiral Scheer"
18th Osage Motor Vessel / Tanker 1.010 Aircraft Bombed
19th Amicus Steamship 3.660 Submarine Torpedo
19th Arinia Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.024 Mine -
19th Isolda Motor Vessel 734 Aircraft Torpedo
20th Carlton Steamship 5.162 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
21st Silvio Steamship 1.293 Aircraft Bombed
21st Innisfallen Motor Vessel 3.071 Mine -
21st T.I.C. 12 Barge  118 Mine -
21st Sun IX Tug 196 Mine -
21st River Thames Tug 88 Mine -
22nd Poolgarth Tug 179 Mine -
24th British Premier Steamship / Tanker 5.872 Submarine Torpedo
25th Jumna Steamship 6.078 Raider - "Admiral Hipper"
26th Waiotira Motor Vessel 12.823 Submarine  Torpedo Sank on 27th
27th Kinnaird Head Steamship 449 Mine -
27th Araby Motor Vessel 4.936 Mine -
27th Ardanbhan Steamship 4.980 Submarine Torpedo
30th Calcium Steamship 613 Mine -
January 1941
2nd  Nalgora Steamship 6.579 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
3rd Pinewood Steamship 2.466 Mine -
5th Shakespear Steamship 5.029 Submarine Gunfire
6th Lion Tug 87 Mine -
7th H. H. Petersen Steamship 975 Mine -
6th Empire Thunder Steamship 5.965 Submarine Torpedo
8th Strathearn Motor Vessel 683 Mine  -
8th Clytoneus Motor Vessel 6.278 Aircraft Bombed
9th Bassano Steamship 4.843 Submarine Torpedo
10th Middlesex Steamship 9.583 Mine -
11th Beachy Steamship 1.600 Aircraft Bombed
14th Eumaeus Steamship 7.472 Submarine Torpedo
15th Mancunium Sludge Vessel 1.286 Mine -
16th Oropesa Steamship 14.118 Submarine Torpedo
16th Zealandic Steamship 10.578 Submarine Torpedo
17th Almeda Star Steamship 14.935 Submarine Torpedo
18th British Union  Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.987 Raider -
19th Bonnington Court Motor Vessel 4.909 Aircraft Bombed
20th Florian Steamship 3.174 Submarine -
20th Stanpark Steamship 5.103 Raider - "Admiral Scheer"
21st Temple Mead Steamship 4.427 Aircraft Bombed
21st Englishman Tug 487 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Lurgiethan Steamship 3.564 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Langleegorse Steamship 4.524 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Mostyn Steamship 1.859 Aircraft Bombed
24th Corheath Steamship 1.096 Mine -
24th Mandasor Steamship 5.144 Raider -
26th Meriones Steamship 7.557 Aircraft Bombed
27th Ringwall Steamship 407 Mine -
28th Urla Steamship 5.198 Submarine Torpedo
28th Pandion Steamship 1.944 Aircraft Bombed
28th Grelrosa Steamship 4.574 Aircraft Bombed
29th West Wales Steamship 4.354 Submarine Torpedo
29th Rushpool Steamship 5.125 Submarine Torpedo
29th King Robert Steamship 5.886 Submarine Torpedo
29th Eurylochus Steamship 5.723 Raider -
29th Afric Star Steamship 11.900 Raider -
29th W. B. Walker Steamship / Tanker 10.468 Submarine Torpedo
31st Pizarro Motor Vessel 1.367 Submarine Torpedo
31st Rowanbank Steamship 5.159 Aircraft -
31st Speybank Motor Vessel 5.154 Raider - Taken in Prize
February 1941
2nd Empire Engineer Steamship 5.358 Submarine -
2nd The Sultan Steamship 824 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Empire Citizen Steamship 4.683 Submarine Torpedo
4th Dione II Steamship 2.660 Submarine Gunfire 
4th Gwynwood Steamship 1.177 Mine -
5th Ranee Steamship 5.060 Mine -
6th Maplecourt Steamship 3.388 Submarine Torpedo 
6th Angularity Motor Vessel 501 E-Boat  -
7th Bay Fisher Steamship 575 Aircraft Bombed
8th Canford Fisher Steamship 3.364 Cause Unknown -
9th Courland  Steamship 1.325 Submarine Torpedo
9th Estrellano Steamship 1.983 Submarine Torpedo
9th Varna Steamship 1.514 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 16th
9th Britannic Steamship 2.490 Aircraft Bombed
9th Jura Steamship 1.759 Aircraft Bombed
9th Dagmar I Steamship 2.471 Aircraft Bombed
10th Brandenburgh Steamship 1.473 Submarine Torpedo
11th Iceland Steamship 1.236 Raider - "Admiral Hipper"
12th Warlaby Steamship 4.876 Raider - "Admiral Hipper"
12th Westbury Steamship 4.712 Raider - "Admiral Hipper"
12th Oswestry Grange Steamship 4.684 Raider - "Admiral Hipper"
12th Shrewsbury Steamship 4.542 Raider - "Admiral Hipper"
12th Derrynane Steamship 4.896 Raider - "Admiral Hipper"
13th Arthur F. Corwin Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.516 Submarine Torpedo
13th Clea Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.074 Submarine Torpedo
14th Elisabeth Marie Steamship 616 Aircraft Bombed
15th Alnmoor Steamship 6.573 Cause Unknown -
15th Belcrest Steamship 4.517 Submarine -
15th Holystone Steamship 5.462 Submarine -
16th Gairsoppa Steamship 5.237 Submarine Torpedo
17th Siamese Prince Motor Vessel 8.456 Submarine Torpedo
17th Kyle Rona Steamship 307 Cause Unknown -
17th Ben Rein Steamship 156 Mine -
17th Black Osprey Steamship 5.589 Submarine Torpedo
18th Empire Blanda Steamship 5.693 Submarine -
18th Seaforth Motor Vessel 5.459 Submarine Torpedo
18th Edwy R. Brown Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.455 Submarine Torpedo
19th Algarve Steamship 1.355 E-Boat Torpedo
19th Gracia Steamship 5.642 Aircraft Bombed
19th Housatonic Steamship / Tanker 5.559 Aircraft Bombed
20th British Advocate Steamship / Tanker 6.994 Raider - "Admiral Scheer" Taken in Prize
20th Fort Medine Steamship 5.261 Mine -
20th Rigmor Steamship 1.278 Aircraft Bombed
21st Scottish Standard Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.999 Submarine Torpedo
21st Canadian Cruiser Steamship 7.178 Raider - "Admiral Scheer"
22nd Trelawney Steamship 4.689 Raider - "Scharnhorst" or "Gneisenau"
22nd Lustrous Steamship / Tanker 6.156 Raider - "Scharnhorst" or "Gneisenau"
22nd Harlesden Steamship 5.483 Raider - "Scharnhorst" or "Gneisenau"
22nd Kantara Steamship 3.237 Raider - "Scharnhorst" or "Gneisenau"
22nd A. D. Huff Steamship 6.219 Raider - "Scharnhorst" or "Gneisenau"
23rd Anglo Peruvian Steamship 5.457 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Cape Nelson Steamship 3.807 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Marslew Steamship 4.542 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Shoal Fisher Motor Vessel 698 Mine -
23rd Temple Moat Steamship 4.427 Submarine -
24th Johnathan Holt Steamship 4.973 Submarine Torpedo
24th Linaria Steamship 3.385 Submarine -
24th Nailsea Lass Steamship 4.289 Submarine Torpedo 
24th Sirikishna Steamship 5.458 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
24th British Gunner Steamship / Tanker 6.894 Submarine Torpedo
24th Mansepool Steamship 4.894 Submarine Torpedo
24th huntingdon Steamship 10.946 Submarine Torpedo
24th Waynegate Steamship 6.260 Submarine Torpedo
25th Globe Sailing Barge 54 Mine -
26th Minorca Steamship 1.123 E-Boat Torpedo
26th Mahanada Steamship 7.181 Aircraft Torpedo
26th Swinburne Steamship 4.659 Aircraft Bombed
26th Llanwern Steamship 4.966 Aircraft Bombed
27th Baltistan Steamship 6.803 Submarine  Torpedo
27th Stanwold Steamship 1.020 Cause Unknown -
27th Old Charlton Steamship 1.562 Aircraft Bombed
27th Anchises Steamship 10.000 Aircraft Bombed Again attacked by Aircraft on the 28th and sank
27th Noss Head Steamship 438 Cause Unknown -
28th Holmelea Steamship 4.223 Submarine Torpedo
28th Cabenda Motor Vessel 534 Mine -
March 1941
1st Pacific Steamship 6.034 Submarine Torpedo
1st Cadillac Steamship / Tanker 12.062 Submarine Torpedo
1st Effna Steamship 6.461 Submarine -
2nd Castlehill Steamship 690 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Port Townsville Motor Vessel 8.661 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 4th
4th Anonity Motor Vessel 303 Mine -
5th Silverstone Tug 58 Mine -
6th Sun VII Tug 202 Mine -
7th Terje Viken Steamship / Tanker 20.638 Submarine Torpedo
7th Athelbeach Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.568 Submarine Torpedo
7th Dotterel Steamship 1.385 E-Boat Torpedo
7th Kenton Steamship 1.047 E-Boat Torpedo
7th Corduff Steamship 2.345 E-Boat Torpedo
7th Boulderpool Steamship 4.805 E-boat Torpedo
7th Flashlight Steamship 934 Aircraft Bombed
7th Dunaff Head Steamship 5.258 Submarine Torpedo
7th Rye Steamship 1.048 E-boat Torpedo
8th Hindpool Steamship 4.897 Submarine Torpedo
8th Lahore Steamship 5.304 Submarine Torpedo
8th Harmodius Steamship 5.229 Submarine Torpedo
8th Tielbank Steamship 5.084 Submarine Torpedo
8th Nardana Steamship 7.974 Submarine Torpedo
8th Togston Steamship 1.547 E-boat Torpedo
8th Norman Queen Steamship 957 E-Boat Torpedo
10th Corinia Steamship 870 Mine -
10th Sparta Steamship 708 Mine -
10th Waterland Steamship 1.107 Mine -
11th Memnon Motor Vessel 7.506 Submarine Torpedo
11th Trevethoe Motor Vessel 5.257 E-Boat Torpedo
12th Empire Frost Steamship 7.005 Aircraft Bombed Attacked again on 13th whilst in two and sank
13th Tacoma City Steamship 4.738 Mine -
13th Ullapool Steamship 4.891 Mine -
13th Bullger  Tug 270 Mine -
14th Western Chief Steamship 5.759 Submarine Torpedo
14th Herport Steamship 2.633 Mine -
14th Stanleigh Steamship 1.802 Aircraft Bombed
14th Artemisia Steamship 6.507 Aircraft Bombed
15th British Strength Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.139 Raider - "Scharnhorst" or "Gneisenau"
15th Simnia Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.197 Raider - "Gneisenau"
15th San Casimiro Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.046 Raider - "Gneisenau" Captured 15th, scuttled 20th
15th Royal Crown Steamship 4.388 Raider - "Gneisenau"
15th Myson Steamship 4.564 Raider - "Scharnhorst"
15th Rio Dorado Steamship 4.507 Raider - "Scharnhorst" or "Gneisenau"
15th Athelfoam Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.554 Raider - "Scharnhorst"
16th Sardinian Prince Steamship 3.491 Raider - "Scharnhorst"
16th Silverfir Motor Vessel 4.347 Raider - "Gneisenau"
16th Empire Industry Steamship 3.721 Raider - "Scharnhorst"
16th Demeterton Steamship 5.251 Raider - "Scharnhorst"
16th Chilean Reefer Motor Vessel 1.739 Raider - "Gneisenau"
16th Venetia Steamship / Tanker 5.728 Submarine Torpedo
17th Andalusian Steamship 3.082 Submarine Torpedo
17th J. B. White Steamship 7.375 Submarine Torpedo
17th Medjerda Steamship 4.380 Submarine -
18th Daphne II Steamship 1.970 E-Boat Torpedo
19th Benvorlich Steamship 5.193 Aircraft -
20th Sir Bevois Tug 338 Aircraft Bombed
20th Clan Ogilvy Steamship 5.802 Submarine Torpedo
21st Benwyvis Steamship 5.920 Submarine Torpedo
21st Jhelum Steamship 4.038 Submarine Torpedo
21st London II Steamship 1.260 Aircraft Bombed
21st Millisle Steamship 617 Aircraft -
22nd Agnita Motor Vessel / Tanker  3.552 Raider -
22nd St. Fintan Steamship 495 Aircraft -
23rd Chama Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.077 Submarine Torpedo
24th Koranton Steamship 6.695 Submarine -
24th Agnete Maersk Steamship 2.104 Submarine Gunfire
25th Rossmore Steamship 627 Aircraft Bombed
25th Beaverbrae Steamship 9.956 Aircraft Bombed
25th Britannia Steamship 8.799 Raider -
26th Faraday Cable Ship 5.533 Aircraft Bombed
26th Brier Rose Steamship 503 Cause Unknown -
26th Somali Steamship 6.809 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 27th 1 mile East of Snoophead, Sunderland
26th Empire Mermaid Steamship 6.381 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 28th 
27th Canadolite Motor Vessel / Tanker 11.309 Raider - Taken in prize
27th Meg Merrilies Steamship 642 Aircraft Bombed
28th Olivine Steamship 929 Cause Unknown -
29th Emma Spritsail Barge 81 Motor Vessel -
29th Hylton Motor Vessel 5.197 Submarine Torpedo
29th Germanic Steamship 5.352 Submarine Torpedo
29th Oiltrader Steamship / Tanker 5.550 Aircraft Bombed
30th Eastlea Steamship 4.267 Submarine -
30th Coultarn Steamship 3.759 Submarine Torpedo
30th Umona Steamship 3.767 Submarine Torpedo
April 1941
1st San Conrado Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.982 Aircraft Bombed
2nd British Reliance Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.000 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Beaverdale Steamship 9.957 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
2nd Homerfield Steamship 5.324 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Fermain Steamship 759 Aircraft Bombed
3rd British Viscount Steamship / Tanker 6.895 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Alderpool Steamship 4.313 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Westpool Steamship 5.724 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Cairnie Steamship 250 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Greenawn Steamship 784 Cause Unknown -
3rd Northern Prince Motor Vessel 10.917 Aircraft Bombed
4th Athenic Steamship 5.351 Submarine Torpedo
4th Harbledown Steamship 5.414 Submarine Torpedo
4th Conus Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.132 Submarine Torpedo
4th Welcombe Steamship 5.122 Submarine Torpedo
4th Marlene Steamship 6.507 Submarine Torpedo
4th Salvus Steamship 4.815 Aircraft Bombed
5th Ena De Larrinaga Steamship 5.200 Submarine Torpedo
5th St. Clement Steamship 450 Aircraft Bombed
5th Rattray Head Steamship 496 Aircraft Bombed
6th Dunstan Steamship 5.149 Aircraft Bombed
6th Olga S. Motor Vessel 5.252 Aircraft Bombed
6th Cyprian Prince Steamship 1.988 Aircraft Bombed
6th Clan Fraser Steamship 7.529 Aircraft Bombed
6th City of Roubaix Steamship 7.108 Aircraft Bombed
6th Patris Steamship 1.706 Aircraft Bombed
7th Portadoc Steamship 1.746 Submarine Torpedo
7th Elisabeth Steamship 945 Mine -
8th Helena Margaretea Steamship 3.316 Submarine Torpedo
8th Tweed Steamship 2.697 Submarine Torpedo
8th Harpathian Steamship 4.671 Submarine Torpedo
8th Eskdene Steamship 3.829 Submarine Torpedo
8th Ahamo Steamship / Tanker 8.621 Mine -
9th Duffield Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.516 Submarine Torpedo Previously attacked by Submarine on the 8th
9th Lunula Steamship / Tanker 6.363 Mine -
9th Craftsman Steamship 8.022 Raider -
9th Dudley Rose Steamship 1.600 Aircraft Bombed
11th Retriever  Cable Ship 674 Aircraft Bombed
11th Draco Steamship 2.018 Aircraft Bombed Again Bombed 21st and became total loss
12th St. Helena Steamship 4.313 Submarine Torpedo
12th Martin Maersk Motor Vessel / Tankers 8.271 Aircraft Bombed
13th Corinthic Steamship 4.823 Submarine Torpedo
13th City of Karachi Steamship 7.140 Aircraft Bombed
14th Clan Cumming Steamship 7.264 Mine -
15th Aurillac Steamship 4.733 Submarine Torpedo
15th Goalpara Steamship 5.314 Aircraft Bombed
15th Quiloa Steamship 7.765 Aircraft Bombed
15th Aquila Tug 59 Aircraft Bombed
16th Swedru Motor Vessel 5.379 Aircraft Bombed
16th Anglesea Rose Steamship 1.151 Aircraft Bombed
16th Amiens Steamship 1.158 Aircraft Bombed
17th Effra Steamship 1.446 E-Boat Torpedo
17th Montalto Steamship 623 Aircraft Bombed
18th British Science Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.138 Aircraft Torpedo
20th Empire Endurance Steamship 8.570 Submarine Torpedo
21st Bankura Steamship 3.185 Aircraft Bombed Subsequently further damaged by Aircraft and became total loss
21st Calchas Steamship 10.305 Submarine Torpedo
21st Urania Steamship 1.953 Cause Unknown -
22nd Coronation of Leeds Steam Barge 87 Mine -
23rd Santa Clara Valley Motor Vessel 4.665 Aircraft Bombed
24th Cavallo Steamship 2.269 Aircraft - Sank on 25th
25th Empire Light Steamship 6.828 Raider -
26th Moutnpark Steamship 4.648 Aircraft Bombed 
27th Beacon Grange Motor Vessel 10.160 Submarine Torpedo
27th Celte Steamship 943 Aircraft Bombed
27th Henri Mory Steamship 2.564 Submarine Torpedo
28th Port Hardy Steamship 8.897 Submarine Torpedo
28th Oilfireld Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.516 Submarine Torpedo
28th Capulet Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.190 Submarine Torpedo
28th Ambrose Fleming Steamship 1.555 E-Boat Torpedo
28th Clan Buchanan Steamship 7.266 Raider -
29th City of Nagpur Steamship 10.146 Submarine -
29th Kalua Steamship 722 Aircraft Bombed
30th Nerissa Steamship 5.583 Submarine Torpedo
30th Lassell Motor Vessel 7.417 Submarine Torpedo
May 1941
1st Samso Steamship 1.494 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Parracombie Steamship 4.702 Mine -
3rd Araybank Motor Vessel 7.258 Aircraft Bombed Again bombed on 16th and became total loss
3rd Wray Castle Steamship 4.253 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Corbet Steamship 468 Mine -
3rd Barnacle Sailing Barge 138 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Bonita Tug 65 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Elstree Grange Steamship 6.598 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Domino Steamship 1.453 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Luce Barge 143 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Europa Motor Vessel 10.224 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Malakand Steamship 7.649 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Emily Burton Motor Barge 58 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Pike  Sailing Barge 168 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Ling Sailing Barge 164 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Walton Steam Barge 82 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Silverdale Sailing Barge 176 Aircraft Bombed
4th Royston Steamship 2.722 Aircraft Bombed Taken in tow and sank on 5th
4th Tregor Motor Vessel 222 Aircraft Bombed
4th Pneumatic Elevator No. 11 - 295 Aircraft Bombed
5th Queen Maud Motor Vessel 4.976 Submarine Torpedo
5th Traffic Steam Barge 155 Aircraft Bombed
5th Fair Head Steamship 1.719 Aircraft Bombed
6th Surat Motor Vessel 5.529 Submarine Torpedo
6th Oakdense Steamship 4.255 Submarine Torpedo
6th Dunkwa Motor Vessel 4.752 Submarine Torpedo
7th Ixion Steamship 10.263 Submarine Torpedo
7th British Emperor Steamship / Tanker 3.663 Raider
7th Ril Ida Steamship 53 Aircraft Bombed
7th Bluestone Steamship 106 Aircraft Bombed
7th Kileenan Steam Barge 72 Mine -
7th Ida Burton Sailing Barge 46 Aircraft Bombed
8th Marton  Steamship 4.969 Aircraft Bombed
8th Rose Steam Barge 143 Aircraft Bombed
8th Trenting Steamship 3.079 Aircraft Bombed
8th Delite Sailing Barge 89 Aircraft Bombed
8th Ladore Sailing Barge 91 Aircraft Bombed
8th Whitakers No. II Sailing Barge 48 Aircraft Bombed
8th Irishman Tug 99 Mine  -
8th Ramillies Steamship 4.553 Submarine Torpedo
8th Rawnsley Motor Vessel 4.998 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 12th
9th City of Winchester Steamship 7.120 Submarine Torpedo
9th Gregalia Steamship 5.802 Submarine Torpedo
9th Bengore Head Steamship 2.609 Submarine Torpedo
9th Esmond Steamship 4.976 Submarine Torpedo
9th Empire Song Steamship 9.228 Mine -
10th Empire Caribou Steamship 4.861 Submarine Torpedo
10th City of Shanghai Steamship 5.828 Submarine Torpedo
11th Somerset Steamship 8.790 Aircraft Bombed
12th Fowberry Tower Steamship 4.484 Aircraft Bombed
12th Richard De Larrinaga Steamship 5.358 Aircraft Bombed
13th Benvrackie Steamship 6.434 Submarine Torpedo 
13th F Hopper Barge 496 Mine -
13th Somersbay Steamship 5.170 Submarine Torpedo
14th Rabaul Motor Vessel 6.809 Raider -
14th Dalesman Steamship 6.343 Aircraft Bombed
15th Benvenue Steamship 5.920 Submarine Torpedo
16th Rodney Star Steamship 11.803 Submarine Torpedo
16th Archangel Steamship 2.448 Aircraft Bombed
16th Ethel Radcliffe Steamship 5.673 Aircraft Bombed Previously damaged by E-Boat on 17th  April
16th Logician Steamship 5.993 Aircraft Bombed Again Bombed on 25th and sank
17th Statesman Steamship 7.939 Aircraft Bombed
17th Eleonora Maersk Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.694 Aircraft Bombed
18th Piako Steamship 8.286 Submarine Torpedo
18th Begerin Motor Vessel 483 Aircraft Bombed
19th Empire Ridge Steamship 2.922 Submarine Torpedo
19th Winkfield Steamship 5.279 Mine -
19th City of Rochester Paddle Steamer 194 Aircraft Parachute Mine
20th Darlington Court Motor Vessel 4.974 Submarine Torpedo
20th Javanese Prince Motor Vessel 8.593 Submarine Torpedo
20th Starcross Steamship 4.662 Submarine Torpedo Sunk by Escort
20th Harpagus Steamship 5.173 Submarine Torpedo
20th Norman Monarch Steamship 4.718 Submarine Torpedo
20th British Security Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.470 Submarine Torpedo
20th Rothermere Steamship 5.356 Submarine Torpedo
20th Cockaponset Steamship 5.996 Submarine Torpedo
21st Tewkesbury Steamship 4.601 Submarine Torpedo
21st Marconi Steamship 7.402 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Barnby Steamship 4.813 Submarine Torpedo
22nd British Grenadier Steamship / Tanker 6.857 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Vulcain Steamship 4.362 Submarine Torpedo
24th Trafalgar Steamship 4.530 Raider -
25th Helka Steamship / Tanker 3.471 Aircraft Bombed
26th Colonial Steamship 5.108 Submarine Torpedo
29th Tabaristan Steamship 6.251 Submarine Torpedo
29th Empire Storm Steamship 7.290 Submarine Torpedo
30th Silveryew Motor Vessel 6.373 Submarine Torpedo
30th Empire Protector Steamship 6.181 Submarine Torpedo
30th Westavon Steamship 2.842 Mine -
31st Clan Macdougall Motor Vessel 6.843 Submarine Torpedo
31st Gravelines Steamship 2.491 Submarine Torpedo
31st Sire Steamship 5.664 Submarine Torpedo
June 1941
1st Scottish Monarch Steamship 4.719 Submarine Torpedo
1st Alfred Jones Motor Vessel 5.013 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Michael E Steamship 7.628 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Inversuir Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.456 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
2nd Beaumanoir Steamship 2.477 Aircraft bombed
2nd Prince Rupert City Steamship 4.749 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Royal Fusiliers Steamship 2.187 Aircraft Bombed
4th Wellfield Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.054 Submarine Torpedo
4th Robert Hughes Dredger 2.879 Mine -
4th Trecarrel Steamship 5.271 Submarine Torpedo
6th Tregarthen Steamship 5.201 Submarine Torpedo
6th Baron Lovat Steamship 3.395 Submarine Torpedo
6th Sacramento Valley Steamship 4.573 Submarine Torpedo
6th Glen Head Steamship 2.011 Aircraft Bombed
6th Queensbury Steamship 3.911 Aircraft Bombed
7th Kingston hill Steamship 7.628 Submarine Torpedo
7th Baron Nairn Steamship 3.164 Submarine Torpedo
8th Elmdene Steamship 4.853 Submarine Torpedo
8th Trevarrack Steamship 5.270 Submarine Torpedo
8th Phidias Steamship 5.623 Submarine Gunfire
8th Adda Motor Vessel 7.816 Submarine Torpedo
9th Diana Steamship 942 Aircraft Bombed
9th Silverpalm Motor Vessel 6.373 Submarine -
9th Dagmar Steamship 844 Aircraft Bombed
10th Ainderby Steamship 4.860 Submarine Torpedo
10th Royal Scot Steamship 1.444 Mine -
11th Baron Carnegie Steamship 3.178 Aircraft Torpedo
11th Moorwood Steamship 2.056 Aircraft Torpedo
12th Empire Dew Motor Vessel 7.005 Submarine Torpedo
12th Chinese Prince Motor Vessel 8.593 Submarine Torpedo
12th Tresillian Steamship 4.743 Submarine Torpedo
13th Djurdjura Steamship 3.460 Submarine Torpedo
13th Kingstown Steamship 628 Aircraft Bombed
13th St. Lindsay Steamship 5.370 Submarine -
13th St. Patrick Steamship 1.922 Aircraft Bombed
13th Susan Maersk Steamship 2.355 Cause Unknown -
17th Tottenham Steamship 4.762 Raider -
17th Catherine Motor Vessel 2.727 Submarine Torpedo
18th Norfolk Steamship 10.948 Submarine Torpedo
19th Empire Warrior Steamship 1.306 Aircraft Bombed
21st Gasfire Steamship 3.001 Mine -
21st Kenneth Hawksfield Steamship 1.546 Mine -
22nd Balzac Steamship 5.372 Raider -
23rd Hull Trader Steamship 717 Mine -
23rd Trelissick Steamship 5.265 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Arakaka Steamship 2.379 Submarine -
24th Kinross Motor Vessel 4.956 Submarine Torpedo
24th Brockley Hill Steamship 5.297 Submarine Torpedo
25th Dashwood Steamship 2.154 Aircraft Bombed
26th Mareeba Steamship 3.472 Raider -
26th River Lugar Steamship 5.423 Submarine Torpedo
26th Malaya II Motor Vessel 8.651 Submarine Torpedo
27th Empire Ability Steamship 7.603 Submarine Torpedo
27th P.L.M. 22 Steamship 5.646 Submarine Torpedo
28th Auris Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.030 Submarine Torpedo
28th Barrhill Steamship 4.972 Aircraft Bombed
29th Rio Azul Steamship 4.088 Submarine Torpedo
29th Grayburn Steamship 6.342 Submarine Torpedo
29th Cushendall Steamship 626 Aircraft Bombed
30th St. Anselm Steamship 5.614 Submarine Torpedo
July 1941
1st Homefire Steamship 1.262 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Toronto City Steamship 2.486 Submarine -
3rd Rosme Spritsail Barge 82 Mine -
4th Auditor Steamship 5.444 Submarine Torpedo
4th Lunan Steamship 363 Mine -
4th Balfron Steamship 362 Aircraft Bombed
4th Robert L. Holt Steamship 2.918 Cause Unknown -
5th Anselm Steamship 5.954 Submarine Torpedo
5th Bencruachan Steamship 5.920 Mine -
5th Fowey Rose Steamship 470 Aircraft Bombed
9th Designer Steamship 5.945 Submarine Torpedo
9th Inverness Steamship 4.897 Submarine Torpedo
9th Blue Mermaid Sailing Barge 97 Mine -
13th Collingdoc Steamship 1.780 Mine -
14th Rupert De Larrinaga Steamship 5.358 Submarine Torpedo
15th Farfield Steamship 468 Aircraft Bombed
17th Guelma Steamship 4.402 Submarine Torpedo
19th Holmside Steamship 3.433 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Omfleet Steam Barge 130 Mine -
24th Macon Steamship 5.135 Submarine Torpedo
26th Horn Shell Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.272 Submarine Torpedo
26th Botwey Steamship 5.106 Submarine Torpedo
26th Kellwyn Steamship 1.459 Submarine Torpedo
27th Hawkinge Steamship 2.475 Submarine Torpedo
28th Erato Steamship 1.335 Submarine Torpedo
28th Wrotham Steamship 1.884 Submarine Torpedo
28th Lapland Steamship 1.330 Submarine Torpedo
29th Shahristan Steamship 6.935 Submarine Torpedo
29th Chaucer Steamship 5.792 Raider -
30th Adams Beck Steamship 2.816 Aircraft Bombed
August 1941
2nd Trident Steamship 4.317 Aircraft Bombed
4th Tunisia Steamship 4.337 Aircraft Bombed
5th Kumasian Steamship 4.922 Submarine Torpedo
5th Swiftpool Steamship 5.205 Submarine Torpedo
5th Harlingen Steamship 5.415 Submarine Torpedo
5th Belgravian Steamship 3.136 Submarine Torpedo
5th Cape Rodney Steamship 4.512 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 9th
9th Cordene Steamship 2.345 Aircraft Bombed
11th Sir Russell Steamship 1.548 E-Boat Torpedo
11th Empire Hurst Steamship 2.852 Aircraft Bombed
14th Australined Motor Vessel 5.020 Raider -
19th Ciscar Steamship 1.809 Submarine Torpedo
19th Alva Steamship 1.584 Submarine Torpedo
19th Aguila Steamship 3.255 Submarine Torpedo
19th Golden Grain Motor Barge 101 Mine -
19th Devon Steamship 9.036 Raider -
20th Turbo Steamship / Tanker 4.782 Aircraft Torpedo Seriously damaged foundered in tow 5th April 1942
22nd Empire Oak Tug 482 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Clonlara Steamship 1.203 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Stork Motor Vessel 787 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Aldergrove Steamship 1.974 Submarine Torpedo
24th Skagerak Steamship 1.283 Mine -
27th Tremoda Steamship 4.736 Submarine Torpedo Last seen on 28th
27th Saugor Steamship 6.303 Submarine Torpedo
27th Embassage Steamship 4.954 Submarine Torpedo
28th Otaio Motor Vessel 10.298 Submarine Torpedo
September 1941
3rd Fort Richepanne Motor Vessel 3.485 Submarine Torpedo
5th Abbas Combe Steamship 489 Aircraft Bombed
7th Duncarron Steamship 478 E-Boat Torpedo
7th Marcrest Steamship 4.224 Aircraft Bombed
7th Empire Gunner Steamship 4.492 Aircraft Bombed
7th Trsat Steamship 1.369 Aircraft Bombed
10th Empire Springbuck Steamship 5.591 Submarine Torpedo
10th Baron Pentland Steamship 3.410 Submarine Torpedo
10th Sally Maersk Motor Vessel 3.252 Submarine Torpedo
10th Murefte Steamship 691 Submarine Gunfire
10th Thistleglen Steamship 4.748 Submarine Torpedo
10th Empire Hudson Steamship 7.465 Submarine Torpedo
10th Muneric Steamship 5.229 Submarine Torpedo
10th Gypsum Queen Steamship 3.915 Submarine Torpedo
10th Bulysses Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.519 Submarine Torpedo
11th Berury Steamship 4.924 Submarine Torpedo
11th Empire Crosshill Steamship 5.463 Submarine Torpedo
11th Stonepool Steamship 4.815 Submarine Torpedo
12th Tai Koo Tug 688 Mine -
13th Bloomfield Steamship 1.417 Aircraft Bombed
15th Newbury Steamship 5.102 Submarine Torpedo
15th Daru Motor Vessel 3.854 Aircraft Bombed
15th Flying Kite Tug 260 Mine -
15th Empire Eland Steamship 5.613 Submarine -
15th Birtley Steamship 2.873 Mine - Sank on 16th
16th Jedmoor Motor Vessel 4.392 Submarine Torpedo
17th Teddington Steamship 4.762 E-boat Torpedo
19th T. J. Williams Steamship / Tanker 8.211 Submarine Torpedo
19th Empire Burton Steamship 6.966 Submarine Torpedo
19th Bradglen Steamship 4.741 Mine -
20th Portsdown (Ferry) Steamship 342 Mine -
20th Cingalese Prince Motor Vessel 8.474 Submarine Torpedo
20th Fiona Shell Storage Hulk 2.444 Italian Assault Craft -
20th Baltallinn Steamship 1.303 Submarine Torpedo
20th Empire Moat Steamship 2.922 Submarine Torpedo
21st Lissa Steamship 1.511 Submarine Torpedo
21st Runa Steamship 1.575 Submarine Torpedo
21st Rhineland Steamship 1.381 Submarine Torpedo
21st Vancouver Steamship / Tanker 5.729 Mine -
21st Walmer Castle Motor Vessel 906 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Niceto De Larrinaga Steamship 5.591 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Edward Blyden Motor Vessel 5.003 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Silverbelle Motor Vessel 5.302 Submarine Torpedo Abandoned on the 29th
23rd St. Clair II Steamship 3.753 Submarine Torpedo
24th John Holt Steamship 4.975 Submarine Torpedo
24th Lafian Steamship 4.876 Submarine Torpedo
24th Dixcove Motor Vessel 3.790 Submarine Torpedo
25th Avoceta Steamship 3.442 Submarine Torpedo
25th Empire Stream Steamship 2.922 Submarine Torpedo
25th Erna III Steamship 1.590 Cause Unknown -
26th Petrel Steamship 1.354 Submarine Torpedo
26th Lapwing Steamship 1.348 Submarine Torpedo
26th Cortes Steamship 1.374 Submarine Torpedo
26th British Prince Motor Vessel 4.979 Aircraft Bombed
27th Margareta Steamship 3.103 Submarine Torpedo
27th Cervantes Steamship 1.810 Submarine Torpedo
27th Imperial Star Motor Vessel 12.427 Aircraft Torpedo
October 1941
2nd Empire Wave Steamship 7.463 Submarine Torpedo
2nd San Florentino Steamship / Tanker 12.842 Submarine Torpedo Also torpedoed on 1st
2nd Hatasu Steamship 3.198 Submarine Torpedo
5th Tynefield Motor Vessel / Tanker 5.856 Mine -
6th Thistlegorm Steamship 4.898 Aircraft Bombed
8th Rosalie Moller Steamship 3.963 Aircraft Bombed
10th Nailsea Manor Steamship 4.926 Submarine Torpedo
12th Chevington Steamship 1.537 E-Boat Torpedo
12th Glynn Steamship 1.134 Aircraft Bombed Sunk by gunfire from H.M.S.
15th Empire Heron Steamship 6.023 Submarine Torpedo
15th Silvercedar Motor Vessel 4.354 Submarine Torpedo
15th Vancouver Island Motor Vessel 9.472 Submarine Torpedo
16th W. C. Teagle Steamship / Tanker 9.551 Submarine Torpedo
17th Pass of Balmaha Steamship / Tanker 758 Submarine Torpedo
18th Mahseer Steamship 7.911 Mine -
18th Empire Ghyll Steamship 2.011 Mine -
19th Baron Kelvin Steamship 3.081 Submarine Torpedo
19th Inverlee Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.158 Submarine Torpedo
20th British Mariner Steamship / Tanker 6.996 Submarine Torpedo
21st Treverbyn Steamship 5.281 Submarine Torpedo
21st Serbino Steamship 4.099 Submarine Torpedo
24th Carsbreck Steamship 3.670 Submarine Torpedo
24th Ariosto Steamship 2.176 Submarine Torpedo
24th Alhama Steamship 1.352 Submarine Torpedo
24th Empire Guillemot Steamship 5.720 Aircraft Torpedo
27th Antiope Steamship 4.545 Aircraft Bombed
28th Ulea Steamship 1.574 Submarine Torpedo
28th Hazelside Steamship 5.297 Submarine Torpedo
28th Roslea Steamship 642 Captured and Sunk -
29th Sarastone Steamship 2.473 Aircraft Bombed
31st British Fortune Steamship / Tanker 4.696 Aircraft Bombed
31st King Malcolm Motor Vessel 5.120 Submarine -
November 1941
1st Bradford City Motor Vessel 4.953 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Marie Dawn Steamship 2.157 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 3rd
2nd Larpool Steamship 3.872 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Brynmill Steamship 743 Aircraft -
2nd Foremost 45 Hopper Barge 824 Mine -
3rd Flynderborg Steamship 2.002 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Gretavale Steamship 4.586 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Empire Gemsbuck Steamship 5.626 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Everoja Steamship 4.830 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 4th
3rd Rose Schiaffino Steamship 3.349 Submarine -
4th Britisher Steamship 68 Mine -
7th Nottingham Motor Vessel 8.532 Submarine Torpedo
12th Peru Motor Vessel 6.961 Submarine Torpedo
12th Maurita Steamship 201 Mine -
14th Empire Pelican Steamship 6.463 Aircraft Torpedo
15th Empire Defender Steamship 5.649 Aircraft Torpedo
15th Corhampton Steamship 2.495 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 16th whilst in tow
17th Bovey Tracey Steamship 1.212 Aircraft Bombed
19th Aruba Steamship 1.159 E-Boat Torpedo
19th Waldinge Steamship 2.462 E-Boat Torpedo Sank on 20th
24th Virgilia Steamship / Tanker 5.723 E-boat Torpedo
29th Thornliebank Steamship 5.569 Submarine Torpedo
29th Asperity Steamship / Tanker 699 E-Boat Torpedo
29th Cormarsh Steamship 2.848 E-Boat Torpedo
30th Ashby Steamship 4.868 Submarine Torpedo
30th Empire Newcomen Steamship 2.840 E-Boat Torpedo
December 1941
2nd Grelhead Steamship 4.274 Cause Unknown -
2nd British Captain Steamship / Tanker 6.968 Mine -
3rd Maclaren Steamship 2.330 Mine -
6th Greenland Steamship 1.281 Mine -
6th Scottish Trader Steamship 4.016 Submarine -
7th Welsh Prince Steamship 5.148 Mine -
7th Severn Transport Motor Vessel 119 Mine -
8th Fireglow Steamship 1.261 Mine -
8th Edith Moller Tender Tug 645 Captured Seized -
8th Min-Wo Steamship 287 Seized -
8th Wantung Steamship 1.061 Seized -
8th Kintang Steamship 435 Seized -
8th Hsin Tseangtah Tug 933 Seized -
8th Scot I Tug 274 Seized -
8th Merry Moller Tug 382 Seized -
8th Diana Moller Tug 252 Seized -
8th Christine Moller Salvage Tug 800 Seized -
8th Jessie Moller Salvage Vessel 530 Captured Seized -
8th Ready Moller Tug 268 Seized -
8th Cheekiang Steamship 2.172 Seized -
8th Mary Moller Steamship 2.698 Seized -
8th Kiang-Wo Steamship 1.311 Seized -
8th Analock Steamship 6.638 Seized - On charter to Japan. 
8th Kiang-Wo Steamship 2.209 Cause Unknown - Two crew reported prisoners of war in Japan
8th Deslock Steamship 5.015 Seized - On Charter to Japan
8th Tung On Steamship 1.950 Cause Unknown - Sunk seized or captured
8th Federlock Steamship 6.607 Seized - On charter to Japan Sunk, seized or captured
8th Macau Steamship 1.665 Seized -
8th Hatterlock Steamship 5.138 Seized - On Charter to Japan
8th Macau Steamship 5.240 Seized - On Charter to Japan
8th Hatterlock Steamship 3.528 Seized - On Charter to Japan
8th Munlock Steamship 5.030 Seized - On Charter to Japan
8th St. Quentin Steamship 3.113 Seized - On Charter to Japan
8th Victorlock Steamship 3.426 Seized - On Charter to Japan
8th Wenchow Steamship 582 Seized - Master prisoners of war
8t Woosung Steamship 1.195 Seized -
8th Hsin Chang Wo Steamship 1.327 Seized -
8th Siangtan Steamship 1.816 Cause Unknown - Crew prisoners of war
8th Shashi Steamship 789 Seized -
8th Chuen Chow Steamship 1.088 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Chung On Steamship 968 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Fook On Motor Vessel 738 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Kwong Fook Cheung Steamship 881 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Ling Kong Steamship 850 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th On Lee Steamship 1.026 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Tai Hing Steamship 1.068 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Tai Lee Steamship 1.423 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Tai Ming Steamship 649 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Tin Yat Steamship 942 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Taishan Steamship 3.174 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Changsha Steamship 2.482 Seized -
8th Kau Tung Steamship 1.665 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Kwong Sai Steamship 1.309 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Kwong Tung Steamship 1.218 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Kut-Wo Steamship 2.665 Seized -
8th Loongwo Steamship 3.923 Seized -
8th Kinshan Steamship 2.733 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or captured
8th Paowo Steamship 2.517 Seized - Chief Engineer prisoner of war
8th Sagres Steamship 2.333 Seized -
8th Wuhu Steamship 2.938 Seized -
8th Fatshan Steamship 2.639 Seized -
8th Carmen Moller Tug 366 Captured -
8th Elsie Moller Tug 1.136 Captured -
8th Hsin Peking Steamship 2.104 Captured -
8th Kiangsu Steamship 2.676 Captured -
8th Marie Moller Tug 593 Captured -
8th Nanning Steamship 2.486 Seized -
8th St. Dominic Tug 451 Cause Unknown -
8th Soochow Steamship 2.604 Scuttled - Salved by Japanese
9th Bennevis Steamship 5.356 Captured -
10th Kirnwood Steamship 3.829 Submarine Torpedo
10th Kurdistan Steamship 5.844 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 11th
10th Hareldawins Steamship 1.523 Cause Unknown -
12th Dromore Castle Steamship 5.242 Mine -
12th Kalgan Steamship 2.655 Seized -
12th Cambay Prince Steamship 455 Scuttled -
12th Shinai Steamship 2.410 Seized -
14th St. Vincent De Paul Steamship 1.339 Cause Unknown -
15th Empire Barracuda Steamship 4.972 Submarine Torpedo
19th Ruckinge Steamship 2.869 Submarine Torpedo
20th Sumatra Steamship 984 Seized - Sunk by gunfire by H.M.S. on 20th, subsequently salved by Japanese
21st Benmacdhui Steamship 6.869 Mine -
23rd Shuntien Steamship 3.059 Submarine Torpedo
24th Margaret Steamship 248 Seized -
24th Rejang Steamship 288 Seized -
24th Gladys Steamship 358 Seized -
24th Kim Chin Seng Motor Lighter 165 Seized -
24th Phenix Steamship / Tanker 5.907 Mine -
24th Stanmount Steamship / Tanker 4.468 Mine -
24th Merchant Steamship 4.615 Mine -
24th Forafric Motor Vessel 3.475 Aircraft Bombed
25th Apoey Steamship 2.790 Scuttled -
25th Ardiane Moller Steamship 1.840 Scuttled -
25th Chengtu Steamship 2.219 Scuttled - Salved by Japanese
25th Ethel Moller Salvage Vessel 912 Scuttled - Salved by Japanese
25th Fausang Steamship 2.256 Scuttled -
25th Hinsang Motor Vessel 4.644 Scuttled - Salved by Japanese
25th Kancrow Steamship 2.001 Scuttled -
25th Josephine Moller Tug 1.274 Scuttled -
25th Kathleen Moller Salvage Vessel 1.487 Scuttled -
25th Joan Moller Steamship 2.232 Scuttled - Salved by Japanese 
25th Ming Sang Steamship 3.420 Scuttled - Salved by Japanese
25th Shrivati Motor Vessel 389 Scuttled -
25th Shun Chih Steamship 1.881 Scuttled -
25th Hsin Fuhle Tug 184 Scuttled -
25th Patricia Moller Tug 390 Scuttled -
25th Gertrude Moller Tug 92 Scuttled -
25th Shinhwa Steamship 1.460 Captured -
25th Cormead Steamship 2.848 Mine - Sank on 26th
25th Yat Shing Steamship 2.284 Scuttled -
26th Tantalus Motor Vessel 7.724 Aircraft -
27th J. B. Paddon Steamship 570 Aircraft Bombed
28th Volo Steamship 1.587 Submarine Torpedo
28th Kaiping Steamship 2.563 Aircraft -
28th Hai Kwang Motor Vessel / Tanker 905 Aircraft -
28th Seistan Steamship 2.455 Aircraft -
29th Subok Motor Vessel 148 Seized -
29th Jitra Motor Vessel 122 Seized -
29th Henry Keswick Tug 671 Cause Unknown -
31st Cardita Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.237 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 3rd Jan 1842
January 1942
1st Penrhos Steamship 187 Mine -
1st Kentwood Steamship 2.180 Mine - Sank in tow 2 cables N.E. of 56 Buoy off Yarmouth
2nd Waziristan Steamship 5.135 Submarine -
3rd Corfen Steamship 1.848 Mine - Sank in tow 
3rd Robert Steamship 1.272 Mine - Sank on 4th 
4th Kwangtung Steamship 2.626 Submarine Gunfire 
6th Norwich Trader Steamship 217 Mine -
10th Baron Erskine Steamship 3.657 Submarine -
11th Cyclops Steamship 9.076 Submarine Torpedo
11th Wulin Steamship 2.515 Aircraft Bombed
11th Baynain Steamship 659 Cause Unknown  - Sunk, seized or captured
11th Borderdene Steamship 122 Mine -
12th Quickstep Steamship 2.722 Mine -
12th Caledonian Monarch Steamship 5.851 Submarine -
13th Lerwick Steamship 5.626 Aircraft Bombed
14th Jalarajan Steamship 5.102 Submarine Torpedo
14th Empire Surf Steamship 6.641 Submarine Torpedo
14th Dayrose Steamship 4.113 Submarine Torpedo
14th Mercia Tug 94 Mine -
15th Coimbra Steamship / Tanker 6.768 Submarine Torpedo
15th Diala Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.106 Submarine Torpedo Derelict last seen on 19th March
15th Empire Bay Steamship 2.824 Aircraft Bombed
17th Culebra Steamship 3.044 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
19th Lady Hawkins Steamship 7.989 Submarine Torpedo
19th H.K.D. Sailing Barge 65 Mine -
22nd Athelcrows Motor Vessel 11.999 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Chak-Sang Steamship 2.358 Submarine Gunfire
23rd Thirley Steamship 4.887 Submarine Torpedo
24th Empire Wildebeeste Steamship 5.631 Submarine Torpedo
24th Empire Gem Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.139 Submarine Torpedo
25th Swynfleet Steamship 1.168 Mine -
26th Traveller Steamship 3.963 Submarine -
26th Refast Steamship / Tanker 5.189 Submarine Torpedo
29th Giang Seng Steamship 1.811 Cause Unknown - Sunk, seized or caprutred
30th Jalatarang Steamship 2.498 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
30th Jalapalaka Steamship 4.215 Submarine Gunfire
31st San Arcadio Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.419 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
February 1942
1st Tacoma Star Steamship 7.924 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Norah Moller  Motor Vessel 4.433 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Katong Steamship 1.461 Aircraft Gunfire
3rd Loch Ranza Steamship 4.958 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Pinna Steamship / Tanker 6.121 Aircraft Bombed Again attacked 4th and sunk
4th Montrolite Motor Vessel / Tanker 11.309 Submarine Torpedo
4th Silveray Motor Vessel 4.535 Submarine Torpedo
5th Corland Steamship 3.431 Aircraft Bombed
5th Empress of Asia Steamship 16.909 Aircraft Bombed
6th Opawa Motor Vessel 10.354 Submarine -
7th Empire Sun Steamship 6.952 Submarine Torpedo
8th Ocean Venture Steamship 7.174 Submarine Torpedo
9th Empire Fusilier Steamship 5.408 Submarine Torpedo
10th Victolite Motor Vessel / Tanker 11.410 Submarine Torpedo
11th Wanyuan Steamship 674 Seized - Previously ummobilised
13th Derrymore Motor Vessel 4.799 Submarine Torpedo
13th Subadar Steamship 5.424 Aircraft Bombed
13th Hosang Steamship 5.698 Seized - Damaged by Aircraft
14th Biela Steamship 5.298 Submarine Torpedo
14th Kamuning Steamship 2.076 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
14th Clan Chattan Steamship 7.262 Aircraft Bombed
14th Rowallan Castle Motor Vessel 7.798 Aircraft Bombed Sunk by H.M.S.
15th Redang Steamship 531 Cause Unknown - Sunk seized or captured
15th Johanne Justesen Steamship 4.681 Submarine Torpedo
15th Empire Spring Motor Vessel 6.946 Submarine -
15th Rhu Motor Vessel 254 Seized -
16th Bagan (Ferry) Steamship 244 Scuttled -
16th Somme Steamship 5.265 Submarine Torpedo
16th Oranjestad Steamship / Tanker 2.396 Submarine Torpedo
16th San Nicholas Steamship / Tanker 2.391 Submarine Torpedo
16th Tia Juana Steamship / Tanker 2.395 Submarine Torpedo
16th Brunei Motor Vessel 101 Scuttled -
16th Talthybius Steamship 10.254 Seized - Previously damaged by Aircraft on 3rd
17th Tatung Steamship 1.560 Seized - Previously immoblised
19th Empire Seal Motor Vessel 7.965 Submarine Torpedo
19th Empire Comet Motor Vessel 6.914 Submarine -
19th British Motorist Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.891 Aircraft Bombed
19th Zealandia Steamship 6.683 Aircraft Bombed
19th Neptuna Motor Vessel 5.952 Aircraft Bombed
20th Bhima Motor Vessel 5.280 Submarine Torpedo
20th Scottish Star Steamship 7.224 Submarine Torpedo
20th Koolama Motor Vessel 4.068 Aircraft Bombed
21st Circe Shell Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.207 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
22nd George L. Torian Steamship 1.754 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Kars Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.888 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Adellen Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.984 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Hanne Steamship 1.360 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Bintang Motor Vessel 2.825 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Lennox Steamship 1.904 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Empire Hail Steamship 7.005 Submarine Torpedo
24th Empire Celt Steamship / Tanker 8.032 Submarine Torpedo Remained Afloat, Date and position of sinking unknown
24th Anadara Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.009 Submarine Torpedo
24th Inverarder Steamship / Tanker 5.578 Submarine Torpedo
24th White Crest Steamship 4.365 Submarine -
24th La Carriere Steamship/ Tanker 5.685 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 25th after second attack
27th MacGregor Steamship 2.498 Submarine Gunfire
27th Nam yong Steamship 1.345 Cause Unknown  - Sunk or captured
27th Fernside Steamship 269 Aircraft -
28th City of Manchester Steamship 8.917 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire 
March 1942
1st Carperby Steamship[ 4.890 Submarine Torpedo
1st Audacity Steamship / Tanker 589 Mine -
1st Polgarth Steamship 794 Mine -
2nd Shinyu Steamship 1.615 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
2nd Kulit Motor Vessel / Tanker 213 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
2nd Sisunthon Nawa Steamship 3.286 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
2nd Ribot Motor Vessel / Tanker 237 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
2nd Taiyuan Steamship 2.994 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
3rd Helenus Steamship 7.366 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Rasa Motor Vessel 217 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
3rd Rimau Motor Vessel 214 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
3rd Petaling Motor Vessel 168 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
3rd Pandai Motor Vessel 166 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
3rd Rimba Motor Vessel 139 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
3rd Intan Motor Vessel 117 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
3rd Rengam Motor Vessel 185 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
3rd Phasianella Motor Vessel / Tanker 855 Scuttled -
4th Frumenton Steamship 6.675 Mine -
5th Ipoh Steamship 1.279 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
5th Kinta Steamship 1.220 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
5th Auby Steamship 636 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
5th Benmohr Steamship 5.920 Submarine Torpedo
5th Ampang Steamship 213 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Seized
5th Rawang Steamship 198 Scuttled - Salved by Japanese
5th Rantau Motor Vessel 197 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Captured
5th Relau Motor Vessel 223 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Captured
5th Rompin Motor Vessel 189 Cause Unknown - Sunk or Captured
6th Melpomene Steamship / Tanker 7.011 Submarine Torpedo
7th Chauk Steamship 419 Scuttled -
7th Uniwaleco Steamship / Tanker 9.755 Submarine Torpedo
7th Minbu Steamship 139 Scuttled -
7th Lanywa Steamship 52 Cause Unknown -
7th Nyounghla Steamship 382 Scuttled -
7th Sadaing Launch 266 Scuttled Torpedo
8th Hengist Steamship 984 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
8th Balichistan Steamship 6.992 Submarine Gunfire
10th Lakshimi Govinda Sailing Vessel 235 Submarine Gunfire
11th Chilka Steamship 4.360 Submarine Torpedo
11th Horseferry Steamship 951 E-Boat Torpedo & Gunfire
13th Daytonian Steamship 6.434 Submarine Torpedo
14th British Resource Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.209 Submarine -
15th Manaqui Steamship 2.802 Submarine -
15th Sarniadoc Steamship 1.940 Submarine -
15th Athelqueen Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.780 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
15th Dago Steamship 1.757 Aircraft Bombed
16th Baron Newlands Steamship 3.386 Submarine Torpedo
16th Stangarth Steamship 5.966 Submarine -
16th Cressdene Steamship 4.270 Mine -
17th Ile De Batz Steamship 5.755 Submarine Torpedo
17th San Demetrio Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.073 Submarine Torpedo
17th Scottish Prince Motor Vessel 4.917 Submarine Torpedo
17th Allende Steamship 5.081 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Thursobank Steamship 5.575 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Peder Bogen Steamship / Tanker 9.741 Submarine Torpedo
23rd British Prudence Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.620 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Empire Steel Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.138 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
23rd Clan Campbell Steamship 7.255 Aircraft Bombed
25th Narragansett Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.389 Submarine Torpedo
25th Tredinnick Steamship 4.589 Submarine -
26th Pampas Motor Vessel 5.415 Aircraft Bombed
28th Empire Ranger Steamship 7.008 Aircraft Bombed
28th Wellpark Steamship 4.649 Raider -
29th Hertford Steamship 10.923 Submarine Torpedo
30th Muncaster Castle Motor Vessel 5.853 Submarine Torpedo
30th Induna Steamship 5.086 Submarine Torpedo
31st Eastmoor Steamship 5.812 Submarine Torpedo
31st San Gerardo Steamship / Tanker 12.915 Submarine Torpedo

April 1942


Rio Blanco

Steamship 4.086 Submarine Torpedo
1st Willesden Steamship 4.563 Raider -
1st Loch Don Steamship 5.249 Submarine Torpedo
1st Robert W. Pomeroy Steamship 1.750 Mine -
2nd Clan Ross Steamship 5.897 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Glenshiel Motor Vessel 9.415 Submarine Torpedo
3rd New Westminster City Steamship 4.747 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Empire Starlight Steamship 6.850 Aircraft Bombed Bombed again on 15th and repeatedly thereafter until 1st June, when the ship became a total loss
5th Harpasa Steamship 5.082 Aircraft Bombed
6th Silksworth Steamship 4.921 Warship -
6th Autolycus Steamship 7.621 Warship -
6th Dardanus Steamship 7.726 Warship -
6th Gandara Steamship 5.281 Warship -
6th Ganges Steamship 6.246 Warship -
6th Malda Steamship 9.066 Warship -
6th Indora Steamship 6.622 Warship -
6th Taksang Steamship 3.471 Warship -
6th Shinkuang Steamship 2.441 Warship -
6th Sinkiang Steamship 2.646 Aircraft Bombed
7th Fultala Motor Vessel 5.051 Submarine Torpedo
7th British Splendour Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.138 Submarine Torpedo
7th Bahadur Steamship 5.424 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
9th Yu Sang Steamship 3.357 Aircraft Bombed
9th British Sergeant Steamship / Tanker 5.868 Aircraft Bombed
9th Athelstane Steamship / Tanker 5.571 Aircraft Bombed
10th Sagaing Steamship 7.958 Aircraft -
10th Kirkpool Steamship 4.842 Raider -
10th San Delfino Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.072 Submarine Torpedo
11th Empire Prairie Steamship 7.010 Submarine -
11th Ulysses Steamship 14.647 Submarine Torpedo
13th Empire Cowper Steamship 7.164 Aircraft Bombed
13th Empire Progress Steamship 5.249 Submarine Torpedo
13th Harpalion Steamship 5.486 Aircraft Bombed
14th Empire Amethyst Steamship / Tanker 0.032 Submarine -
14th Empire Thrush Steamship 6.160 Submarine Torpedo
14th Lancaster Castle Steamship 5.172 Aircraft Bombed
16th Empire Howard Steamship 6.985 Submarine Torpedo
16th Caspia Steamship / Tanker 6.018 Submarine Torpedo
18th Megohm Dredger  124 Cause Unknown -
19th Patella Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.468 Raider -
20th Empire Dryden Steamship 7.164 Submarine Torpedo
20th Harpagon Steamship 5.719 Submarine Torpedo
20th Vineland Steamship 5.587 Submarine Torpedo
20th Plawsworth Steamship 1.489 Mine -
22nd Serryheen Steamship 7.217 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Kirkland Steamship 1.361 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Jersey Motor Vessel 4.986 Mine -
23rd Chatwood Steamship 2.768 Mine -
24th Empire Drum Motor Vessel 7.244 Submarine Torpedo
25th Modesta Steamship 3.849 Submarine Torpedo
29th Athelempress Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.941 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
29th Alliance Tug 81 Mine -

May 1942


Mildred Pauline Schooner 300 Submarine Gunfire


James E. Newsom Schooner 671 Submarine Gunfire


Unique Schooner 51 Mine -


Cape Corso Steamboat 3.807 Aircraft Torpedo
2nd Botavon Steamboat 5.848 Aircraft Torpedo
2nd Jutland Steamboat 6.153 Aircraft Torpedo
2nd Calderon Steamboat 1.374 Aircraft Bombed
3rd British Workman Steamboat / Tanker 6.994 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Ocean Venus Steamship 7.174 Submarine Torpedo
4th Florence M. Douglas Schooner 119 Submarine Gunfire
5th Khodaung Motor Vessel / Tanker 254 Cause Unknown - Destroyed by fire
5th Stanbank Steamship 5.966 Submarine Torpedo
5th Lady Drake Steamship 7.985 Submarine Torpedo
6th Royal Lady Motor Vessel 195 Aircraft Bombed
6th Empire Buffalo Steamship 6.404 Submarine Torpedo
8th Most Louis Steamship 1.905 Submarine Torpedo
9th Calgarolite Motor Vessel / Tanker 11.941 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
10th Clan Skene Steamship 5.214 Submarine Torpedo
10th Kitty's Brook Steamship 4.031 Submarine Torpedo
10th Nankin Steamship 7.131 Raider - Taken in Prize
10th Ramb IV (Hospital ship) Motor Vessel 3.676 Aircraft Bombed
11th Empire Dell Steamship 7.065 Submarine Torpedo
11th Cape of Good Hope Motor Vessel 4.963 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
12th Cristales Steamship 5.389 Submarine Torpedo
12th Llanover Steamship 4.959 Submarine Torpedo
12th Nicoya Steamship 5.364 Submarine Torpedo
12th Denpark Steamship 3.491 Submarine Torpedo
13th Batna Steamship 4.399 Submarine Torpedo
13th British Colony Steamship / Tanker 6.917 Submarine Torpedo
13th City of Melbourne Steamship 6.630 Submarine Torpedo
15th Soudan Steamship 6.677 Mine -
16th Arduity Motor Vessel 304 Mine -
17th San Victorio Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.136 Submarine Torpedo
17th Peisander Motor Vessel 6.225 Submarine Torpedo
17th Fort Qu' Appelle Steamship 7.121 Submarine Torpedo
17th Barrdale Steamship 5.072 Submarine Torpedo
20th Torondoc Steamship 1.927 Submarine -
20th Eocene Steamship / Tanker 4.216 Submarine Torpedo
20th Darina Motor Vessel/ Tanker 8.113 Submarine Torpedo
21st New Brunswick Steamship 8.529 Submarine Torpedo
21st Troisdoc Steamship 1.925 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Frank B. Baird Steamship 1.748 Submarine Gunfire
23rd Margot Steamship 4.545 Submarine Torpedo
24th Zurichmoor Steamship 4.455 Submarine -
27th Athelknight Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.940 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
27th Empire Purcell Steamship 7.049 Aircraft Bombed
27th Empire Lawrence Steamship 7.457 Aircraft Bombed
27th Lowthen Castle Steamship 5.171 Aircraft Torpedo
28th Western Head Steamship 2.599 Submarine Torpedo
28th Mentor Steamship 7.383 Submarine Torpedo
28th Norman Prince Steamship 1.913 Submarine Torpedo
28th Yorkmoor Steamship 4.457 Submarine Gunfire
29th Charlbury Steamship 4.836 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
29th Allister Steamship 1.597 Submarine Torpedo
30th Liverpool Packet Steamship 1.188 Submarine Torpedo
31st Fred W. Green (Derrick Ship) Steamship 2.29 Submarine Torpedo

June 1942



Steamship 8.967 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Mattawin Motor Vessel 6.919 Submarine Torpedo
2nd City of Bremen Steamship 903 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Lillian Schooner 80 Submarine Gunfire
3rd Iron Chieftain Steamship 4.812 Submarine Torpedo
4th Iron Crown Steamship 3.353 Submarine Torpedo
4th Gemstone Steamship 4.986 Raider -
5th Elysia Steamship 6.757 Raider Torpedo Sank on 9th
7th Chile Motor Vessel 6.956 Submarine Torpedo
8th Rosenborg Steamship 1.512 Submarine Gunfire
8th King Lud Motor Vessel 5.224 Submarine -
10th Empire Clough Steamship 6.147 Submarine Torpedo
10th Ramsay Steamship 4.855 Submarine Torpedo
10th Ardenvohr Motor Vessel 5.025 Submarine Torpedo
10th Surrey Steamship 8.581 Submarine Torpedo
10th Havre Steamship 2.073 Submarine Torpedo
10th Port Montreal Motor Vessel 5.882 Submarine Torpedo
11th Geo. H. Jones Steamship / Tanker 6.914 Submarine Torpedo
11th Pontypridd Steamship 4.458 Submarine Torpedo
11th Port Good Hope Steamship 7.130 Submarine Torpedo
11th Mahronda Steamship 7.926 Submarine Torpedo
11th Lylepark Steamship 5.186 Raider -
12th Dartford Steamship 4.093 Submarine Torpedo
12th Clifton Hall Motor Vessel 5.063 Submarine Torpedo
12th Hardwicke Grange Steamship 9.005 Submarine Torpedo
13th Clan MacQuarrie Steamship 6.471 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
14th Dutch Princess Schooner 125 Submarine Gunfire
14th Bhutan Steamship 6.104 Aircraft Bombed
14th Etrib Steamship 1.943 Submarine Torpedo
14th Pelayo Motor Vessel 1.346 Submarine Torpedo
15th City of Oxford Steamship 2.759 Submarine Torpedo
15th Thurso Steamship 2.436 Submarine Torpedo
15th Kentucky Steamship / Tanker 9.308 Aircraft Bombed
15th Burdwan Steamship 6.069 Aircraft Bombed
16th Port Nicholson Steamship 8.402 Submarine Torpedo
17th Macdhui Motor Vessel 4.561 Aircraft - Again attacked on 18th and capsized, later became a total loss
18th Motorex Motor Vessel / Tanker 1.958 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
19th Daleiada Steamship 973 Mine -
20th Afon Dulais Steamship 988 Mine -
24th Willimantic Steamship 4.558 Submarine Gunfire
25th Anglo Canadian Motor Vessel 5.268 Submarine Torpedo
26th Putney Hill Motor Vessel 5.216 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
28th Mona Marie Schooner 126 Submarine -
28th Queen Victoria Motor Vessel 4.937 Submarine -
28th Zealand Steamship 1.433 Submarine Torpedo
29th Empire Mica Steamship / Tanker 8.032 Submarine Torpedo
29th Waiwera Motor Vessel 12.435 Submarine Torpedo
30th Aircrest Steamship 5.237 Aircraft Torpedo

July 1942

1st Marilyse Moller Steamship 786 Submarine Torpedo
4th Navarino Steamship 4.841 Aircraft Torpedo
5th Bolton Castle Steamship 5.203 Aircraft Bombed
5th River Afton Steamship 5.479 Submarine Torpedo
5th Avila Star Steamship 14.443 Submarine Torpedo
5th Earlston Steamship 7.195 Submarine Torpedo
5th Zaafaran (Rescue Ship) Steamship 1.559 Aircraft Bombed
5th Empire Byron Steamship 6.645 Submarine Torpedo
6th Mundra Steamship 7.341 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
6th Dinaric Steamship 2.555 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 9th
7th Umtata Steamship 8.141 Submarine -
7th Hartlebury Steamship 5.082 Submarine Torpedo
8th Hartismere Steamship 5.498 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
9th Empire Explorer Steamship 5.345 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
9th Pomella Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.766 E-Boat Torpedo
9th Gripfast Steamship 1.109 Aircraft Bombed
9th Cape Verde Motor Vessel 6.914 Submarine Torpedo
11th Port Hunter Steamship 8.826 Submarine Torpedo
11th Cortona Steamship 7.093 Submarine Torpedo
12th Shaftesbury Steamship 4.284 Submarine Torpedo
12th Siris Steamship 5.242 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
12th Hauraki Motor Vessel 7.113 Raider -
13th Sithonia Steamship 6.723 Submarine Torpedo
14th British Yeoman Steamship / Tanker 6.990 Submarine Torpedo
15th Empire Attendant Steamship 7.524 Submarine Torpedo
16th Gloucester Castle Steamship 8.006 Raider -
18th Glacier Schooner 130 Submarine Gunfire
18th Comrade Schooner 110 Submarine Gunfire
19th Empire Hawksbill Steamship 5.724 Submarine Torpedo
19th Lavington Court Steamship 5.372 Submarine Torpedo Foundered in tow 1st August
20th Frederika Lensen Steamship 4.367 Submarine Torpedo
20th Indus Motor Vessel 5.187 Raider -
21st Donovania Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.149 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Garmula Steamship 5.254 Submarine Torpedo
25th Broompark Steamship 5.136 Submarine Torpedo Sank in tow on 1st August
26th Empire Rainbow Motor Vessel 6.942 Submarine Torpedo
27th Elmwood Steamship 7.167 Submarine Torpedo
27th Weirbank Motor Vessel 5.150 Submarine Torpedo
29th Pacific Pioneer Motor Vessel 6.734 Submarine Torpedo
29th Prescodoc Steamship 1.938 Submarine Torpedo
30th Danmark Motor Vessel 8.391 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
August 1942
1st Clan MacNaughton Steamship 6.088 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Flora II Steamship 1.218 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Treminnard Steamship 4.694 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Tricula Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.221 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Lochkatrine Motor Vessel 9.419 Submarine Torpedo
4th Richmond Castle Motor Vessel 7.798 Submarine Torpedo
4th Empire Arnold Steamship 7.045 Submarine Torpedo
5th Arletta Steamship / Tanker 4.870 Submarine Torpedo
6th Mamutu Motor Vessel 300 Submarine Gunfire
8th Radchurch Steamship 3.701 Submarine -
8th Trehata Steamship 4.817 Submarine Torpedo
8th Kelso Steamship 3.956 Submarine Torpedo
8th Anneberg Steamship 2.537 Submarine Torpedo Sunk by escort
9th San Emiliano Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.071 Submarine Torpedo
9th Dalhousie Motor Vessel 7.072 Raider -
10th Medon Motor Vessel 5.445 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
10th Empire Reindeer Steamship 6.259 Submarine Torpedo
10th Oregon Steamship 6.008 Submarine Torpedo
10th Cape Race Steamship 3.807 Submarine Torpedo
10th Vivian P. Smith Sailing Vessel 130 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
11th Vimeira Steamship / Tanker 5.728 Submarine Bombed
12th Ohio Steamship / Tanker 9.514 Aircraft Torpedo First attacked by Submarine on 12th
12th Clan Ferguson Steamship 7.347 Aircraft Bombed
12th Deucalion Motor Vessel 7.516 Aircraft Bombed Subsequently torpedoed by Aircraft on same date
12th Empire Hope Motor Vessel 12.688 Aircraft Bombed
13th Glenorchy Motor Vessel 8.892 E-Boat Torpedo
13th Wairangi Motor Vessel 12.436 E-Boat Torpedo
13th Dorset Motor Vessel 10.624 Aircraft Bombed
13th Waimarama Motor Vessel 12.843 Aircraft Bombed
14th Sylvia De Larrinaga Steamship 5.218 Submarine Torpedo
14th Empire Corporal Steamship / Tanker 6.972 Submarine Torpedo
14th Michael Jensen Steamship 2.323 Submarine Torpedo
17th Princess Marguerite Steamship 5.875 Submarine Torpedo
17th Fort la Reine Steamship 7.133 Submarine Torpedo
18th Hatarana Steamship 7.522 Submarine Torpedo
18th Empire Bede Motor Vessel 6.959 Submarine Torpedo
18th Hamla Steamship 4.416 Raider -
18th Arabistan Steamship 5.874 Raider -
19th Sea Gull D Lugger 75 Submarine Gunfire
19th City of Manila Steamship 7.452 Submarine Torpedo
19th British Consul Steamship / Tanker 6.940 Submarine Torpedo
19th Cressington Court Motor Vessel 4.971 Submarine Torpedo
19th Empire Cloud Steamship 5.969 Submarine Torpedo Sank in tow on 21st
21st City of Wellington Steamship 5.733 Submarine Torpedo
24th Katvaldis Steamship 3.163 Submarine Torpedo
24th Sheaf Mount Steamship 5.017 Submarine Torpedo
25th Empire Breeze Steamship 7.457 Submarine Torpedo
25th Harmonidies Steamship 5.237 Submarine Torpedo
25th Amakura Steamship 1.987 Submarine Torpedo
25th Viking Star Steamship 6.445 Submarine Torpedo
26th Clan MacWhirter Steamship 5.941 Submarine Torpedo
26th Beechwood Steamship 4.897 Submarine Torpedo
26th Empire Kumari Steamship 6.288 Submarine Torpedo Towed to Haifas became a total loss
28th San Fabian Steamship / Tanker 13.031 Submarine Torpedo
28th City of Cardiff Steamship 5.661 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 29th
31st Winamac Steamship / Tanker 8.621 Submarine Torpedo
September 1942
1st Ilorin Steamship 815 Submarine Torpedo
1st Gazcon Steamship 4.224 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Ocean Might Steamship 7.173 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Penrose Steamship 4.393 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Hollinside Steamship 4.172 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Donald Stewart Steamship 1.781 Submarine Torpedo
5th Saganaga Steamship 5.454 Submarine Torpedo
5th Lord Strathcona Steamship 7.335 Submarine Torpedo
5th Myrmidon Motor Vessel 6.278 Submarine Torpedo
6th Helen Forsey Sailing Vessel with auxiliary motor / Schooner 167 Submarine Gunfire
6th Tuscan Star Motor Vessel 11.449 Submarine Torpedo
6th Anshun Motor Vessel 3.188 Warship -
6th John A. Holloway Steamship 1.745 Submarine Torpedo
7th Oakton Steamship 1.727 Submarine Torpedo
9th Haresfield Steamship 5.299 Submarine Torpedo
10th Empire Oil Steamship / Tanker 8.029 Submarine Torpedo
11th Empire Moonbeam Steamship 6.849 Submarine Torpedo
11th Hertoria Steamship / Tanker 13.797 Submarine Torpedo
11th Empire Dawn Motor Vessel 7.241 Raider -
12th Trevilley Motor Vessel 5.296 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
12th Laconia Steamship 19.695 Submarine Torpedo
13th Ocean Vanguard Steamship 7.174 Submarine Torpedo
13th Empire Lugard Motor Vessel 7.241 Submarine Torpedo
13th Empire Stevenson Steamship 6.209 Aircraft Torpedo
13th Empire Beaumont Steamship  7.044 Aircraft Torpedo
14th Atheltemplar Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.902 Submarine Torpedo
14th Harborough Steamship 5.415 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
15th Kioto Steamship 3.297 Submarine Torpedo
16th Ocean Honour Steamship 7.173 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
17th Peterton Steamship 5.221 Submarine Torpedo
18th Fernwood Steamship 1.892 Aircraft Bombed
18th Norfolk Steamship 1.901 Submarine Torpedo
19th Quebec City Steamship 4.745 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
20th Reedpool Steamship 4.838 Submarine Torpedo
20th Empire Hartebeeste Steamship 5.676 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Tennessee Steamship 2.342 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Athelsultan Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.882 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Ocean Voice Steamship 7.174 Submarine - Sunk by H.M.S.
23rd Bruyere Steamship 5.335 Submarine Torpedo
25th Empire Bell Steamship 1.744 Submarine Torpedo
25th Boston Steamship 4.989 Submarine Torpedo
25th New York Steamship 4.989 Submarine Torpedo
26th Yorktown Steamship 1.547 Submarine Torpedo
28th Registan Steamship 6.008 Submarine Torpedo
28th Lifland Steamship 2.254 Submarine -
29th Empire Avocet Steamship 6.015 Submarine Torpedo
29th Baron Ogilvy Steamship 3.391 Submarine Torpedo
30th Alipore Steamship 5.273 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
30th Kumsang Steamship 5.447 Submarine Torpedo
30th Siam II Motor Vessel 6.637 Submarine Torpedo
October 1942
1st Empire Tennyson Steamship 2.880 Submarine Torpedo
6th Andalucia Star Steamship 14.943 Submarine Torpedo
7th Manson Steamship 5.597 Submarine Torpedo
7th Sheaf Water Steamship 2.730 E-Boat Torpedo
7th Ightham Steamship 1.337 Mine -
7th Ilse Steamship 2.874 E-Boat Torpedo
7th Jessie Maersk Steamship 1.972 E-Boat Torpedo
7th Boringia Motor Vessel 5.821 Submarine Torpedo
8th Glendene Steamship 4.413 Submarine Torpedo
8th City of Athens Steamship 6.558 Submarine Torpedo
8th Clan MacTavish Steamship 7.631 Submarine Torpedo
8th Sarthe Steamship 5.271 Submarine Torpedo
9th Pennington Court Steamship 6.098 Submarine Torpedo
9th Carolus Steamship 2.375 Submarine Torpedo
9th Oronsay Steamship 20.043 Submarine Torpedo
10th Duchess of Atholl Steamship 20.119 Submarine Torpedo
10th Orcades Steamship 23.456 Submarine Torpedo
11th Agapenor Steamship 7.392 Submarine Torpedo
11th Waterton Steamship 2.140 Submarine Torpedo
13th Empire Nomad Steamship 7.167 Submarine Torpedo
13th Ashworth Steamship 5.227 Submarine Torpedo
13th Stornest Steamship 4.265 Submarine Torpedo
13th Southern Empress Steamship 12.398 Submarine Torpedo
14th Empire Mersey Oil Refinery 5.791 Submarine Torpedo
14th Caribou Steamship 2.222 Submarine Torpedo
16th Newton Pine Steamship 4.212 Submarine Torpedo
16th Castle Harbour Steamship 730 Submarine Torpedo
17th Empire Chaucer Steamship 5.970 Submarine Torpedo
19th Rothley Steamship 4.996 Submarine Torpedo
19th Scalaria Motor Vessel 5.683 Aircraft Torpedo & Bombed
22nd Donax Steamship / Tanker 8.036 Submarine Torpedo Abandoned & Sunk on 29th
22nd Ocean Vintage Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.174 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Winnipeg II Steamship 9.807 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Empire Turnstone Steamship 6.113 Submarine Torpedo
23rd City of Johannesburg Steamship 5.669 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Empire Star Motor Vessel 12.656 Submarine Torpedo
24th Holmpark Steamship 5.780 Submarine Torpedo
26th Anglo Maersk Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.705 Submarine Torpedo
27th Pacific Star Steamship 7.951 Submarine Torpedo Abandoned on 28th
27th Sourabaya Steamship / Tanker 10.107 Submarine Torpedo
27th Stentor Motor Vessel 6.148 Submarine Torpedo
28th Hopecastle Motor Vessel 5.178 Submarine Torpedo
28th Nagpore Steamship 5.283 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
29th Primrose Hill Steamship 7.628 Submarine Torpedo
29th Bullmouth Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.519 Submarine Torpedo
29th Bic Island Steamship 4.000 Submarine Torpedo
29th Barrwhin Steamship 4.998 Submarine Torpedo
29th Ross Motor Vessel 4.978 Submarine Torpedo
29th Laplace Steamship 7.372 Submarine Torpedo
29th Abosso Motor Vessel 11.330 Submarine Torpedo
29th Brittany Motor Vessel 4.772 Submarine Torpedo
29th Corinaldo Steamship 7.131 Submarine Torpedo
30th Tasmania Motor Vessel 6.405 Submarine Torpedo
30th Baron Vernon Steamship 3.642 Submarine Torpedo
30th President Doumer Motor Vessel 11.898 Submarine Torpedo
30th Marylyn Steamship 4.555 Submarine Torpedo
30th Silverwillow Motor Vessel 6.373 Submarine Torpedo Abandoned 5th November, Foundered 11th November
31st Aldington Court Motor Vessel 4.891 Submarine Torpedo
31st Empire Guidon Steamship 7.041 Submarine Torpedo
November 1942
1st Elmdale Steamship 4.872 Submarine Torpedo
1st Mendoza Steamship 8.233 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Llandilo Steamship 4.966 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Reynolds Steamship 5.113 Raider -
2nd Empire Zeal Steamship 7.009 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
2nd Rose Castle Steamship 7.803 Submarine Torpedo
2nd P.L.M.27 Steamship 5.633 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Empire Sunrise Steamship 7.459 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Empire Leopard Steamship 5.676 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Hartington Steamship 5.496 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Maritima Steamship 5.801 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Dalcroy Steamship 4.558 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Empire Antelope Steamship 4.945 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Empire Gilbert Steamship 6.640 Submarine -
3rd Gypsum Empress Steamship 4.034 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Chr. J. Kampmann Steamship 2.260 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Dagomba Motor Vessel 3.845 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Jeypore Steamship 5.318 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Empire Lynn Steamship 6.379 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Hatimura Steamship 6.690 Submarine Torpedo
4th Trekieve Steamship 5.244 Submarine Torpedo
4th Daleby Steamship 4.640 Submarine Torpedo
4th Oued Grou Steamship 792 Submarine Torpedo
5th La Cordillera Motor Vessel 5.185 Submarine Torpedo
5th New Toronto Steamship 6.568 Submarine Torpedo
6th Arica Steamship 5.431 Submarine Torpedo
6th Ocean Justice Steamship 7.173 Submarine Torpedo
6th City of Cairo Steamship 8.034 Submarine Torpedo
7th Roxby Steamship 4.252 Submarine Torpedo
7th D'Entrecasteaux Steamship 7.291 Submarine Torpedo
7th Lindenhall Steamship 5.248 Submarine Torpedo
7th Glenlea Steamship 4.252 Submarine Torpedo
9th Cerinthus Steamship / Tanker 3.878 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
9th Ardeola Steamship 2.609 Captured -
9th Tadorna Steamship 1.947 Captured -
10th Garlinge Steamship 2.012 Submarine Torpedo
10th Start Point Steamship 5.293 Submarine Torpedo
11th Nurmahal Steamship 5.419 Submarine -
11th City of Ripon Steamship 6.368 Submarine Torpedo
11th Viceroy of India Turbo Electric 19.627 Submarine Torpedo
11th Awatea Steamship 13.482 Aircraft Torpedo & Bombed
11th Cathay Steamship 15.225 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 12th
12th Browning Steamship 5.332 Submarine Torpedo
13th Louise Moller Steamship 3.764 Submarine Torpedo
13th Maron Motor Vessel 6.487 Submarine Torpedo
14th Warwick Castle Motor Vessel 20.107 Submarine Torpedo
14th Narkunda Steamship 16.632 Aircraft Bombed
14th Empire Sky Steamship 7.455 Cause Unknown -
15th King Arthur Motor Vessel 5.224 Submarine Torpedo
15th Ettrick Motor Vessel 11.279 Submarine Torpedo
15th Irish Pine Steamship 5.621 Submarine -
15th Linwood Steamship 992 Mine -
16th Clan MacTaggart Steamship 7.622 Submarine Torpedo
17th City of Corinth Steamship 5.318 Submarine Torpedo
17th Widestone Steamship 3.192 Submarine Torpedo
18th President Sergeant Steamship / Tanker 5.344 Submarine Torpedo
18th Tower Grange Motor Vessel 5.226 Submarine Torpedo
19th Yewforest Steamship 815 E-Boat Torpedo
19th Birgitte Steamship 1.595 E-Boat Torpedo
19th Scottish Chief Steamship / Torpedo 7.006 Submarine Torpedo
20th Grangepark Steamship 5.132 Submarine Torpedo
21st Empire Starling Steamship 6.060 Submarine Torpedo
21st Empire Sailor Motor Vessel 6.140 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Cranfield Steamship 5.332 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Tilawa Steamship 10.006 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Goolistan Steamship 5.851 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Benlomond Steamship 6.630 Submarine Torpedo
24th Trentbank Steamship 5.060 Aircraft Torpedo
24th Dorington Court Steamship 5.281 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire Sunk by Gunfire after being abandoned
26th Barberry's Steamship 5.170 Submarine Torpedo
26th Ocean Crusader Steamship 7.178 Submarine -
26th Clan MacFadyen Steamship 6.191 Submarine Torpedo
28th Empire Cromwell Steamship 5.970 Submarine Torpedo
28th Nova Scotia Steamship 6.796 Submarine Torpedo
30th Llandaff Castle Steamship 10.799 Submarine Torpedo
30th Trevalgan Motor Vessel 5.299 Submarine Torpedo
December 1942
2nd Solon II Steamship 6.561 Submarine Torpedo
2nd City of Bath Steamship 5.079 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Wallsend Steamship 3.157 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Empire Dabchick Steamship 6.089 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Gatinais Motor Vessel 383 E-Boat Torpedo
5th Teesbank Motor Vessel 5.136 Submarine Torpedo
6th Ceramic Steamship 18.713 Submarine Torpedo
7th Henry Stanley Motor Vessel 5.026 Submarine -
7th Peter Maersk Motor Vessel 5.476 Submarine Torpedo
8th Nigerian Steamship 5.423 Submarine Torpedo
8th Empire Spenser Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.194 Submarine Torpedo
9th Charles L.D. Motor Vessel 5.273 Submarine Torpedo
12th Ripley Motor Vessel 4.997 Submarine Torpedo
12th Empire Gull Steamship 6.408 Submarine Torpedo
12th Empire Hawk Steamship 5.033 Submarine Torpedo
12th Avonwood Steamship 1.056 E-Boat Torpedo
12th Glen Tilt Steamship 871 E-Boat Torpedo
12th Lindisfarne Steamship 999 E-Boat Torpedo
12th Knitsley Steamship 2.272 E-Boat Torpedo
13th City of Bombay Steamship 7.140 Submarine Torpedo
14th Edencrag Steamship 1.592 Submarine -
14th Orfor Steamship 6.578 Submarine Torpedo
15th Hannah Moller Steamship 2.931 Aircraft Bombed
16th East Wales Steamship 4.358 Submarine Torpedo
16th Observer Steamship 5.881 Submarine Torpedo
18th Bretwalda Steamship 4.906 Submarine Torpedo
19th Bankside Sailing Vessel with Auxiliary Motor 77 Mine -
20th Otina Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.217 Submarine Torpedo
21st Queen City Steamship 4.814 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
21st Strathallan Steamship 23.722 Submarine Torpedo
21st Montreal City Steamship 3.066 Submarine Torpedo
26th Empire Union Steamship 5.952 Submarine Torpedo
27th Empire March Steamship 7.040 Raider -
27th King Edward Steamship 5.224 Submarine Torpedo
27th Melrose Abbey Steamship 2.473 Submarine Torpedo
27th Oakbank Motor Vessel 5.154 Submarine Torpedo
27th Gertrude May Sailing Barge 72 Mine -
28th Lynton Grange Steamship 5.029 Submarine Torpedo
28th Zarian Steamship 4.871 Submarine Torpedo
28th Baron Cochrane Steamship 3.385 Submarine Torpedo
28th Empire Shackleton Steamship 7.068 Submarine Torpedo
28th Melmore Head Steamship 5.723 Submarine Torpedo
28th Ville De Rouen Steamship 5.598 Submarine Torpedo
28th Treworlas Steamship 4.692 Submarine Torpedo
28th Empire Wagtau Steamship 4.893 Submarine Torpedo
January 1943
2nd Empire Metal Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.201 Aircraft Bombed
2nd St. Merriel Steamship 4.980 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Baron Dechmont Steamship 3.675 Submarine Torpedo
3rd British Vigilance Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.093 Submarine Torpedo
7th Benalbanach Steamship 7.153 Aircraft Torpedo
8th Yorkwood Steamship 5.401 Submarine Torpedo
8th Oltenia II Steamship / Tanker 6.394 Submarine Torpedo
9th Empire Lytton Steamship / Tanker 9.807 Submarine Torpedo
9th William Wilberforce Motor Vessel 5.004 Submarine Torpedo
10th Ocean Vagabond Steamship 7.174 Submarine Torpedo
10th British Dominion Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.983 Submarine Torpedo
11th C. S. Flight Schooner 67 Submarine -
13th Ailsa Sailing Barge 67 Mine -
15th Ocean Courage Steamship 7.173 Submarine Torpedo
17th Kalingo Steamship 2.051 Submarine Torpedo
20th Hampton Lodge Steamship 3.645 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 21st
23rd Lackenby Steamship 5.112 Submarine -
28th Resolute Sailing Barge 76 Mine -
February 1943 
3rd Rhexenor Steamship 7.957 Submarine  Torpedo & Gunfire
3rd Inverilen Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.456 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Cordelia Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.190 Submarine Torpedo
7th Toward Steamship 1.571 Submarine Torpedo
7th Iron Knight Steamship 4.812 Submarine Torpedo
7th Empire Webster Steamship 7.043 Submarine Torpedo
7th Afrika Motor Vessel 8.597 Submarine Torpedo
7th Harmala Steamship 5.730 Submarine Torpedo
7th Baltonia Steamship 2.013 Mine -
7th Mary Slessor Motor Vessel 5.027 Mine -
7th Empire Mordred Steamship 7.024 Mine -
7th Empire Banner Steamship 6.699 Submarine Torpedo
8th Newton Ash Steamship 4.625 Submarine Torpedo
10th Queen Anne Motor Vessel 4.937 Submarine Torpedo
11th Helmspey Steamship 4.764 Submarine Torpedo
17th Llanashe Steamship 4.836 Submarine Torpedo
21st Kyleclare Steamship 700 Submarine -
21st Empire Trader Steamship 9.990 Submarine Torpedo
21st Radhurst Steamship 3.454 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Roxburgh Castle Motor Vessel 7.801 Submarine Torpedo
22nd  Empire Redshank Steamship 6.615 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Athelprincess Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.882 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Empire Norseman Steamship / Tanker 9.811 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Fintra Steamship 2.089 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Eulima Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.207 Submarine Torpedo
25th Manchester Merchant Steamship 7.264 Submarine Torpedo
25th Stockport Steamship 1.683 Submarine Torpedo
27th St. Margaret Steamship 4.312 Submarine Torpedo
27th Modavia Motor Vessel 4.858 E-Boat Torpedo
March 1943
3rd City of Pretoria Steamship 8.049 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Nirpura Steamship 5.961 Submarine Torpedo
3rd Empire Mahseer Steamship 5.087 Submarine Torpedo
4th California Star Motor Vessel 8.300 Submarine Torpedo
4th Marietta E. Steamship 7.628 Submarine Torpedo
5th Fidra Steamship 1.574 Submarine Torpedo
5th Empire Tower Steamship 4.378 Submarine Torpedo
5th Trefusis Steamship 5.299 Submarine Torpedo
5th Ger-y-Bryn Steamship 5.108 Submarine Torpedo
6th Egyptian Steamship 2.868 Submarine Torpedo
6th Fort Battle River Steamship 7.133 Submarine Torpedo
7th Baron Kinnaird Steamship 3.355 Submarine -
7th Empire Light Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.537 Submarine Torpedo
7th Sabor Steamship 5.212 Submarine Torpedo
8th Fort Lamy Steamship 5.242 Submarine Torpedo
8th Guido Steamship 3.921 Submarine Torpedo
9th Rodewood Motor Vessel / Tanker 5.989 Submarine Torpedo
9th Kelvinbank Motor Vessel 3.872 Submarine Torpedo
9th Clarissa Radcliffe Steamship 5.754 Submarine -
10th Nailsea Court Steamship 4.946 Submarine Torpedo
10th Tucurinca Steamship 5.412 Submarine Torpedo
11th Empire Lakeland Steamship 7.015 Submarine -
11th Empire Impala Steamship 6.116 Submarine -
11th Aelybryn Steamship 4.986 Submarine Torpedo
11th Leadgate Steamship 2.125 Submarine -
13th Empress of Canada Steamship 21.517 Submarine Torpedo
13th Marcella Steamship 4.592 Submarine Torpedo
13th Oporto Steamship 2.352 Submarine Torpedo
13th Clan Alpine Steamship 5.442 Submarine Torpedo Sunk by escort
13th Ocean Freedom Steamship 7.173 Aircraft Bombed
15th Ocean Seaman Steamship 7.178 Submarine Torpedo
16th Hadleigh Steamship 5.222 Submarine Torpedo
17th Coracero Steamship 7.252 Submarine Torpedo
17th Southern Princess Steamship / Tanker 12.156 Submarine Torpedo
17th Kingsbury Steamship 4.898 Submarine Torpedo
17th Fort Cedar Lake Steamship 7.134 Submarine Torpedo
17th King Gruffydd Steamship 5.072 Submarine Torpedo
17th Zouave Steamship 4.256 Submarine Torpedo
17th Port Auckland Steamship 8.789 Submarine Torpedo
17th Nariva Steamship 8.714 Submarine Torpedo
18th Canadian Star Motor Vessel 8.293 Submarine Torpedo
18th Dafila Steamship 1.940 Submarine Torpedo
18th Kaying Steamship 2.626 Submarine Torpedo
19th Lulworth Hill Steamship 7.628 Submarine Torpedo
19th Glendalough Steamship 868 Mine -
19th Ocean Voyager Steamship 7.174 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 20th
20th Fort Mumford Steamship 7.132 Submarine Torpedo
21st City of Christchurch Steamship 6.009 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 22nd
23rd Windsor Castle Steamship 19.141 Aircraft Torpedo
26th Empire Standard Steamship 7.047 Aircraft Bombed
26th City of Perth Steamship 6.415 Submarine Torpedo
27th Empire Rowan Motor Vessel 9.545 Aircraft Torpedo
27th City of Guildford Steamship 5.157 Submarine Torpedo
28th Silverbreech Motor Vessel 5.319 Submarine Torpedo
28th Lagosian Steamship 5.449 Submarine Torpedo
29th Celtic Star Steamship 5.575 Submarine Torpedo
29th Umaria Steamship 6.852 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 30th
29th Empire Whale Steamship 6.159 Submarine Torpedo
29th Nagara Steamship 8.791 Submarine Torpedo
30th Empire Bowman Steamship 7.031 Submarine Torpedo
30th Fort a La Corne Steamship 7.133 Submarine Torpedo
April 1943
2nd Gogra Steamship 5.190 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Katha Steamship 4.357 Submarine Torpedo
2nd City of Baroda Steamship 7.129 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Melbourne Star Motor Vessel 12.806 Submarine Torpedo
5th British Ardour Steamship / Tanker 7.124 Submarine Torpedo
5th Aloe Steamship 5.047 Submarine Torpedo
5th Shillong Motor Vessel 5.529 Submarine Torpedo
5th Waroonga Steamship 9.365 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 6th Beached, later became a total loss
6th Josefina Thorden Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.620 Mine -
10th Runo Steamship 1.858 Submarine Torpedo
11th Empire Whimbrel Steamship 5.983 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
11th Lancastrian Prince Steamship 1.914 Submarine Torpedo
12th Fresno City Motor Vessel 7.261 Submarine Torpedo
12th Pacific Grove Motor Vessel 7.117 Submarine Torpedo
14th Stanlake Steamship 1.742 E-Boat Torpedo
17th Fort Rampart Steamship 7.134 Submarine Torpedo
17th Dynamo Steamship 809 Mine -
18th Manaar Steamship 8.007 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
18th Empire Bruce Steamship 7.459 Submarine Torpedo
18th Corbis Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.132 Submarine Torpedo
21st Wanstead Steamship 5.486 Submarine Torpedo
21st Ashantian Steamship 4.917 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Amerika Motor Vessel 10.218 Submarine Torpedo
24th Kowarra Steamship 2.125 Submarine Torpedo
24th Rosenborg Steamship 1.997 Submarine Torpedo
25th Doryssa Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.078 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
25th Limerick Motor Vessel 8.724 Submarine Torpedo
29th Wollongbar Steamship 2.239 Submarine Torpedo
30th Nagina Steamship 6.551 Submarine Torpedo
30th Corabella Steamship 5.682 Submarine Torpedo
30th Bandar Shahpour Steamship 2.236 Submarine Torpedo
30th Port Victor Motor Vessel 12.411 Submarine Torpedo
May 1943
1st Clan MacPherson Steamship 6.940 Submarine Torpedo
1st City of Singapore Steamship 6.555 Submarine Torpedo
1st British Trust Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.466 Aircraft Torpedo
1st Erinpura Steamship 5.143 Aircraft Bombed
5th Harbury Steamship 5.081 Submarine Torpedo
5th Selvistan Steamship 5.136 Submarine Torpedo
5th North Britain Steamship 4.635 Submarine Torpedo
5th Harperley Steamship 4.586 Submarine Torpedo
5th Bristol City Steamship 2.864 Submarine Torpedo
5th Wentworth Steamship 5.213 Submarine Torpedo
5th Dolius Motor Vessel 5.507 Submarine Torpedo
5th Gharinda Steamship 5.306 Submarine Torpedo
5th Lorient Steamship 4.737 Submarine Torpedo
5th Holmbury Steamship 4.566 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
8th Camerata Steamship 4.875 Italian Assault Craft -
8th Kanbe Steamship 6.244 Submarine Torpedo
11th Nailsea Meadow Steamship 4.962 Submarine Torpedo
11th Antigone Steamship 4.545 Submarine Torpedo
11th Tinhow Steamship 5.232 Submarine Torpedo
12th Dorset Coast Motor Vessel 646 Aircraft Bombed
12th Fort Concord Steamship 7.138 Submarine Torpedo
13th Centaur (Hospital Ship) Motor Vessel 3.222 Submarine Torpedo
15th Irish Oak Steamship 5.589 Submarine Torpedo
17th Northmoor Motor Vessel 4.392 Submarine Torpedo
17th Aymeric Steamship 5.196 Submarine Torpedo
18th Empire Eve Steamship 5.979 Submarine Torpedo
19th Angelus Sailing Vessel 255 Submarine Gunfire
22nd Alpera Steamship 1.777 Aircraft Bombed
29th Hopetarn Motor Vessel 5.231 Submarine Torpedo
30th Llancarvan Steamship 4.910 Aircraft Bombed
31st Catford Steamship 1.568 Mine -
June 1943
5th Dumra Motor Vessel 2.304 Submarine Torpedo
6th Harrier Steamship 193 Submarine -
14th Empire Maiden Steamship / Tanker 813 Aircraft Bombed
15th Athelmonarch Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.995 Submarine Torpedo
15th San Ernesto Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.078 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
17th Yoma Steamship 8.131 Submarine Torpedo
21st Brinkburn Steamship 1.598 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Volturno Steamship 3.424 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Shetland Steamship 1.846 Aircraft Bombed
24th British Venture Steamship / Tanker 4.696 Submarine Torpedo
28th Vernon City Steamship 4.748 Submarine Torpedo
July 1943
2nd Hoihow Steamship 2.798 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Empire Kohinoor Steamship 5.225 Submarine Torpedo Torpedoed again on 3rd and sunk
4th St. Essylt Motor Vessel 5.634 Submarine Torpedo
4th City of Venice Steamship 8.762 Submarine Torpedo
5th Devis Motor Vessel 6.054 Submarine Torpedo
6th Jasper Park Steamship 7.129 Submarine Torpedo
6th Shahjehan Steamship 5.454 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 7th
7th Leana Steamship 4.743 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
9th Manchester Citizen Steamship 5.343 Submarine Torpedo
10th Talamba (Hospital Ship) Steamship 8.018 Aircraft Bombed
11th California Steamship 16.792 Aircraft Bombed
11th Duchess of York Steamship 20.021 Aircraft Bombed
12th Rahmani Steamship 5.463 Submarine Torpedo
12th Ocean Peace Steamship 7.173 Aircraft Bombed
14th Harvard Sailing Vessel with Auxiliary Motor / Schooner 114 Submarine Gunfire
15th Harmonic Steamship 4.558 Submarine Torpedo
15th Gilbert B. Walters Schooner 176 Submarine Gunfire
15th Empire Lake Steamship 2.852 Submarine Torpedo
15th J.B.W. Sailing Barge 72 Mine -
16th Fort Franklin Steamship 7.135 Submarine Torpedo
16th City of Canton Steamship 6.692 Submarine Torpedo Sank on 17th
18th Incomati Motor Vessel 7.369 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
20th Fort Pelly Steamship 7.131 Aircraft Bombed
21st Empire Florizel Steamship 7.056 Aircraft Bombed
24th Henzada Steamship 4.161 Submarine Torpedo
24th Fort Chilcotin Steamship 7.133 Submarine Torpedo
26th Fishpool Motor Vessel 4.950 Aircraft Bombed
26th El Argentino Motor Vessel 9.501 Aircraft Bombed
27th Halizones Steamship 5.298 Aircraft Bombed Sank on 30th
29th Cornish City Motor Vessel 4.952 Submarine Torpedo
August 1943
1st Uskside Steamship 2.708 Aircraft Bombed
2nd City of Oran Steamship 7.323 Submarine Torpedo Sunk by escort on 3rd
4th Dalfram Steamship 4.558 Submarine Torpedo
6th fort Halkett Steamship 7.133 Submarine Torpedo
6th Macumba Steamship 2.526 Aircraft Bombed
7th Contractor Steamship 6.004 Submarine Torpedo
7th Umvuma Steamship 4.419 Submarine Torpedo
11th Clan Mac Arthur Steamship 10.528 Submarine Torpedo
15th Warfield Steamship 6.070 Aircraft Bombed
16th Empire Kestrel Steamship 2.689 Aircraft Torpedo
17th Empire Stanley Motor Vessel 6.921 Submarine Torpedo
19th Sai On Steamship 1.950 Seized -
20th Namaz Schooner 50 Submarine -
20th Panikos Schooner 21 Submarine -
September 1943
6th Sellinge Steamship 2.327 Mine -
9th Larchbank Motor Vessel 5.151 Submarine Torpedo
13th Newfoundland (Hospital Ship) Steamship 6.791 Aircraft Bombed Sunk on 14th by gunfire
13th Fort Babine Steamship 7.135 Aircraft Bombed
19th Fort Longueuil Steamship 7.128 Submarine Torpedo
20th St. Urk Steamship 5.472 Submarine Torpedo
20th Almenara Steamship 1.851 Mine -
23rd Fort Jemseg Steamship 7.134 Submarine Torpedo
29th Banffshire Steamship 6.479 Submarine Torpedo
30th Empire Commerce Motor Vessel / Tanker 3.722 Submarine Torpedo
30th Fort Howe Steamship 7.133 Submarine Torpedo
October 1943
1st Tahsinia Motor Vessel 7.267 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
1st Stanmkmore Steamship 4.970 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Haiching Steamship 2.183 Submarine Torpedo
4th Fort Fitzgerald Steamship 7.133 Aircraft Torpedo
11th Ocean Viking Steamship 7.174 Mine -
11th Jalabala Steamship 3.610 Submarine Torpedo
16th Essex Lance Steamship 6.625 Submarine Torpedo
19th Penolver Steamship 3.721 Mine -
21st Saltwick Steamship 3.775 Aircraft Torpedo
24th Congella Motor Vessel 4.533 Submarine Gunfire
31st New Columbia Steamship 6.574 Submarine Torpedo
November 1943


Baron Semple Steamship 4.573 Submarine -
2nd Dona Isabel Steamship 1.179 E-Boat Torpedo
2nd Master Standfast Motor Vessel 150 Captured -
2nd Storaa Steamship 1.967 E-Boat Torpedo
2nd Foam Queen Steamship 811 E-Boat Torpedo
4th British Progress Steamship / Tanker 4.581 Torpedo Torpedo Towed to port but subsequently broken up
10th Sambo Steamship 7.176 Torpedo Torpedo
11th Birchbank Motor Vessel 5.151 Torpedo Torpedo
11th Indian Prince Motor Vessel 8.587 Torpedo Torpedo
13th Cormount Steamship 2.841 - -
18th Sambridge Steamship 7.176 Torpedo Torpedo
18th Empire Dunstan Steamship 2.887 Torpedo Torpedo
21st Marsa Steamship 4.405 Bombed Bombed
26th Morar Steamship 1.507 - -
26th Rohna Steamship 8.602 Bombed Bombed
December 1943
2nd Testbank Steamship 5.083 Aircraft - Blew up or caught fire following explosion of ammunition ship
2nd Devon Coast Motor Vessel 646 Aircraft - Blew up or caught fire following explosion of ammunition ship
2nd Lars Kruse Steamship 1.807 Aircraft - Blew up or caught fire following explosion of ammunition ship
2nd Fort Athabaska Steamship 7.132 Aircraft - Blew up or caught fire following explosion of ammunition ship
9th Cap Padaran Steamship 8.009 Submarine Torpedo
13th Daisy Moller Steamship 4.087 Submarine Torpedo
17th Kingswood Steamship 5.080 Submarine Torpedo
19th Phemius Steamship 7.406 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Peshawur Steamship 7.934 Submarine Torpedo
24th Dumana Motor Vessel 8.427 Submarine Torpedo
January 1944
3rd Empire Housman Motor Vessel 7.359 Submarine Torpedo
6th Polperro Motor Vessel 403 E-Boat Torpedo
6th Underwood Motor Vessel 1.990 E-Boat Torpedo
10th Ocean Hunter Steamship 7.178 Aircraft Torpedo
16th Perseus Steamship 10.286 Submarine Torpedo
20th Fort Buckingham Steamship 7.122 Submarine Torpedo
24th St. David (Hospital Carrier) Steamship 2.702 Aircraft Bombed
25th Fort La Maune Steamship 7.130 Submarine Torpedo
25th Fort Bellingham Steamship 7.153 Submarine Torpedo
26th Samouri Steamship 7.219 Submarine Torpedo
26th Surada Steamship 5.427 Submarine Torpedo
31st Emerald Steamship 806 E-Boat Torpedo
31st Caleb Sprague Steamship 1.813 E-Boat Torpedo
February 1944
7th Margit Steamship 1.735 Submarine -
10th El Grillo Steamship / Tanker 7.264 Aircraft Bombed
12th Khedive Ismail Steamship 7.513 Submarine Torpedo
15th Fort St. Nicholas Steamship 7.154 Submarine Torpedo
22nd British Chivalry Steamship / Tanker 7.118 Submarine Torpedo
23rd San Alvaro Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.385 Submarine Torpedo
24th Philipp M Steamship 2.085 E-Boat Torp