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Damaged Merchant Ships

[UP] - Merchant Navy Losses - Damaged Merchant Ships


List of all British Merchant Navy ships and fishing vessels damaged during World War Two, but not lost.

A separate list of all Merchant Navy ship and fishing vessels lost in the same period is available by clicking here.

British Merchant & Fishing Vessels Damaged By Enemy Action But Not Lost

September 1939
16th City of Paris Steamship 10.902 Mine -
21st Teakwood Steamship / Tanker 6.014 Submarine Torpedo
October 1939
5th Marwarri Steamship 8.063 Mine -
6th Lochgoil Motor Vessel 9.462 Mine  -
13th Stonepool Steamship 4.803 Submarine Gunfire
November 1939            
18th James J. Maguire Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.525 Mine -
23rd Davisian Submarine 6.433 Mine -
24th Sussex Motor Vessel 11.063 Mine -
December 1939
2nd Eskdene Steamship 3.829 Cause Unknown -
14th Atheltemplar Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.939 Mine -
17th Agnita Motor Vessel / Tanker 3.552 Aircraft Bombed
17th Eileen Wray Steam Trawler 227 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
17th Craigielea Steam Trawler 211 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
18th Astros Steam Trawler 275 Aircraft Bombed
18th New Choice Steam Trawler 236 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
18th Etruria Steam Trawler 373 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
19th Star of Scotland Steam Trawler 203 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
21st Dosinia Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.053 Mine -
22nd Gryfevale Steamship 4.434 Mine -
26th Adellen Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.984 Mine -
28th San Delfino Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.072 Mine -
January 1940
6th City of Marseilles Steamship 8.317 Mine -
9th Chrysolite Steam Trawler 251 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Reculver (Trinity House Vessel) Motor Vessel 683 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Northwood Steamship 1.146 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
11th Flavia Steam Trawler 202 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
11th Pitwines Steamship 932 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
12th Persian Empire Steam Trawler 195 Aircraft Bombed
12th Blythmoor Steamship 6.582 Aircraft Bombed
15th Gracia Steamship 5.642 Mine -
15th Kildale Steamship 3.877 Mine -
29th Imperial Monarch Steamship 5.831 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
29th Gripfast Steamship 1.109 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
30th Royal Crown Steamship 4.364 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
30th Jersey Queen Steamship 910 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
February 1940
3rd Kildale Steamship 3.877 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
3rd Yewdale Steamship 823 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
3rd Beechwood Steamship 4.897 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
3rd Harley Steamship 400 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
3rd Newminster Steamship 967 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
3rd Rose of England Steam Trawler 223 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
3rd Nairana Steam Trawler 225 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Boston Trader Motor Vessel 371 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Foremost 102 Hopper Barge 833 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Clintonia Steamship 3.106 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Laurieston Steamship 1.304 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Cree Steamship 4.791 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Lowdock Steam Trawler 276 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
11th Imperial Transport Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.022 Submarine Torpedo
March 1940
2nd Domala Motor Vessel 8.441 Aircraft Bombed
4th Charles F. Meyer Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.516 Mine -
17th Emerald Steam Trawler 150 Aircraft Gunfire
20th Thistlebrae Steamship 4.747 Aircraft Bombed
20th Northern Coast Steamship 1.211 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire Attacked again on 29th
28th Princess Royal Steam Trawler 213 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
29th Northern Coast Steamship 1.211 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire Previously attacked on 20th
April 1940
20th Western Prince Motor Vessel 10.926 Aircraft Gunfire
25th Seminole Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.389 Mine -
26th Cree Steamship 4.791 Mine  -
27th Scottish American Steamship / Tanker 6.999 Submarine Torpedo
27th Delius Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.065 Aircraft Bombed
May 1940
20th Balteako Steamship 1.328 Aircraft Bombed 
22nd Dunster Grange Motor Vessel 9.494 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
26th Yewdale Steamship 823 Shelled by shore battery -
27th Biarritz Steamship 2.388 Shelled by shore battery -
30th Fulham IV Steamship 1.584 Aircraft Bombed
30th Princess Maud Steamship 2.883 Shelled by shore battery -
June 1940
1st Prague Steamship 4.220 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Katreen Steam Trawler 104 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
2nd Royal Daffodil Motor Vessel 2.060 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
3rd Worthing (Hospital Ship) Steamship 2.294 Aircraft Bombed
7th Eros Turbo Electric 5.888 Submarine Torpedo
11th Athelprince Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.782 Submarine Torpedo
19th Golden Grain Motor Vessel / Barge 101 Aircraft -
24th Clan Ross Steamship 5.897 Aircraft Bombed
30th Clan Ogilvy Steamship 5.802 Submarine Torpedo
30th Helder Steamship 979 E-Boat Bombed & Gunfire
July 1940
1st Zarian Steamship 4.871 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Baron Ruthven Steamship 3.178 Aircraft Bombed
4th British Corporal Steamship / Tanker 6.972 E-Boat Torpedo
4th Fairwater Steamship 4.108 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
4th Flimston Steamship 4.674 Aircraft Bombed
4th Antonio Steamship 5.225 Aircraft Bombed
4th Eastmoor  Steamship 5.812 Aircraft Bombed
4th Argos Hill Steamship 7.178 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
4th City of Melbourne Steamship 6.630 Aircraft Bombed
4th King Frederick Steamship 5.106 Aircraft Bombed
4th Irene Maria  Steamship 1.860 Aircraft Bombed
4th Briarwood Steamship 4.019 Aircraft Bombed
4th Lifland Steamship 2.254 Aircraft Bombed
4th East Wales Steamship 4.358 Aircraft Bombed
4th William Wilberforce Motor Vessel 5.004 Aircraft Bombed
5th Hartlepool Steamship 5.500 E-boat Torpedo
6th Apricity Motor Vessel 402 Aircraft Bombed Previously attacked by aircraft on 4th
8th Eastwood Steamship 1.551 Aircraft Bombed
8th Corundun Steamship 929 Aircraft Bombed
9th San Felipe Steamship 5.919 Aircraft Bombed
9th Kenneth Hawksfield Steamship 1.546 Aircraft Bombed 
9th Polgrange Steamship 804 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Empire Daffodil Motor Vessel 398 Aircraft Bombed
10th British Chancellor Steamship / Tanker 7.085 Aircraft Bombed
11th Kylemount Steamship 704 Aircraft Bombed
11th Peru Motor Vessel 6.961 Aircraft Bombed
11th Eleanor Brooke Steamship 1.037 Aircraft Bombed
12th Josewyn Steamship 1.926 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
14th Mons Steamship 641 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
18th Loddon Steam Trawler 200 Aircraft Bombed
18th Generton Steamship 4.797 Aircraft Bombed
20th Westown Steamship 710 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Swynfleet Steamship 1.168 Aircraft Bombed
24th Albert (Trinity House Vessel) Steamship 793 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
25th Tamworth Steamship 1.332 Aircraft Bombed
25th Newminster Steamship 967 Aircraft Bombed
25th Hodder Steamship 1.016 Aircraft Bombed
25th Summity Motor Vessel 554 Aircraft Bombed
25th Gronland Steamship 1.264 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire Attacked again by aircraft on 29th and sunk
27th Westavon  Steamship 2.842 Aircraft Bombed
28th Mathura Steamship 8.890 Aircraft Bombed
August 1940
1st City of Canberra Steamship 7.484 Mine -
1st Kerry Head Steamship 825 Aircraft Bombed
1st Gothic Steamship / Tanker 2.444 Aircraft Bombed
1st Highlander Steamship 1.216 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
2nd Alexia Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.016 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
2nd Lucerna Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.556 Submarine Torpedo
4th White Crest Steamship 4.365 Aircraft Bombed
8th Polly M Motor Vessel 380 E-Boat Gunfire
8th Scheldt Motor Vessel 497 Aircraft Bombed
8th Balmaha Steamship 1.428 Aircraft Bombed
8th John M Motor Vessel 500 E-Boat Gunfire Also bombed by Aircraft
10th Blairclova Steamship 5.083 Aircraft Bombed
11th Kirnwood Steamship 3.829 Aircraft Bombed
11th Oiltrader Steamship / Tanker 5.550 Aircraft Bombed
12th Ermine Steam Trawler 181 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
12th Kerneval Steam Trawler 172 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
12th River Ythan Steam Trawler 161 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
16th Clan Forbes Steamship 7.529 Aircraft Bombed
16th Loch Ryan Aux 210 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
17th St. Patrick Steamship 1.922 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
17th Yewkyle Steamship 824 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
18th Lyster Dredger 619 Aircraft Bombed
19th Waldinge Steamship 2.462 Aircraft Bombed
20th Macville Steamship 666 Aircraft Bombed
20th Peebles Motor Vessel 4.982 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
20th Our Maggie Motor Trawler 17 Aircraft Bombed
21st Alacrity Motor Vessel 554 Aircraft Bombed
21st Wolseley Steam Trawler 159 Aircraft Gunfire
23rd Beacon Grange Motor Vessel 10.119 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Havildar Steamship 5.407 Aircraft Torpedo
23rd Overton Steamship 426 Aircraft Bombed 
25th Stakesby Steamship 3.900 Submarine Torpedo
25th Hampshire Coast Motor Vessel 485 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
25th Ossian Steamship 1.514 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
25th Sanfry Steamship 946 Aircraft Bombed Subsequently at tacked by E-Boat on 26th
26th City of Hankow Steamship 7.360 Aircraft Bombed
27th Sir John Hawkins Steamship 930 Aircraft Bombed 
28th Hartismere Steamship 5.498 Submarine Torpedo
29th Baltistan Steamship 6.803 Aircraft Gunfire
30th S.H.3 Hopper Barge 389 Aircraft Bombed


Anadara Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.009 Submarine Torpedo
31st Cornwall Steamship 11.288 Aircraft Bombed
31st British Energy Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.209 Aircraft Bombed
31st Athelviscount Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.882 Aircraft Bombed
September 1940
2nd Lagosian Steamship 5.412 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Ashby Steamship 4.868 Aircraft Bombed
4th Ewell Steamship 1.350 E-Boat Gunfire
5th Melbourne Star Motor Vessel 12.806 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
6th Gannet Steamship 1.336 Aircraft Bombed
6th Iwate Steam Trawler 314 Aircraft Gunfire
6th Ilfracombe Steam Trawler 165 Aircraft Gunfire
7th Baronesa Steamship 8.663 Aircraft Bombed
7th Gothland Steamship 1.286 Aircraft Bombed
7th Bennevis Steamship 5.264 Aircraft Bombed
7th Umgeni Steamship 8.180 Aircraft Bombed
7th Glenstrae Steamship 9.460 Aircraft Bombed
7th Knitsley Steamship 2.272 Aircraft Bombed
7th Umtali Steamship 8.162 Aircraft Bombed Attacked again by aircraft on 11th
7th Inanda Steamship 5.985 Aircraft Bombed Attacked again by aircraft on 8th and 9th
7th Inkosi Steamship 6.618 Aircraft Bombed Attacked again by aircraft on 8th and 9th
7th Frumenton Steamship 6.675 Aircraft Bombed Attacked again by aircraft on 8th and 9th
7th Hetton Steamship 2.714 Aircraft Bombed
7th Eastwood Steamship 1.551 Aircraft Bombed
7th William Cash Steamship 1.186 Aircraft Bombed
7th Otaio Motor Vessel 10.298 Aircraft Bombed
8th Tynemouth Steamship 3.168 Aircraft Bombed
8th Sherwood Steamship 1.530 Aircraft Bombed
9th Ryal Motor Vessel 367 Aircraft Bombed
11th Norman Queen Steamship 957 Aircraft Bombed
11th Alexia Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.016 Submarine  Torpedo
11th Harpenden Steamship 4.678 Aircraft Bombed
12th Glenroy Motor Vessel 9.809 Aircraft Bombed
12th Tintern Abbey Steamship 2.471 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
13th Inishtrahull Steamship 869 Aircraft Bombed
15th Coronda Steamship / Tanker 7.503 Aircraft Bombed
15th Regent Lion Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.551 Aircraft  Bombed & Gunfire
15th Stanwold Steamship 1.020 Aircraft Bombed 
15th West Harshaw Steamship 5.756 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
18th Rudmore Steamship 969 Aircraft Bombed
18th Ling Sailing Barge 164 Aircraft Bombed
19th West Kedron Steamship 5.621 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
20th Bhima Motor Vessel 5.280 Aircraft Bombed
21st Broompark Steamship 5.136 Submarine Torpedo
21st Enchantress Sailing Barge 56 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Collegian Steamship 7.886 Submarine Gunfire
23rd Corina Steamship 870 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Pacific Grove Motor Vessel 7.117 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
26th Ashantian Steamship 4.917 Submarine Torpedo
26th Welsh Prince Steamship 5.148 Aircraft Bombed
26th Diplomat Steamship 8.240 Aircraft Bombed
26th Peterton Steamship 5.221 Aircraft Bombed
26th Wellington Tug 285 Aircraft Bombed
26th West Kedron Steamship 5.621 Aircraft Bombed
26th Suva Steamship 4.873 Aircraft Bombed
28th Queen City Steamship 4.814 Aircraft Bombed
30th Sussex Motor Vessel 11.063 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
30th Mountpark Steamship 4.648 Aircraft Bombed
30th Empire Success Steamship 6.009 Aircraft Bombed
30th Baron Vernon Steamship 3.642 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
30th Kerma Steamship 4.333 Aircraft Bombed
30th Henry Dundas Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.448 Aircraft Bombed
October 1940
2nd Trehata Steamship 4.817 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Framlingham Steam Trawler 169 Aircraft Bombed 
3rd Iwate Steam Trawler 314 Aircraft  Bombed & Gunfire
5th Ortolan Steamship 489 Aircraft Bombed
6th Hull Trader Steamship 717 Aircraft Bombed
6th Firecrest Steamship 538 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
8th Oronsay Steamship 20.043 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
10th Till Motor Vessel 367 Mine -
11th Thyra II Steamship 1.088 Mine -
11th Clan MacTaggart Steamship 7.622 Aircraft Bombed
11th Clan Cumming Steamship 7.264 Aircraft Bombed
11th Highland Chieftain Motor Vessel 14.135 Aircraft Bombed
11th Virgilia Steamship / Tanker 5.723 Aircraft Bombed
11th Inver Steamship 1.543 Shelled by shore Battery -
11th Bannthorn Steamship 429 Aircraft Gunfire
12th Starling Steamship 1.320 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
12th Longscar Steam Trawler 215 Aircraft Bombed 
13th Cargo Fleet No. 2 Hopper Barge 1.130 Mine -
15th British Glory Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.993 Submarine Torpedo
16th Activity Steamship 358 Mine -
17th Ethylene Steamship 936 Mine -
17th George Balfour Steamship 1.570 Mine -
17th P.L.M. 14 Steamship 3.754 E-Boat Torpedo
17th Gasfire Steamship 2.972 E-Boat Torpedo
17th Carsbreck Steam Trawler 3.670 Submarine Torpedo
18th King Athelstan Steamship 159 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
18th Blairspey Steamship 4.155 Submarine Torpedo Torpedoed again on 19th
20th Conakrian Motor Vessel 4.876 Aircraft Torpedo
20th Athelmonarch Steamship 8.995 Submarine Torpedo
20th City of Roubaix Steamship 7.108 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Empire Ability Motor Fishing Vessel 7.603 Aircraft Bombed
25th Janet Motor Vessel 25 Aircraft Bombed
27th Alfred Jones Steamship 5.013 Aircraft Bombed
27th Consister Steamship 411 Aircraft Bombed
27th Newlands Steamship 1.556 Aircraft Bombed
31st Starstone Steamship 5.702 Aircraft Bombed
November 1940
3rd Eros Turbo Electric 5.888 Aircraft Torpedo
3rd Windsor Castle Steamship 19.141 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Cairngorm Motor Vessel 394 Mine -
5th San Demetrio Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.073 Raider -
5th Andalusian Steamship 3.082 Raider -
6th Harborough Steamship 5.415 Aircraft Bombed
7th Dago II Steamship 1.993 Aircraft Bombed
7th Medee Steamship 2.163 Aircraft Bombed
8th Empire Dorado Steamship 5.595 Aircraft Bombed
8th Fireglow Steamship 1.261 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
8th Ewell Steamship 1.350 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
8th Catford Steamship 1.568 Aircraft Gunfire
9th Empress of Japan Steamship 26.032 Aircraft Bombed
9th Beal Motor Vessel 504 Mine -
9th Shelbrit II Motor Vessel / Tanker 695 Aircraft Bombed
11th Corsea Steamship 2.764 Aircraft Bombed
11th Colonel Crompton Steamship 1.495 Aircraft Bombed
11th Pitwines Steamship 932 Aircraft Bombed
11th Corduff Steamship 2.345 Aircraft Bombed
11th Harlaw Steamship 1.141 Aircraft Bombed
11th Grit Motor Vessel 501 Mine Bombed & Gunfire
11th Iwate Steam Trawler 314 Aircraft -
13th British Prestige Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.106 Mine -
14th Fairy Motor Vessel 207 Mine Bombed
14th Fishpool Motor Vessel 4.950 Aircraft Bombed
16th Sherbrooke Steamship 2.052 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
16th Dagenham Steamship 2.178 Mine -
18th S.N.A.S. Steamship 2.569 Aircraft Bombed
18th Langleetarn Steamship 4.908 Aircraft Bombed
18th Biela Steamship 5.298 Aircraft Bombed
18th El Nawras Steamship / Tanker 323 Aircraft Bombed
19th Folda Steamship 1.165 Aircraft Bombed
20th Chesapeake Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.955 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
22nd Zahra Steamship / Tanker 821 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Llandovery Castle Steamship / Tanker 10.640 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Duchess of Cornwall Steamship 302 Aircraft Bombed
24th Camroux IV Motor Vessel 590 Mine - Previously slightly damaged by Aircraft on 20th
24th Lent Lilv Motor Trawler 44 E-Boat Gunfire
27th Galacum Steamship 585 Mine -
27th Charmouth Steam Trawler 195 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
27th Rattray Steam Trawler 182 Aircraft Gunfire
27th Charles F. Meyer Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.516 Submarine Torpedo
28th Skipjack Steamship 1.167 Shelled by shore battery -
29th Fermain Steamship 759 Shelled by shore battery -
December 1940
1st Loch Ranza Steamship 4.958 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Dunsley Steamship 3.862 Submarine Gunfire
3rd Robrix Motor Vessel 292 Mine -
3rd William Downes Steam Trawler 275 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
3rd Slebech Steam Trawler 222 Aircraft Gunfire
3rd Quebec City Steamship 4.745 Aircraft Gunfire
5th Waterland Steamship 1.107 Shelled by shore battery -
7th Yewarch Steamship 827 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
7th Hertford Steamship 10.923 Mine -
8th Treverbyn Steamship 5.281 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
11th Saxon Queen Motor Vessel 482 Aircraft Bombed
13th Orari Motor Vessel 10.350 Submarine Torpedo
14th Empire Razorbill Steamship 5.118 Submarine Gunfire
16th Bic Island Steamship 3.921 Aircraft Bombed
18th Tweed Steamship 2.697 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
20th Overdale Hopper Barge 315 Aircraft Bombed
20/21st Europa Motor Vessel 10.224 Aircraft Bombed
20/21st Laplace Steamship 7.327 Aircraft Bombed
20/21st Eastern Prince Motor Vessel 10.926 Aircraft -
20/21st John A. Brown Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.455 Aircraft Bombed Also struck a mine on same date
20/21st Roxburgh Castle Motor Vessel 7.801 Aircraft Bombed
21st Alpera Steamship 1.777 Aircraft Bombed
21st City of Corinth Steamship 5.318 Aircraft Bombed
21st Demeterton Steamship 5.251 Aircraft Bombed
21/22nd Llangibby Castle Motor Vessel 11.951 Aircraft Bombed
21/22nd Mahronda Steamship 7.296 Aircraft Bombed
21/22nd Deucalion Motor Vessel 7.516 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Elax Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.403 Mine -
22nd Pardo Motor Vessel 5.400 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Llandilo Steamship 4.966 Mine -
22nd Almeda Star Steamship 14.935 Aircraft Bombed
22nd No. 9 Hopper Barge 671 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Pacific Pioneer Motor Vessel 6.734 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
23rd Iwate Steam Trawler 314 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
23rd Flynderborg Steamship 2.022 Aircraft Bombed 
23rd Lupina Drifter 88 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
24th Peterton Steamship 5.221 Aircraft -
25th Empire Trooper Steamship 13.994 Raider -
27th Lady Connaught Steamship 2.284 Mine -
27th Victoria Steamship 1.641 Mine -
28th Lochee Motor Vessel 964 Mine Bombed
28th Canute Tug 271 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
29th Trevarrack Steamship 5.270 Aircraft -
29th Catrine Motor Vessel 5.218 Mine -
30th Dorcasia Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.053 Mine Torpedo
31st British Zeal Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.532 Submarine Torpedo
January 1941
1st Attendant Steamship 1.016 Mine -
2nd Loch Dee Steamship 5.252 Aircraft Bombed
5th Temple Moat Steamship 4.427 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Dorset Coast Motor Vessel 646 Mine -
11th British Fidelity Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.465 Mine -
11th Greyfriars Steamship 1.142 Aircraft Bombed
13th Wooler Motor Vessel 507 Aircraft Bombed
15th Maywood Steamship 1.823 Mine -
15th Karri Motor Vessel 354 Aircraft -
15th Stalker Steam Trawler 197 Aircraft Bombed
16th Gladonia Motor Vessel 360 Aircraft Bombed
16th Romsey Steamship 509 Mine -
16th Skjold Steamship 1.345 Submarine Bombed
16th Llanween Steamship 4.966 Aircraft Bombed
16/17th Essex Motor Vessel / Tanker 11.063 Aircraft Bombed
17th Athelduke Steamship 8.966 Aircraft -
19th Clan Cumming Steamship 7.264 Mine Torpedo
19th Zelo Steamship 2.294 Mine Bombed
20th Vasco Steamship 2.878 Aircraft Bombed
20th Tregarthen Steamship 5.201 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Jamaica Planter Motor Vessel 4.098 Mine -
24th Tasmania Motor Vessel 6.405 Mine -
26th Gwynwood Steamship 1.177 Aircraft Bombed
26th Catford Steamship 1.568 Mine -
26th Grangetoft Steamship 975 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
26th Sandhill Motor Vessel 586 Mine -
28th Tafelberg Steamship / Oil Refinery 13.640 Mine -
28th Baron Renfrew Steamship 3.635 Aircraft Bombed
29th Westmoreland Steamship 8.967 Mine -
31st Dorsetshire (Hospital Ship) Motor Vessel 9.717 Aircraft Bombed
31st Desmoulea Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.120 Destroyer or E-Boat Torpedo
February 1941
2nd Waziristan Steamship 5.135 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Derwenthall Motor Vessel 4.934 Mine -
3rd Calyx Motor Vessel 212 Mine -
7th Scottish Co-operator Motor Vessel 513 Mine -
9th Cristia Motor Vessel 2.590 Mine -
10th Benmacdhui Steamship 6.869 Aircraft Bombed
11th Cantick Head Steamship 488 Aircraft Gunfire
12th Lornaston Steamship 4.934 Raider Bombed
13th Westcliffe Hall Steamship 1.900 Aircraft Bombed
13th Cape Rodney Steamship 4.512 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
14th Moorlands Steamship 420 Aircraft Bombed Bombed again on 20th in Buckie Harbour
15th Stock Force Steamship 983 Aircraft -
19th Fulham II Steamship 1.596 Mine Bombed
19th Athelsultan Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.882 Aircraft Bombed
19/20th Queenforth Tug 204 Aircraft Bombed
20th D.L. Harper Motor Vessel / Tanker 12.223 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
20th Scarborough Steam Trawler 162 Aircraft Bombed
20th British Splendour Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.138 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
20th St. Rosario Steamship 4.312 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire Bombed again on 22nd  
20th Rosenborg Steamship 1.997 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Luxor Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.554 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Kingston Hill Steamship 7.628 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Keila Steamship 3.621 Aircraft Bombed
25th Tynefield Motor Vessel / Tanker 5.856 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
26th Empire Steelhead Steamship 7.744 Aircraft Torpedo
26th Diala Motor Tanker 8.106 Submarine Bombed
26th Melmore Head Steamship 5.273 Aircraft Bombed
26th Leeds City Steamship 4.758 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
26th Hopton Steam Trawler 202 Aircraft Bombed
27th Blacktoft Steamship 1.109 Aircraft Bombed
27th Cape clear Motor Vessel 5.085 Mine -
27th Newlands Steamship 1.556 Aircraft Bombed
March 1941
1st Forthbank Steamship 5.057 Aircraft Bombed
1st Empire Simba Steamship 5.691 Aircraft Bombed
1st Atheltemplar Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.949 Aircraft Bombed
4th Ruth II Motor Vessel  321 Mine -
4th East Coast Steam Trawler 192 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
4th Angilian Coast Motor Vessel 594 Mine -
4th Lyndis Kitwood Pilot Cutter 20 Mine -
6th Eilian Hill Steamship 781 Mine -
7th Delilian Steamship 6.423 Submarine Torpedo
9th Esmond Steamship 4.976 Aircraft Bombed
9th Sylvia Beale Steamship 1.040 Aircraft Bombed
11th Royal Star Steamship 7.900 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
11/12th Contractor Steamship 6.004 Aircraft Bombed
11/12th Novelist Steamship 6.133 Aircraft Bombed
11/12th Markhor Steamship 7.917 Aircraft Bombed
12th Camroux I Motor Vessel 324 Mine -
12th Essex Lance Steamship 6.625 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
12/13th Catrine Motor Vessel 5.218 Aircraft Bombed
12/13th Imperial Star Motor Vessel 12.427 Aircraft Bombed
12/13th Elax Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.403 Aircraft Bombed
12/13th El Mirlo Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.092 Aircraft Bombed
13th Ngatira Motor Vessel 525 Mine -
13th Wearwood Steamship 4.597 Aircraft Bombed
13th Myrmidon Motor Vessel 6.278 Mine -
13th Mountstewart Steamship 1.099 Aircraft Bombed
13/14th Clermiston Steamship 1.448 Aircraft Bombed
13/14th Trevarrack Steamship 5.270 Aircraft Bombed
14th Minegarth Tug  179 Aircraft Bombed
14th Scottish Chief Steamship / Tanker 7.006 Aircraft Bombed
14th Empire Simba Steamship 5.691 Mine -
15th Warrior Tug 249 Mine -
15th Erodona Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.207 Submarine Torpedo
16th Franche Comte Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.314 Submarine Torpedo
17th Cormead Steamship 2.848 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
17th Pioneer (Trinity House Vessel) Pilot Cutter 281 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
19th Nailsea Meadow Steamship 4.962 Aircraft Bombed 
19th Tottenham Steamship 4.762 Mine -
19/20th Telespora De Larrinaga Steamship 5.780 Aircraft Bombed
19/20th Lindenhall Steamship 5.248 Mine -
20th Charlight Tug 40 Aircraft Bombed
20th Mari II Steamship 1.395 Aircraft Bombed
21st Halo Steamship 2.365 Mine -
22nd Dashwood Steamship 2.154 Aircraft Bombed
23rd City of Lincoln Steamship 8.039 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Perthshire Steamship 10.496 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Samurai Steam Trawler 221 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
24th Marie Maersk Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.271 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
26th Kingsway Steam Trawler 211 Aircraft Bombed
26th Baluchistan Steamship 6.992 Aircraft Bombed
26th The Lady Belle Steamship 331 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
27th Palmstone Salvage Vessel 430 Aircraft Bombed
27th Fort Dee Steam Trawler 212 Aircraft Bombed & gunfire
28th Staffordshire Motor Vessel 10.683 Aircraft Bombed
29th Grenaa Steamship 1.262 Mine -
31st Rattray Steam Trawler 182 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
April 1941
1st Adellen Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.984 Aircraft Bombed
1st Chesapeake Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.955 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire Also attacked earlier same day 15 miles off of Smalls
2nd Melrose Abbey Steamship 1.908 Mine -
2nd Wild Rose Steamship 873 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Geddington Court Steamship 6.903 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Assuan Steamship 499 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
4th Cape Verde Motor Vessel 6.914 Aircraft  Bombed & Gunfire
6th Glenfinlas Steamship 7.572 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
6th Cingalese Prince Motor Vessel 8.474 Aircraft Bombed
6th Devis Motor Vessel 6.054 Aircraft Bombed
7th Kirnwood Steamship 3.829 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
8th Mormarsh Steamship 2.848 Aircraft Bombed
8th Chaucer Steamship 5.792 Aircraft Bombed Attacked again on the 9th
9th Kylegorm Steamship 622 Aircraft Bombed
9th British Workman Steamship / Tanker 6.994 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Aberhill Steamship 1.516 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
9th Persia Tug 165 Mine -
9th British Statesman Steamship / Tanker 6.991 Aircraft Bombed
9th Pandorian Steamship 4.159 Aircraft Bombed
10th Thirlby Steamship 4.887 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
10th Busiris  Steamship 943 Aircraft Bombed
12th Dartford Steamship 4.093 Aircraft Bombed
13th Baron Belhaven Steamship 6.591 Aircraft Bombed
16th King Athelstan Steam Trawler 159 Aircraft Bombed
17th Ethel Radcliffe Steamship 5.673 E-Boat Torpedo Subsequently sunk by Aircraft on May 16th
18th Scottish Musician Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.998 Aircraft Bombed
20th R.S. Jackson Sprit Sail Barge 60 Aircraft Bombed
21st British Lord Steamship / Tanker 6.098 Aircraft Bombed
21st British Renown Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.997 Aircraft Bombed
21st Regency Tug 76 Mine -
21st Alpha Fishing Vessel 11 Mine -
21st Maidstone Steamship 688 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Antonio Steamship 5.225 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Croham Steamship 391 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Miss Elaine Salvage Vessel 364 Aircraft Bombed
24th Dolius Motor Vessel 5.507 Aircraft  Bombed & Gunfire
26th Scottish Prince Motor Vessel 4.917 Aircraft Bombed
28th Marie Dawn Steamship 2.157 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
28th Empire Straff Steamship 2.824 Aircraft Bombed
29th Corglen Steamship 2.822 Aircraft Bombed
29th Prowess Motor Vessel 207 Mine -
May 1941
1st Sea Fisher Steamship 2.950 Mine -
3rd Tacoma Star Steamship 7.924 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Cantal Steamship 3.178 Aircraft -
3/4th Baronesa Steamship 8.663 Aircraft Bombed
3/4th Lobos Motor Vessel 6.479 Aircraft Bombed
3/4th Wapiti Tug 208 Aircraft Bombed
3/4th Mahout Steamship 7.921 Aircraft -
3/4th San Fabian Steamship / Tanker 10.031 Aircraft Bombed
3/4th Busiris Steamship 943 Aircraft Bombed
3/4th Limpet Sailing Barge 164 Aircraft Bombed
3/4th Oyster Sailing Barge 133 Aircraft -
3/4th Clam Sailing Barge 159 Aircraft Bombed
3/4th Glitto Sailing Barge 166 Aircraft Bombed
4th Bison Tug  274 Aircraft Bombed
4th Talthybius Steamship 10.254 Aircraft  Bombed Bombed again on the 8th
4th Hornby Tug 201 Aircraft -
4th Enid Blanch Tug 99 Aircraft -
4th No. 33 Hopper Barge 718 Aircraft Bombed
4th Roxburgh Castle Motor Vessel 7.801 Aircraft Bombed
4/5th Bongo Sailing Barge 46 Aircraft Bombed
5th Shepperton Ferry Steamship 2.839 Aircraft Bombed
5th Silversandal Motor Vessel 6.770 Aircraft Bombed Previously slightly damaged on 3rd
5th Clan Macinnes Steamship 4.672 Aircraft Bombed
5th Cape Breton Steamship 6.044 Aircraft Bombed
6th Industria Steamship 4.861 Aircraft Bombed
8th Royal Daffodil II (Ferry) Motor Vessel 591 Aircraft Bombed
8th Baron Inchcape Steamship 7.005 Aircraft Bombed Previously slightly damaged between 3rd and 6th 
8th No. 20 Camel Barge 703 Aircraft Bombed
9th Ostrevent Steamship 1.737 Aircraft Bombed
9th Empire Cloud Steamship 5.969 Submarine Torpedo
9th Alexandra Sailing Barge 84 Aircraft Bombed
9th Dan-Y-Bryn Steamship 5.117 Aircraft Bombed
9th Castilian Steamship 3.067 Aircraft Bombed
9th Fishpool Motor Vessel 4.950 Aircraft Bombed
9/10th San Roberto Steamship / Tanker 5.890 Aircraft Bombed
9/10th British Statesman Steamship / Tanker 6.991 Aircraft Bombed
10th Aelybryn Steamship 4.986 Submarine Torpedo
10th Tower Field Steamship 4.241 Aircraft Bombed
10th Henry Ward Sludge Vessel 1.438 Aircraft Bombed
11th Caithness Motor Vessel 4.970 Aircraft Bombed
11th Dencade Tug 58 Aircraft Bombed
11th Silver Lining Fishing Vessel 40 Aircraft Bombed
13th Lottinge Steamship 2.468 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
14th Cape Horn Motor Vessel 5.643 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
16th Joffre Rose Steamship 715 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire Bombed again on 18th in Dale Bay
16th Obsidian Steamship 811 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
17th Arthur Wright Steamship 1.091 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire 
17th Aba (Hospital Ship) Motor Vessel 7.938 Aircraft Bombed
18th Eskburn Steamship 472 Aircraft Bombed 
19th Dixcove Motor Vessel 3.790 Mine -
20th San Felix Steamship / Tanker 13.037 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Empire Progress Steamship 5.249 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire 
24th Octane Motor Vessel / Tanker 2.034 Mine -
24th Sarnia Steamship 711 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
24th Cressdene Steamship 4.270 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
26th Gros Pierre Steamship 297 Aircraft Bombed 
26th H. E. Stroud Steam Trawler 214 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
30th Kyleclare Steamship 700 Aircraft Bombed 
30th Sangara Motor Vessel 5.445 Submarine Torpedo
June 1941
2nd Ben Screel Steam Trawler 195 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Dennis Rose Steamship 1.600 Aircraft Bombed
6th Emulator Steam Trawler 168 Aircraft Bombed
8th Ennis Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.207 Submarine Torpedo
8/9th Remagio Steam Trawler 174 Aircraft Bombed
10th Clearpool Steamship 5.404 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
10th Durenda Motor Vessel 7.241 Aircraft Bombed
11th Westburn Steamship 2.842 Aircraft Bombed
13th Empire Creek Steamship 332 Aircraft Bombed
13th Dalemoor Steamship 5.796 Aircraft Bombed
16th Atlantic Steam Trawler 167 Aircraft Bombed
17th Jim  Steamship 833 Aircraft Bombed
20th Inverarder Steamship / Tanker 5.578 Aircraft Bombed
20th Ilse Steamship 2.844 Mine -
20th Cormount Steamship 2.841 Aircraft Torpedo
23rd Camroux II Motor Vessel 324 Mine -
23rd Tolworth Steamship 1.351 Aircraft Bombed
24th Levenwood Steamship 803 Aircraft Bombed
25th Isle of Wight Steam Trawler 176 Aircraft Bombed
29th Silverlaurel Steamship 6.142 Aircraft Bombed
29th Empire Meteor Steamship 7.457 Aircraft Bombed
30th Empire Larch Tug 487 Aircraft Bombed
July 1941
1st Highwood Steamship 1.177 Aircraft Bombed
1st Jamaica Planter Motor Vessel 4.098 Aircraft Bombed
4th Goldfinch Motor Vessel 454 Mine -
5th North Devon Steamship 3.658 Aircraft Bombed
11th River Trent Motor Vessel 246 Mine -
13th Scortion Steamship 4.813 Aircraft Bombed
14th Georgic Motor Vessel 27.759 Aircraft Bombed
16th Elizabete Steamship 2.039 Aircraft Bombed
17th Emerald Queen Motor Vessel 481 Aircraft Bombed
18th Pilar De Larrinaga Steamship 7.046 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
20th Canadian Star Motor Vessel 8.293 Submarine Gunfire
20th Umvuma Steamship 4.419 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Adamant Barge 80 Mine -
23rd Soavita Barge 80 Mine -
24th Sydney Star Motor Vessel 12.696 E-Boat Torpedo
26th Atlantic City Motor Vessel 5.133 Submarine Torpedo
31st Onward Steam Trawler 209 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
August 1941
2nd Koolga Steamship 1.110 Aircraft Bombed
3rd Desmoulea Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.120 Aircraft Torpedo
8th Gold Shell Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.208 Aircraft Bombed
9th Glendalough Steamship 868 Aircraft Bombed
12th Eaglescliffe Hall Steamship 1.900 Aircraft Bombed
17th Kindersley Steamship 1.999 Aircraft Bombed
20th Dalewood Steamship 2.774 E-Boat Torpedo
22nd Durham Motor Vessel 10.893 Mine -
28th Donovania Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.149 Aircraft Bombed
September 1941
3/4th Harpalycus Steamship 5.629 Aircraft Bombed
6th Stanmount Steamship / Tanker 4.468 Aircraft Bombed
7th Nairana Steam Trawler 225 Aircraft Bombed
10th Tahchee Steamship / Tanker 6.508 Submarine Torpedo
11th Cormead Steamship 2.848 Aircraft Bombed Attacked again on 12th
11th War Grey Steam Trawler 246 Aircraft Bombed
15th Pontfield Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.290 Mine -
15th Atlantic Cock Tug 182 Mine -
17th Tetela Steamship 5.389 E-Boat Torpedo
19th Prestatyn Rose Steamship 1.151 Aircraft Bombed
20th Durham Motor Vessel 10.893 Italian Assault Craft -
24th Daltonhall Motor Vessel 7.253 Mine -
26th Oriole Motor Vessel 489 Mine -
30th Cedarwood Steamship 899 Aircraft Bombed
October 1941
1st Serenity Motor Vessel 557 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
2nd Southport Steamship 572 Aircraft Bombed
6th Salamaua Motor Vessel 6.676 Aircraft Bombed
7th Svend Foyn Steamship / Oil Refinery 14.795 Submarine Torpedo
11th Icemaid Steamship 1.964 Mine -
16th Edenvale Motor Vessel 444 Aircraft Bombed
20th Cordelia Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.190 Mine  -
November 1941
1st Kingsland Steamship 3.669 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Thyra III Steamship 828 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Agility Steamship / Tanker 522 Aircraft Bombed
5th Glencree Steamship 481 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
8th Gaslight Steamship 1.696 Aircraft Bombed
12th Ben Screel Steam Trawler 195 Aircraft Bombed
24th Blairnevis Steamship 4.155 E-Boat Torpedo
24th Ardenza Steamship 933 Aircraft Bombed
December 1941
10th Anshun Motor Vessel 3.188 Aircraft Bombed
10th Anhui Steamship 3.494 Aircraft Bombed
13th Myriel Steamship / Tanker 3.560 Submarine Torpedo
19th Lucellum Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.425 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Nam Yong Steamship 1.345 Aircraft Bombed
24th Eastwood Steamship 1.551 Mine -
25th Charles Parsons Steamship 1.554 Aircraft Bombed
25th Sheaf Mount Steamship 5.017 Aircraft Bombed
January 1942
5th Scottish Musician Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.998 Mine -
5th Largo Steamship 2.209 Mine -
6th Loddon Steam Trawler 200 Aircraft Bombed
8th Craig-an-Eran Steam Trawler 202 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
13th Empire Masefield Steamship 7.023 Aircraft Bombed
16th Toorak Steamship / Trawler 8.627 Submarine Torpedo
16th Llangibby Castle Motor Vessel 11.951 Submarine Torpedo
17th Harmatris Steamship 5.395 Submarine Torpedo
28th Idar Steamship 391 Submarine Gunfire Also set on fire by boarding party
29th Fairnilee Tug 226 Aircraft Bombed
29th Northgate Scot Tug 174 Aircraft Bombed 
31st Empire Redshank Steamship 6.615 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
31st Longwood Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.463 Submarine Bombed
February 1942
1st Sedulity Motor Vessel 490 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
3rd Spondilus Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.402 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
3rd  Madura Steamship 9.032 Aircraft Bombed
4th Aquarius Steam Trawler 187 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
5th Helder Steamship 979 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
6th Blush Rose Steamship 645 Aircraft Bombed
10th Lieutenant Robert Mory Steamship 3.176 Aircraft Bombed
12th Jalavihar Steamship 5.330 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
12th Anglo Indian Steamship 5.609 Aircraft Bombed
12th Empire Star Motor Vessel 12.656 Aircraft Bombed
13th Clan Campbell Steamship 7.255 Aircraft Bombed
15th Empire Head Motor Vessel 486 Aircraft Bombed
16th Pedernales Steamship / Tanker 4.317 Submarine Torpedo
18th British Consul Steamship / Tanker 6.940 Submarine Torpedo
19th Barossa Steamship 4.239 Aircraft Bombed
19th Manunda (Hospital Ship) Motor Vessel 9.115 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
20th Jalakrishna Steamship 4.991 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Enseigne Marie St, Germain Steamship 3.139 Mine -
24th Diloma Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.146 Submarine Torpedo
28th British Judge Steamship / Tanker 6.735 Submarine Torpedo
March 1942
5th Alagrity Motor Vessel 554 Aircraft Bombed
7th Cerion Motor Vessel 2.588 Aircraft Bombed
9th Lady Nelson Steamship 7.970 Submarine Torpedo
9th Umtata Steamship 8.141 Submarine Torpedo
17th Crista Motor Vessel 2.590 Submarine Torpedo
21st Athelviscount Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.882 Submarine Torpedo
21st San Cirilo Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.012 Submarine Torpedo
24th Lancaster Castle Steamship 5.172 Aircraft Bombed
25th Imperial Transport Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.022 Submarine Torpedo
27th Destro  Steamship 3.553 Aircraft Bombed
29th Oltenia II Steamship / Tanker 6.394 Aircraft Bombed
April 1942
5th Benledi Steamship 5.943 Aircraft Bombed
6th Anglo Canadian Motor Vessel 5.268 Aircraft Bombed
6th Elmdale Steamship 4.872 Submarine Gunfire
7th Somersetshire (Hospital Ship) Motor Vessel 9.716 Submarine Torpedo
9th Empire Moonrise Steamship 6.854 Aircraft Bombed
15th Golly Steamship 627 Aircraft Bombed Again damaged by Aircraft on 4th May
May 1942
1st Thistleford Steamship 4.781 Aircraft Bombed
1st La Paz Motor Vessel 6.548 Submarine Torpedo
2nd Dalfram Steamship 4.558 Mine -
3rd Geo. W. McKnight Motor Vessel / Tanker 12.502 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire 
4th Eclipse Steamship / Tanker 9.767 Submarine Torpedo
11th Ben Iver Steam Trawler 197 Mine -
12th Fang Steamship 1.889 Aircraft Bombed
14th Our Maggie Motor Trawler 17 Aircraft Bombed
14th Dencade Tug 58 Aircraft Bombed
14th Breadwinner Motor Trawler 59 Aircraft Bombed
18th San Eliseo Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.042 Submarine Torpedo Further attacks on 19th in 
20th E. P. theriault Schooner 326 Submarine Gunfire & Time Bombs
30th British Loyalty Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.993 Submarine Torpedo
June 1942
12th City of Calcutta Steamship 8.063 Aircraft Bombed
14th Potario Motor Vessel 5.410 Aircraft Bombed
16th Orario Motor Vessel 10.350 Mine -
20th Fort Camosun Steamship 7.100 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Reactor Tug 106 Aircraft Bombed
27th British Freedom Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.985 Submarine Torpedo
July 1942
7th Manx King  Steam Trawler 235 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire
14th Shuna Steamship 1.575 Mine - Limpet
14th empire Snipe Steamship 2.497 Mine - Limpet
14th Baron Douglas Steamship 3.899 Mine - Limpet
18th San Gaspar Steamship / Tanker 12.910 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Allara Steamship 3.279 Submarine Torpedo
25th British Merit Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.093 Submarine Torpedo
August 1942
3rd G. S. Walden Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.627 Submarine Torpedo
3rd El Ciervo Steamship / Tanker 5.841 Aircraft Torpedo
4th Katoomba Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.424 Submarine Gunfire
9th Alexia Motor Vessel 8.016 Submarine Torpedo
12th Brisbane Star Motor Vessel 12.791 Aircraft Torpedo
13th Rochester Castle Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.795 E-Boat Torpedo Also bombed by Aircraft
14th Standella Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.197 Submarine Torpedo
17th Laguna Motor Vessel 6.446 Submarine Torpedo
25th Kyloe Steamship 2.820 Mine -
29th Malaita Motor Vessel 3.310 Submarine Torpedo
September 1942
8th Nephrite Steamship 927 Aircraft Bombed
10th F. J. Wolfe Motor Vessel / Tanker 12.190 Submarine Torpedo
11th Cornwallis Steamship 5.458 Submarine Torpedo
15th Ravens Point Steamship 1.787 Mine - Limpet
16th Essex Lance Steamship 6.625 Submarine Torpedo
29th Ocean Vagabond Steamship 7.174 Submarine Torpedo
October 1942
13th Martaban Steamship 4.161 Submarine Torpedo
14th George Balfour Steamship 1.571 E-boat Torpedo
November 1942
8th Benalder Steamship 5.161 Submarine Torpedo
8th Capo Olmo Steamship 4.712 Submarine Torpedo
9th Wandle Steamship 1.482 E-Boat Torpedo
13th Glenfinlas Steamship 7.479 Aircraft Bombed
14th Lalande Steamship 7.453 Submarine Torpedo
15th Adviser Steamship 6.348 Submarine Torpedo
21st Forest Motor Vessel 4.998 Aircraft Bombed Again bombed at Gibraltar on 11th December 
21st British Promise Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.443 Submarine Torpedo
21st British Renown Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.997 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Scythia Steamship 19.761 Aircraft Torpedo
28th Empire Glade Motor Vessel 7.006 Submarine Gunfire
December 1942
1st Hindustan Motor Vessel 5.245 Aircraft Bombed
6th Ousel Steamship 1.533 Aircraft Bombed & Gunfire Attacked again on 11th
12th Empire Centaur Steamship 7.041 Italian Assault Craft -
12th Harmattan Steamship 4.558 Submarine Torpedo
12th Ocean Vanquisher Steamship 7.174 Submarine Torpedo
13th Hororata Steamship 13.945 Submarine Torpedo
15th Period Steamship 2.791 Aircraft Bombed
16th Regent Lion Motor Vessel / Tanker 9.551 Submarine Torpedo
22nd Cameronia Steamship 16.297 Aircraft Torpedo
27th Scottish Heather Steamship / Tanker 7.087 Submarine Torpedo
January 1943
1st Novelist Steamship 6.133 Aircraft Bombed
1st Harpalyce Motor Vessel 7.269 Aircraft Bombed
2nd Dalhanna Steamship 5.571 Aircraft Bombed
7th Ville De Strasbourg Steamship 7.159 Submarine Torpedo Subsequently bombed in Algiers Harbour 
10th San Cipriano Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.966 Aircraft Bombed
17th Recorder Steamship 5.982 Aircraft Bombed
21st Ocean Rider Steamship 7.178 Aircraft Torpedo
February 1943
6th Fort Babine Steamship 7.135 Aircraft Torpedo
23rd British Fortitude Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.482 Submarine Torpedo
26th Empire Portia Steamship 7.058 Aircraft Bombed
27th Seminole Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.389 Submarine Torpedo
March 1943
4th Sheaf Crown Steamship 4.868 Submarine Torpedo
4th Chateauroux Steamship 4.765 Aircraft Bombed
6th Fort Paskoyac Steamship 7.134 Submarine Torpedo
6th Empire Kinsman Steamship 6.744 Aircraft Bombed
9th Fort Norman Steamship 7.133 Submarine Torpedo
9th Empire Standard Steamship 7.047 Submarine Torpedo
9th Coulmore Steamship 3.670 Submarine Torpedo
14th Duchess of York Steamship 20.021 Aircraft Bombed
16th Merchant Prince Motor Vessel 5.229 Submarine Torpedo
26th Beckenham Steamship 4.636 Mine -
29th Ocean Viceroy Steamship 7.174 Submarine Torpedo
April 1943
4th Dover Hill Steamship 5.815 Aircraft Bombed
4th British Governor Steamship / Tanker 6.840 Aircraft Bombed
11th Noora Steamship 1.072 Aircraft Bombed
11th Hanyang Steamship 2.876 Aircraft Bombed
14th Gorgon Motor Vessel 3.533 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Silvermaple Motor Vessel 5.313 Submarine Torpedo
26th Empire Morn Steamship 7.092 Mine -
May 1943
8th Mahsud Steamship 7.540 Italian Assault Craft -
9th Islander Steamship 1.598 Aircraft Bombed
12th Ormiston Steamship 5.832 Submarine Torpedo
15th Cormull Steamship 2.865 Mine -
18th Fort Anne Steamship 7.134 Submarine Torpedo
24th Denewood Steamship 7.280 Aircraft Bombed
24th Empire Deed Steamship 6.766 Aircraft Bombed
June 1943
2nd Standella Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.197 Submarine Torpedo
18th Lalande Steamship 7.453 Aircraft Bombed
July 1943
9th Stanhope Steamship 2.337 Aircraft Bombed
12th Port Fairy Motor Vessel 8.337 Aircraft Bombed
12th Dorsetshire (Hospital Ship) Motor Vessel 9.717 Aircraft Bombed
15th Twickenham Steamship 4.762 Submarine Torpedo
16th Kaipara Motor Vessel 5.882 Submarine Torpedo
19th Kaituna Motor Vessel 4.914 Mine - Limpet
21st Ocean Virtue Steamship 7.174 Aircraft Bombed
22nd Empire Moon Steamship 7.472 Submarine Torpedo
24th Llandaff Steamship 4.825 Aircraft Bombed
26th Empire Brutus  Steamship 7.233 Aircraft Bombed
27th Empire Highway Motor Vessel 7.166 Aircraft Bombed
29th Empire Darwin Steamship 6.765 Aircraft Bombed
August 1943
4th Stanridge Steamship 5.975 Italian Assault Craft -
13th Empire Haven Steamship 6.852 Aircraft Torpedo
15th Baron Fairlie Steamship 6.706 Aircraft Bombed
15th Ocean Faith Steamship 7.173 Aircraft Bombed
23rd Speedfast Steamship 1.898 Aircraft Bombed
September 1943
6th Fort Drew Steamship 7.134 Mine -
12th Lyminge Steamship 2.499 Aircraft Bombed
25th Nairana Steam Trawler 225 Aircraft Bombed
October 1943
4th Samite Steamship 7.219 Aircraft Bombed
7th Laurelwood Motor Vessel / Tanker 7.347 Mine -
20th British Purpose Motor Vessel / Tanker 5.845 Submarine Torpedo
23rd Kerlogue Motor Vessel 335 Aircraft Bombed
November 1943
4th Firelight Steamship 2.841 ? Torpedo
21st Delius Motor Vessel 6.065 Aircraft Bombed
December 1943
2nd Crista Motor Vessel 2.590 Aircraft - Damaged by bombs or by debris following explosion of ammunition ship
2nd Fort Lajoie Steamship 7.134 Aircraft - Damaged by bombs or by debris following explosion of ammunition ship
2nd Brittany Coast Steamship 1.389 Aircraft - Damaged by bombs or by debris following explosion of ammunition ship
3rd Fort Camosun Steamship 7.126 Submarine Torpedo
5th Clan Matheson Steamship 5.613 Aircraft Bombed
31st Tornus Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.054 Submarine Torpedo & Gunfire
31st Empire Houseman Motor Vessel 7.359 Submarine Torpedo Torpedoed again on 3rd Jan 1944 and sunk 
January 1944
2nd Large Bay Steamship 14.182 Mine -
11th Triona Steamship 7.283 Submarine Torpedo
24th Leinster (Hospital Carrier) Motor Vessel 4.303 Aircraft Bombed
24th St. Andrew (Hospital Carrier) Steamship 2.702 Aircraft Bombed
29th Fort Louisbourg Steamship 7.130 Aircraft Bombed
February 1944
9th Kelmscott Steamship 7.039 Submarine Torpedo
11th Asphalion Steamship 6.274 Submarine Torpedo
12th Corfirth Steamship 1.803 Mine -
20th Nolisement Steamship 5.084 Mine -
29th Ensis Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.207 Submarine Torpedo
March 1944
6th Corundum Steamship 929 Shelled by Shore Batteries  -
9th British Loyalty Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.993 Submarine Torpedo
15th Aba (Hospital Ship) Motor Vessel 7.938 Aircraft Bombed
April 1944
20th Samite Steamship 7.219 Aircraft Torpedo
May 1944
14th G. S. Walden Motor Vessel / Tanker 10.627 Submarine Torpedo
14th Fort Fidler Steamship 7.127 Submarine Torpedo
June 1944
7th St. Julien (Hospital Carrier) Steamship 1.952 Mine -
7th Dinard (Hospital Carrier) Steamship 2.313 Mine -
11th Fort McPherson Steamship 7.132 Aircraft Bombed
12th British Engineer Steamship / Tanker 6.993 Mine -
13th The Viceroy Steamship 824 Mine -
23rd Empire Tristram Steamship 7.167 Flying Bomb -
24th Gurden Gates Steamship 1.791 Shelled by Shore Battery -
27th Shell Spirit I Motor Vessel / Tanker 440 Flying Bomb -
28th Dalegarth Force Steamship 825 Shelled by Shore Battery -
28th Viking Steamship 1.957 Flying Bomb -
28th Jacob Tug 65 Flying Bomb -
28th Toro Tug 87 Flying Bomb -
July 1944
6th Empire Halberd Steamship 7.177 Mine -
8th Empire Brutus Steamship 7.233 Mine -
17th Oranmore Steamship 495 Mine -
19th Abbotsbury Tug 92 Flying Bomb -
24th Samneva Steamship 7.219 Submarine Torpedo
26th Fort McPherson Steamship 7.132 Flying Bomb -
27th Fort Perrot Steamship 7.171 E-Boat Torpedo
27th Empire Beatrice Steamship 7.046 E-Boat Torpedo
30th Ascanius Steamship 10.048 Submarine Torpedo
30th Ocean Courier Steamship 7.178 E-Boat Torpedo
30th Fort Dearborn Steamship 7.160 E-Boat Torpedo
30th Fort Kaskaskia Steamship 7.187 E-Boat Torpedo
30th Ocean Volga Steamship 7.174 E-Boat Torpedo
August 1944
3rd Samlong Steamship 7.219 One man torpedo -
3rd Fort Lac La Ronge Steamship 7.131 One man torpedo -
4th Samsylarna Steamship 7.100 Aircraft Torpedo
8th Fort Yale Steamship 7.134 Mine - Torpedoed on 23rd August and sunk
10th Iddesleigh Steamship 5.205 Submarine Torpedo Torpedoed again on 17th August and became a total loss
18th Fort Gloucester Steamship 7.127 E-Boat Torpedo
18th Samdel Steamship 7.219 Flying Bomb -
19th Harpagus Motor Vessel 7.271 Mine -
20th Daronia Motor Vessel / Tanker 8.139 Submarine Torpedo
September 1944
21st Morialta Motor Vessel 1.379 Mine -
23rd Wolseley Steam Trawler 159 Mine -
October 1944
4th Cotton Valley Motor Vessel / Tanker 1.179 Mine -
21st Guernsey Queen Motor Vessel 567 Mine -
November 1944
2nd Fort Thompson Steamship 7.134 Submarine Torpedo
10th Fort La Baye Steamship 7.162 Mine -
12th Fairplay I Salvage Tug 162 Mine -
21st Empire Cutlass Steamship 7.177 Submarine Torpedo
December 1944
20th Empire Osborne Steamship 2.906 Mine -
21st Samtucky Steamship 7.219 Submarine Torpedo
January 1945
4th Nipiwan Park Motor Vessel / Tanker 2.373 Submarine Torpedo
February 1945
19th City of Lincoln Steamship 8.039 Mine -
22nd Skjold Steamship 1.345 E-Boat Gunfire
28th Cydonia Steamship 3.517 Mine -
March 1945
6th Empire Geraint Steamship 6.991 Submarine Torpedo
8th Kyle Castle Steamship 845 Damaged in sea borne raid -
8th Parkwood Steamship 1.049 Damaged in sea borne raid -
8th Nephrite Steamship 927 Damaged in sea borne raid -
8th Eskwood Steamship 791 Damaged in sea borne raid -
April 1945
11th Port Wyndham Motor Vessel 8.580 Midget Submarine -
15th Conakrian Steamship 4.876 Mine -
23rd Riverton Steamship 7.345 Submarine Torpedo
30th Samclyde Steamship 7.219 Mine -
May 1945
4th Empire Unity Motor Vessel / Tanker 6.386 Submarine Torpedo



Everything we obtain for this site is shown on the site, we do not have any more photos, crew lists or further information on any of the ships.


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