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HMS Javelin - World Naval Ships Directory

HMS Javelin

Name : HMS Javelin
Laid Down : 11th October 1937
Launched : 21st December 1938
Completed : 10th June 1939
Type : Destroyer
Class : J
Builder : John Brown
Country : UK
Pennants : F61, G61
Fate : Sold for scrap 11th June 1949.

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HMS Javelin, 1939.

Timeline Entries :

25th March 1937 - Ordered
11th October 1937 - Laid down by John Brown and Company, Limited, at Clydebank
21st December 1938 - Pennant F61
21st December 1938 - Launched
8th May 1939 - Cdr. Anthony Follett Pugsley, RN In Command
June 1939 - Contractors Trials
10th June 1939 - Commissioned for service in the 7th Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet
10th June 1939 - Completed
August 1939 - Passage to join Humber Force at allocated War Station
August 1939 - Joined 7th Flotilla as relief for HM Destroyer ESK and carried out Flotilla and Fleet exercises.
August 1939 - 7th Destroyer Flotilla, Home Fleet
1st August 1939 - Sailed Portsmouth for Rosyth
30th August 1939 - Sailed Dover for Grimsby
31st August 1939 - Arrived Grimsby
September 1939 - Worked-up at Portland on completion of trials.
September 1939 - Deployed for North Sea patrols
1st September 1939 - Sailed the Humber
2nd September 1939 - Carried out first patrol off Norway
3rd September 1939 - 7th Destroyer Flotilla, Division 13, Humber
22nd September 1939 - Collision with HMS Jersey during patrol in Skagerrak (Operation SK).
22nd September 1939 - Collided with HMS Jersey both needing repairs.
23rd September 1939 - Repairs by Hawthorn Leslie commenced
22nd October 1939 - Towed by HMS Destroyer Jupiter and escorted to Middlesbrough for repair.
22nd October 1939 - During post repair trials prior to rejoining Flotilla involved in a further collision with mercantile SS MORDANT
22nd October 1939 - Damaged at 0200 in collision with steamer Moidart off Whitby
23rd October 1939 - Taken in hand for repair by Smiths Dock
31st October 1939 - At Middlesborough for repairs
30th November 1939 - At Middlesbrough repairing
31st December 1939 - At Middlesbrough repairing
1st January 1940 - Collision damage repaired at Middlesborough
3rd January 1940 - Completed repair trials rejoined Flotilla and deployed for convoy defence and patrol in North Sea. (Note: One source records that on departure from Middlesbrough ship detonated mine damaging one shaft and returned for repair. To be investigated.)
14th January 1940 - Ordered to Harwich to support operation ST 2
15th January 1940 - Escorted Operation ST 2
22nd January 1940 - Sailed the Humber for submarine hunting duties
23rd January 1940 - Arrived Rosyth
23rd January 1940 - Sailed Rosyth to hunt for a submarine reported off Kinnaird Head.
24th January 1940 - Arrived at Rosyth.
25th January 1940 - Sailed Rosyth to relieve destroyer HMS Jackal on anti-submarine duties.
26th January 1940 - On a submarine hunt, were ordered into Invergordon for shelter from the gale.
27th January 1940 - Sailed Invergordon to rendezvous with tanker Athelknight for Rosyth.
29th January 1940 - Arrived Scapa Flow
30th January 1940 - Arrived Scapa Flow
30th January 1940 - Picked up survivors from steamer Bancrest at Wick
February 1940 - Worked-up for operational service with ships of Home Fleet. On completion deployed with Home Fleet
February 1940 - Under repair
1st February 1940 - Arrived at Rosyth escorting tanker Atholknight
7th February 1940 - Patrolled in the vicinity of Farne Island
7th February 1940 - Sailed Methil escorting Convoy MT.5
8th February 1940 - Arrived Rosyth
8th February 1940 - Sailed the Tyne escorting Convoy FS.91
8th February 1940 - Arrived Methil with Convoy MT.5
10th February 1940 - Sailed Southend escortin Convoy FN.91
10th February 1940 - Arrived Southend with Convoy FS.91
11th February 1940 - Arrived on the Tyne with Convoy FN.91
14th February 1940 - Sailed the Tyne escorting Convoy FS.96
16th February 1940 - Arrived Southend with Convoy FS.96
22nd February 1940 - Sailed the Tyne for Rosyth with Blockship Carron
March 1940 - On completion of repairs, deployed for North Sea convoy defence with Flotilla
March 1940 - North Sea deployment with Flotilla in continuation.
3rd March 1940 - Arrived Rosyth.
5th March 1940 - Joined Convoy FN.111 to Methil
5th March 1940 - Sailed the Humber escorting base ship Dunluce Castle for Rosyth
6th March 1940 - Arrived in the Humber
8th March 1940 - Detached Convoy MT.26 and jopined Convoy TM.22
8th March 1940 - Sailed Methil escorting Convoy MT.26
10th March 1940 - Sailed Methil escorting Convoy MT.27
10th March 1940 - Arrived Methil with Convoy MT.27
12th March 1940 - Sailed the Tyne escorting Convoy TM.25
14th March 1940 - Arrived in the Tyne with Convoy MT.30
14th March 1940 - Sailed Methil escorting Convoy MT.30
18th March 1940 - Sailed the Humber for Scapa Flow
18th March 1940 - Diverted to join Convoy ON.21 to Norway
19th March 1940 - Escorted damaged HMS Jervis to Tyne for repair.
19th March 1940 - Sailed Methil escorting Convoy ON.21
19th March 1940 - Stood by HMS Jervis after collision
22nd March 1940 - Sailed Bergen escorting Convoy HN.21
23rd March 1940 - Arrived Bergen with Convoy ON.21
25th March 1940 - Arrived Methil with Convoy HN.21
April 1940 - Detached for escort of Trinity House Ship Patricia during lay of navigation buoys in Smiths Knoll.
1st April 1940 - 7th Destroyer Flotilla 13th Division
1st April 1940 - Cdr. A.F. Pugsley in Command
5th April 1940 - Escort for Convoy ON25 on passage to Norway.
8th April 1940 - Returned to Kirkwall with convoy after German invasion of Norway.
9th April 1940 - Deployed with Flotilla for screening of Home Fleet and support of military operations passage to Norwegian waters
13th April 1940 - Escorted Battlecruiser HMS Repulse during passage from Norwegian coast to Scapa Flow.
20th April 1940 - Deployed with HMS Jackal as escort for St. Magnus, St Sunniva and Cedarbank during passage from Aberdeen to Andalsnes, Norway (Operation SICKLE).
22nd April 1940 - Escorted merchant ship to Alesund
23rd April 1940 - Passage to UK escorting troopship.
27th April 1940 - Deployed as escort for HMS Glasgow to Molde from Scapa Flow.
29th April 1940 - Sailed Molde for Malangen Fjord near Tromso with HMS Jackal as escort for HMS Glasgow
30th April 1940 - Detached with HMS Jackal after passengers disembarked from HMS Glasgow at Malangen
10th May 1940 - Deployed as escort for military convoy to Norway.
11th May 1940 - On arrival diverted with convoy to Mo for support of landing of the troops.
12th May 1940 - Provided naval gunfire support with HMS Enterprise during the Norway landings
13th May 1940 - Returned to Scapa Flow
16th May 1940 - Transferred to 1st Flotilla and deployed in Nore Command at Harwich
19th May 1940 - Escorted HM Trawlers to cut commercial cables for UK to Continent communications off coast of Norfolk (Operation QUIXOTE)
27th May 1940 - Transferred to Dover Command with ships of Flotilla to assist in evacuation of allied troops from beaches and harbour at Dunkirk
28th May 1940 - Rescued survivors from merchant ship sunk by torpedo. Remained off beaches and embarked troops from boats. Took passage to Dover with 900 troops
29th May 1940 - Returned to Dunkirk after disembarking troops at Dover. Entered harbour to embark troops
30th May 1940 - Passage to Dover with 850 troops.
31st May 1940 - Ordered to take passage to Sheerness for duty with anti-invasion force
1st June 1940 - Arrived at Sheerness and remained on call for new duties.
5th June 1940 - Released from duty at Sheerness and took passage to Humber for docking and maintenance.
6th June 1940 - Taken in hand by Brigham and Cowan shipyard in Hull
16th June 1940 - On completion transferred to 5th Destroyer Flotilla based at Immingham for patrol and interception duties in North Sea
August 1940 - Detached for duty with Home Fleet at Scapa Flow
27th August 1940 - Deployed as escort for HM Auxiliary Minelayers Southern Prince, Port Napier, Port Quebec and Menestheus of 1st Minelaying Squadron
September 1940 - On release from detached service with Home Fleet. Transferred with Flotilla to Plymouth Command for duties in English Channel
1st September 1940 - Escorted damaged cruiser HMS Fiji to Clyde for repair
October 1940 - Deployed at Plymouth for interception patrols and convoy defence
10th October 1940 - Carried out bombardment of Cherbourg
11th October 1940 - Detached on arrival at Portsmouth and sailed for refit at Immingham
11th October 1940 - On completion escorted HMS Revenge with ships of Flotilla during the return passage to Portsmouth
16th October 1940 - Taken in hand for refit by Humber Graving Dock.
15th November 1940 - Post refit trials
16th November 1940 - Sailed for Plymouth to rejoined Flotilla for interception patrols.
28th November 1940 - Sailed from Plymouth to intercept German destroyers reported by an aircraft
29th November 1940 - Sighted enemy destroyers which had attacked convoy off Start Point sinking two ships
29th November 1940 - Took part in night action. Hit by torpedo forward and another aft causing extensive damage
30th November 1940 - Arrived at Plymouth and taken in hand for repair by Devonport Dockyard
30th November 1940 - Taken in tow to Plymouth by a Falmouth tug escorted by HMS Kashmir
December 1940 - Paid off into Dockyard Control and under repair.
January 1942 - Recommissioned and on completion of post refit trials took passage to Scapa Flow.
8th January 1942 - Lt.Cdr. Hugh Crofton Simms, RN In Command
1st March 1942 - Escort for Russian Convoy PQ 12 and return QP 08 to Iceland
10th March 1942 - On return to Scapa Flow nominated for support of planned British landings in Madagascar Prepared for foreign service
10th March 1942 - Sailed to Clyde.
23rd March 1942 - Joined military convoy WS17
May 1942 - Deployed at Durban and prepared for support of IRONCLAD.
5th May 1942 - Took part in support of landings at Diego Suarez and provided gunfire support
9th May 1942 - On release from IRONCLAD transferred with Flotilla for service at Alexandria with Mediterranean Fleet
31st May 1942 - Detached from WS17 and took passage to Freetown.
9th June 1942 - Joined 14th Flotilla, Mediterranean Fleet for Fleet duties in eastern Mediterranean.
13th June 1942 - Sailed from Alexandria to join Convoy MW11 which had sailed earlier from Egypt (Operation VIGOROUS).
13th June 1942 - Sailed from Alexandria to join Convoy MW11 which had sailed earlier from Egypt (Operation VIGOROUS).
14th June 1942 - Met convoy and came under air attacks. Under threat of attack by U77
14th June 1942 - Met convoy and came under air attacks. Under threat of attack by U77
15th June 1942 - Under attack by German E-Boats
16th June 1942 - Towing of HMAS Nestor terminated during passage scuttled (depthcharged by Javelin)
22nd June 1942 - Detached from WS17A on arrival at Durban and joined 14th Destroyer Flotilla for service in Indian Ocean.
July 1942 - Retained for service in Mediterranean with 14th Destroyer Flotilla. Deployed at Alexandria for convoy defence, patrol and military support
17th July 1942 - Carried out bombardment at Mersa Matru.
23rd July 1942 - Carried out further bombardment at Mersa Matru
12th August 1942 - Carried out bombardment at Rhodes
14th September 1942 - Carried out bombardment at Daba.
30th September 1942 - Lt.Cdr. William Frank Niemann Gregory-Smith, DSO, DSC, RN In Command
October 1942 - Flotilla duties in eastern Mediterranean including support of military operations.
October 1942 - Deployed as escort for Convoy MW13 to Malta from Egypt (Operation PORTCULLIS)
17th November 1942 - Detached from MW13 for passage to Malta.Took passage to Alexandria with Fleet destroyers.
18th November 1942 - Sailed from Alexandria with as screen for Cruisers .
December 1942 - Deployed at Malta with Force “K” for convoy interception.
1st December 1942 - Lt.Cdr. John Melvill Alliston, DSC, RN In Command
2nd December 1942 - Took part in attack on convoy in Gulf of Gabes
13th December 1942 - Deployed and carried out successful attack on convoy off Tunisia.
January 1943 - Force “K” deployment in continuation.
8th January 1943 - Sank three small schooners off Kuriat during interception patrol.
17th January 1943 - Deployed off Lampedusa and attacked supply convoy
30th January 1943 - Intercepted Italian convoy north of Tripoli and sank all eleven ships including four minesweepers.
February 1943 - Malta deployment in continuation. Escort for convoy to Alexandria.
March 1943 - Deployed for interception patrols with ships of Force “K”l
April 1943 - Deployed with ships based in Malta to establish blockade of Cape Bon
May 1943 - Deployed with Fleet units and ships of Flotilla for bombardment of Pantellaria
15th June 1943 - Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard, Portsmouth.
23rd November 1943 - Lt.Cdr. Peter Barthrop North Lewis, DSC, RN In Command
January 1944 - Under refit and carried out harbour trials.
10th February 1944 - Carried out post refit trials and took passage to Scapa Flow
April 1944 - Home Fleet deployment for screening duties during operations off Norway
May 1944 - Transferred to Plymouth with Flotilla and took part in exercises prior to landings.
May 1944 - Deployed with Flotilla to carry out patrols between Gulf of St Malo and Ushant
5th June 1944 - Deployed for patrol north of Ushant.
6th June 1944 - Following aircraft sighting two German destroyers and an Ex Dutch destroyer carried out search with Flotilla
7th June 1944 - Returned to Plymouth with Flotilla on relief by 23rd Destroyer Flotilla.
8th June 1944 - Deployed with Flotilla NE of Ushant to intercept German ships
9th June 1944 - In action against German destroyers with ships of Flotilla 20 miles NW of Ile de Bas
25th June 1944 - Retained in Channel area with Flotilla based at Plymouth after Neptune closed.
July 1944 - Deployed at Plymouth for interception of enemy convoys in Bay of Biscay and Channel
7th July 1944 - During return passage to Plymouth involved in collision with HMS Eskimo and sustained major damage aft
10th July 1944 - Taken in hand for temporary repair by HM Dockyard, Devonport.
20th July 1944 - Passage to Belfast for permanent repair
27th July 1944 - Taken in hand by Harland and Wolff shipyard.
14th November 1944 - Lt.Cdr. James Bogue Marjoribanks, RN In Command
31st November 1944 - Completion of repair and prepared for post refit trials.
January 1945 - Passage to Scapa Flow on completion of post refit trials. Worked-up with ships of Home Fleet
February 1945 - Took passage to join Flotilla in Mediterranean on completion of work-up.
19th February 1945 - Arrived at Alexandria and joined Flotilla.
9th March 1945 - Withdrawn from Flotilla duties for replacement of boiler tubes at Alexandria.
8th May 1945 - Resumed Flotilla duties on completion of post repair trials.
June 1945 - Remained with Flotilla in Mediterranean after VE Day and deployed for Fleet duties
9th May 1946 - Sailed Malta to pay-off and reduced to Reserve status
17th May 1946 - Arrived Portsmouth
31st July 1946 - Reduced to reserve
31st October 1948 - Placed on Disposal List
1949 - Broken up
11th June 1949 - Arrived in tow at Troon Ayrshire for demolition by the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Co. Ltd

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