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HMS Centaur 

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HMS Centaur. Royal Naval light fleet carrier HMS Centaur (RO6) built by Harland and Wolff and completed 1953. HMS Centaur was the only ship of the class to be completed to the original 1943 design. She served in the Royal Navy until 1965 and used for five years as an accommodation ship, she was sold and broken up in 1972.

HMS Centaur, 1963.

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Most of the photographs below have been sent by Swaine Warren.

A view of HMS Centaur's bridge 

Ammunition stores on HMS Centaur

HMS Centaur with HMS Bermuda and RFA Tidereach

HMS Centaur at Sydney Harbour

HMS Centaur with her crew spelling Brisbane 1859-1959.

HMS Centaur's aircraft line up for take off

HMS Centaur.

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A view along the deck of HMS Centaur.

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Coming in to land on the deck of HMS Centaur.

HMS Centaur at anchor.

HMS Centaur passes under the Forth Rail Bridge.

A plane is rescued from the edge of Centaur's deck.


HMS Centaur's anchor and Centaur at speed (below)

On the deck of the HMS Centaur.

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HMS Centaur with HMS Belfast

Centaur's aircraft in their stowed condition

Take off


HMS Centaur's deck with HMS Belfast and HMS Finnisterre behind.

One of HMS Centaur's aircraft lands safely.

HMS Centaur with D44 and RFA.

A Gannet landing on HMS Centaur.  Thanks to David Burgin.

45 Commando embarking on HMS Centaur bound for Tanganyika.  Thanks to David Burgin.

Crossing the line party on HMS Centaur, March 17th 1964, longitude 22.  Thanks to David Burgin

Crossing the line party on HMS Centaur, March 17th 1964, longitude 22.  Thanks to David Burgin


Here (above) are a couple of photos of HMS Centaur in Grand Harbour, Malta at night, 1965, and also officers and CPOs of the ship.  My father Robert Wye (Tiz) is Rear, Far Right  Also below is a photo of Tiz playing the Butler in the mad hatters tea party in 1965 (see message board).  -  Message and photos sent in by Daphne Oliver.

A view from HMS Centaur over a transport ship to HMS Finisterre.

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BRIAN REED (BLOOD)..  Stoker 2nd Class.  Joined straight from Raleigh, June 1962.  My very first jolly in the mob was Hamburg a few weeks later.  We hopped off to the Med for a summer deployment.  More jollies followed, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Marseilles, Piraeus and Malta.  What a great trip for a buff stoker.  In the November we had a tragedy when 'A' boiler room had a serious leak.  I lost my run ashore oppo / and friend who joined from Raleigh with me, Paddy Fitzpatrick.  I was a stoker in 'A' Engine Room and missed the leak by minutes.  1963 was jolly time again, Liverpool and the a sudden and unexpected dash to the Middle East, Aden and then quite a long visit to Mombasa.  In the May we came home and paid off.  Quite a few of us Stokers went off to join Submarines, where I served the rest of my time in the mob, retiring in 1986.  Are Scouse O'Rourke, Albert Lye or Nobby Barraclough (all Stokers) still out there somewhere?  Contact Here 

DAVID BURGIN... My name is David Burgin(Brum). I served on HMS Centaur on it's fourth commission as a stoker(1963-1965).I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.    contact here  

I am Tom Bolton I was a bunting tosser onboard Centaur between 1957 after her refit and angled deck being fitted and was part of the communications department until  1960.   contact here

PETE REDFERN..  I served on Centaur from 1958 to 1961 as a leading cook. would love to hear from any one who remembers me. My job was in the bakery.  It was a fateful commission, with an almost gulf war, and the tragic loss of several crew members. 

TIZ WYE  during 1965 my father TIZ Wye served as CPO electrician. on HMS Centaur , He played the part of the butler in the mad hatters tea party ,does anyone remember this. thanks .daphne oliver. email  (Photos of Tiz Wye are shown above)

MICHAEL BURNS... I served on HMS Centaur from 1959-61 in Naval Stores (s). If there is anyone who was serving at this time and who remembers me, please contact me at this address 

PHILIP PRINCE. Was a crew member on HMS centaur (OA$) 1954 - 1955. he would like to hear from Chunky Hutt, Harry and other crew who remembers him please contact. 

JOHN HULME. Looking for any Victualling staff of HMS Centaur. Ted Stone Killick of 26 Mess, Allan Winch, Colin Northcott, Barny Barnes, Paddy Kane, Mick Bowen, Shady Lane and anyone else who knew me. contact John at 

JAMES (JIM) BAILEY...   My father who is living in South Africa now, was a PO on HMS Centaur around 1963.  If anyone remmbers him I would love to hear from them.  Contact Cath Bailey Murry at 

MICK JAGGER  M(E)2 Boiler Front Watchkeeper on HMS centaur from 1965. joined with stokers fresh from Raleigh. The mess number has faded through time but i can remember well enough that we were victualled below the capstan flat, right up forward, vivid memories of the latter part of that  last commission and a few photographs are all that are left. Happy days, Chester, Jim Hoddel, the rest have gone the way of the mess number. is there any old shipmates out their that may remember me. contact Mick at

JIM BATEY...  Jim Batey stoker mechanic,served around 1955-56. email here