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HMAS Hobart, 1934 

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History of  Royal Navy cruisers (heavy cruisers, light cruisers). Royal Navy cruiser website featuring the Leander Class cruiser HMAS Hobart including crew and families of ex-crew members notice board for the cruiser HMAS Hobart.


HMAS Hobart, Initially was to be called HMS Apollo. was built at Devonport by Beardmore. and launched 9th October 1934. During World war two HMAS Hobart served with the  East Indies Fleet 1939 - 1940, then in the red Sea during 1940. and between 1940 to 1945 served  in and around Australia. HMAS Hobart was finally scrapped in Japan March 1962. 


Specifications for HMAS Hobart


Displacement: 6,830 tons   Speed: 32.5kt    Complement: 550

Armament: Eight 6 inch guns in pairs. Eight 4 inch anti-aircraft guns in pairs and twelve 0.5 inch machine guns in fours.   Eight 21 inch torpedo tubes in pairs and 1 aircraft.

HMAS Hobart (ex Apollo) 9th October 1934 Broken up 1962.

HMS Apollo, launching, September 1933.

A large image size 10" x 7" approx, is available.  Reproduced from the original negative / photo under license from MPL, the copyright holder.  A signed numbered certificate is supplied. Price £25.   Order photograph here   Order Code  XMP1331

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HMS Apollo, October 1934.

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HMS Apollo, October 1934.

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HMS Apollo, October 1934.

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HMS Apollo, October 1934.

A large image size 10" x 7" approx, is available.  Reproduced from the original negative / photo under license from MPL, the copyright holder.  A signed numbered certificate is supplied. Price £25.   Order photograph here   Order Code  XMP1335

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HMAS Hobart, March 1940.

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HMAS Hobart, March 1940.

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HMAS Hobart, March 1940.

A large image size 10" x 7" approx, is available.  Reproduced from the original negative / photo under license from MPL, the copyright holder.  A signed numbered certificate is supplied. Price £25.   Order photograph here   Order Code  XMP1338

Original republished © MPL Photograph (Postcard Size).  Price £5 Click here to order.  Order Code  MP1338

HMS Apollo in 1935, before she became HMS Hobart.

A reproduction of this original photo / photo-postcard size 10" x 7" approx available.  Order photograph here  © Walker Archive. Order Code  PAN173

Crew List, cruise of 1936 - 1938


                                                                     Admiral                                   The Hon. Sir Matthew R. Best, K.C.B., D.S.O., M.V.O.

Commander                               G. A. French

Paymaster Commander                      R. R. Wallace

Paymaster Lieut. Cdr.                       J. H. P. Proctor

Lieutenant Commander                       C. G. Thompson

Lieutenant                                   J. B. R. Longden

Paymaster Lieutenant                         F. J. H. Rathborne

Paymaster Lieutenant                         R. R. H. Dakeyne

Signal Bos’n                                J. W. Leader


The Commander in Chief and his staff were borne on the books of the “Apollo” from 19th June 1936, to 20th December 1936.


Captain                                   M. J. C. de Meric, M.V.O.

Commander                               A. S. Russell

Commander                               A. P. Gibson (promoted 30.6.37)

Lieut. Commander                          H. A. Hinds

Lieut. Commander                          A. Gray

Lieut. Commander                          C. H. Dawson (Promoted 1.4.36)

Lieut. Commander                          G. A. Rotherham (Promoted 1.12.36)

Captain, R. M.                            M. F. H. Rogers

Lieutenant                                 T. W. T. Blackwell (F/Lieut. R.A.F.)

Lieutenant                                 E. H. G. Stokes (F/O. R.A.F.)

Lieutenant                                 G. F. M. Best.

Lieutenant                                 P. G. Newton

Lieutenant                                 J. N. Garnett, (F/O. R.A.F.)

Lieutenant                                 M. Buist

Lieutenant                                 K. S. L. Bell (Promoted 16.7.37)

Commander (E)                            E. W. Hardy

Engineer Commander                       J. E. Cooke

Commander (E)                            C. Littlewood (Promoted 31.6.36)

Lieutenant (E)                              E. H. Williams

Lieutenant (E)                              J. A. Fenn-Clark

Lieutenant (E)                             A. R. R. Knowles

Lieutenant (E)                             R. H. Mercer

Lieutenant (E)                             W. B. S. Milln

Sub. Lieutenant (E)                         J. H. Perring

Instructor Lieut. Commander                T. H. Holden, M.C., B. Sc

Surgeon Commander                      M. Barton, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.

Surgeon Lieutenant Commander              H. G. Wells, M.B., Ch. B., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

Paymaster Commander                    F. D. Pearce

Paymaster Lieut. Commander               A. M. Ackery

Paymaster Lieutenant                     J. N. Rennie

Sub. Lieutenant                          J. N. Kempton

Cd. Gunner (T)                          L. A. Downing

Cd. Gunner                              F. R. Bunt

Schoolmaster C.W.O.                    A. E. Furse

Cd. Gunner                             A. V. Poore

Warrant Shipwright                       W. F. M. Davies

Warrant Electrician                        J. W. Dowthwaite

Warrant Engineer                         R. T. Jones

Warrant Engineer                         R. H. Tribe

Gunner                                 V. P. Gardner

Midshipman                              J. W. Marshall

Midshipman                              J. D. Lock

Midshipman                              R. A. Ramsay

Midshipman                              D. R. O. Mott

Midshipman                              B. G. O’Neill

Midshipman                              M. Phipps

Paymaster Midshipman                    J. V. A. Musters

Chief and Petty Officers

R. M. Bourne, P.O.                      F. G. Holland, P.O. Stwd

F. R. Baker, P.O.                       S. J. Harris, P.O. Stwd

W. A. Possom, P.O. Tel                   W. Hendrick, C.P.O.

W. H. Beer, Plmbr                    A. E. Hawkins, C. P. O. Tel

T. W. W. Brightman, Sy. C.P.O.         A. F. Habberley, P.O.

T. V. Browne, Sy. P.O.                 W. J. H. Hendon, P.O.

P. J. Bailey, P.O. Ck                   G. W. Humphrey, P.O.

C. H. Beed, C.P.O. Ck              A. Higginbottom, Yeo of Sigs

G. R. Collins, C.P.O. Stwd                J. D. M. Hegarty, E.A.

W. C. Collett, Ch. Yeo. Sigs.                    H. T. Hugo, Jnr

W. H. Collins, P.O.                   W. L. Hammond, P.O. Stwd

H. Cole, Sy P.O.                         W. C. Hamlyn, C.P.O.

C. H. Collett, P.O. Stwd                      S. Jones, Act Yeo

H. Chesterfield, Ch. Shipt                       A. D. Jago, E.A.

J. H. Dowey, P.O.                       J. S. Kerr, C.P.O. Tel.

E. L. Delahave, P.O.                         J. Kennedy, R.P.O.

R. A. Jervis, Sy C.P.O.                        W. G. Lee, C.P.O.

E. Egleton, P.O. Stwd                          J. A. Lavens A/P.O.

W. S. Fimcher, P.O. Stwd                       R. R. Lillington, O.A.

W. J. Foord, O. A.                               G. Levitt, O.C.I.

H. R. Gagg, P.O.                      F. J. Mattinson, Yeo. Of Sigs

H. Green, C.P.O.                            L. G. Murch, P.O.

D. G. Greeno, C.O.A.                  W. W. Montgomery, A/Jnr

B. E. Gray, P.O.                            J. McPherson, P.O.

R. T. Green, A/P.O.                       J. Oakley, Ch., Shipt

W. H. Gill, C.O.A.                       F. M. Powell, S.B.P.O.

I. P. Gibson, Ptr.                            H. Park, P.O., Ck.

P. Granville, O.C.I.                         T. H. Quilliam, A/P.O.

G. D. Gray, P.O. Ck.                      J. W. Richardson, P.O.

T. G. Rawlings, C. E. A.             E. J. C. Thirkettle, Yeo. Of Sigs

I. W. Richards, Shipt.                     G. A. Thomas, A/P.O.

E. H. Robins, C. P.O. Ck                 W. E. Warren, C.P.O.

C. E. Spoll, Ch. Wtr.                      P. G. Wakeham, P.O.

A. L. Simmons, P.O. Stwd.                  J. W. West, C. P.O.

J. S. Smales, C.P.O.                        A. J. Williams, E. A.

A. N. Summers, C.P.O.                   C.S. Westaway, E.A.

W. R. Steggles, A/Sailmaker.                 W. S. Whittal, Shipt.

S. J. Smith, Shipt.                           C. E. Wingett, Shipt.

A. J. H. Sherpherd. Blk                    E. J. Westlake, Ch. Wtr.

E. F. Symons, C.P.O. Ck.                    H. Waring, M.A.A.

G. Slaney, P.O. Ck                             A. J. White, P.O.

G. Stretton, P.O.                               T. Young, A/O.A.

W. J. R. Tregidgo, P.O.

Engine Room Chief And Petty Officers

L. C. Allies, E.R.A.                   W. H. Manton, E.R.A.

W. H. Burring, Ch. Sto                 G. S. Mitchell, E.R.A.

A. E. Bailey, E.R.A.                 W. E. McCullum, E.R.A.

J. W. Batson, E.R.A.                  E. T. Osborne, E.R.A.

R. Blake, C.E.R.A.                     J. H. Penny, Ch. Sto.

S. C. R. Clarke, E.R.A.                   E. J. Page, S.P.O.

W. E. D. Cater, E.R.A.                 J. H. Pooley, E.R.A.

R. L. Crocker, Ch. Sto.                W. J. C. Ryder, S.P.O.

H. L. Crofts, E.R.A.                       J. J. Real, S.P.O.

E. B. Davies, E.R.A.                   A. E. Roberts, S.P.O.

R. A. Evans, E.R.A.                   W. Robinson, S.P.O.

C. E. Elliott, Mech                      A. W. smith, E.R.A.

T. Fitzroy, S.P.O.                        J. R. Short, E.R.A.

K. P. George, E.R.A.                    E. S. Scott, E.R.A.

W. L. George, S.P.O.                     H. Sellars, S.P.O.

H. C. Hodge, E.R.A.                    A. E. Snow, S.P.O.

H. Hill, Ch. Sto.                    H. C. Spicer, S.P.O. (Died)

H. K. Hosegood, E.R.A.        W. P. Smallacombe, S.P.O.

E. M. Haywood, Ch. Mech.              G. A. Sellars, S.P.O.

E. S. Hamilton, S.P.O.               F. J. Sullivan, Mech.

S. R. C. Ide, C.E.R.A.               G. G. Symons, E.R.A.

E. J. Jewell, E.R.A.                     W. Stephens, Mech.

R. E. Jones, Ch. Sto.                  E. Slater, E.R.A.

W. S. Jago, E.R.A.                    E. B. Tredget, C.E.R.A.

R. J. N. Jenkyn, E.R.A.               T. J. Thomas, S.P.O.

G. F. J. Lee, S.P.O.                   J. O. Windham, E.R.A.

C. H. Lewin, S. P.O.                 B. W. Warne, S.P.O.

G. W. Lillington, S.P.O.             J. H. Watson, E.R.A.

D. R. Lavin, E.R.A.                   R. J. Whatley, S.P.O.

F. A. Marchner, C.E.R.A.              E. G. Thomas, S.P.O.


Seamen Branch

R. M. Acford, Ldg. Sea.             T. Eustace. Ldg. Sea

A. W. Ames, A.B.                   J. A. Edmunds, A. B.

A. S. Adams, A.B.                    W. M. Evans, A.B.

J. Black, A.B.                             F. Egan, A.B.

S. Bryant, A.B.           W. Evans, A.B.

W. Broomhall, A.B.             D. F. Edwards, A.B.

S. Brewer, A.B.                 F. Erskine, A.B.

G. Buckingham, A.B.                 M. Edmonds, Boy.

W. R. Booth, A.B.                 T. A. Evans, Ord. Sea.

J. F. Beale, Ord Sea.           E. Freemantle, Ldg. Sea.

W. J. Bird, Ord. Sea.                M. M. C. Forrest, Ldg. Sea.

A. V. Brown, A.B.                J. R. Frost, A.B.

L. H. Boyce, A.B.                J. W. Former, Boy.

F. Burgeon, A.B.                H. Dugdale, A.B.

P. Breslin, A.B.                    T. Cavan, A.B.

B. H. Bowyer, A.B.                R. E. Fox, A.B.

F. Baker, A.B.                    V. G. Fairweather, A.B.

J. Bennett, A.B.                 R. J. C. Flight, A.B.

F. Bethell, Boy                  C. A. J. Farlow, Ord. Sea.

A. E. Bowden, A.B.              D. W. Ford, Ord. Sea.

T. B. Barrett, Ord. Sea.             D. Freeborn, Ord. Sea.

R. M. Bowyer                      W. J. Frost, Boy.

W. Coad, Ldg. Sea.                 H. Green, A.B.

J. E. Clarke, Ldg. Sea.                A. R. E. Green, A.B.

W. G. Chaplin, A.B.              L. Gordon, A.B.

T. E. Cumings, Ord. Sea.               S. O. J. Gardner, A.B.

J. Clarke, A.B.                           A. Gachagan, A.B.

T. G. Carter, Ord. Sea.                K. T. Graham, Ord. Sea.

J. Colins, A.B.                      S. Gibson, A.B.

W. R. G. Clements, A.B.                 W. Grundy, Ord. Sea.

A. E. Caine, Ldg. Sea.              L. Godson, A.B.

W. S. Colwill, A. B.                G. W. Harrison, Ldg. Sea.

J. M. Caldwell, A. B.               J. B. D. Hadley, A. B.

L. L. Chick, A.B.                     L. G. Homer, A.B.

S. Crombleholme, A. B.                E. Hannigan, A.B.

B. Carroll, A.B.              G. S. Hartley, A.B.

J. Coles, A.B.                  W. H. Harris, Ord. Sea. (1)

H. V. Cornell, A.B.             E. Hooper, A.B.

H. Clark, Ord. Sea.             K. Hurd, A.B.

E. A. Coyne, Ord. Sea.           W. H. Harris, A.B. (2)

L. Dixon, Ldg. Sea.                R. B. Herbert, Ord. Sea.

S. Dinner, A.B.               J. G. Hall, A.B.

A. Dudley, A. B.                 I. Hillhouse, Ord. Sea.

M. Daly, Ord. Sea.            B. Hopper, Ord. Sea.

H. Drysdale, Ord, Sea.             C. R. Highland, Boy.

J. Dodsworth, Ldg. Sea.               W. Horsely, Boy.

E. Davies, A.B.                      J. G. Henderson, Ord. Sea.

E. Dodd, Ord. Sea.                J. C. Healey, Ord. Sea.

D. S. Dowds, Ord Sea.             J. Hibbert, Ord. Sea.

D. Hunter, Ord. Sea.                 T. C. Payne, A.B.

J. Jones, A.B.                     L. Phipps, Ldg. Sea.

G. R. Jones, A.B.                E. F. Patterson, Ord. Sea.

P. R. Judge, A. B.                 E. Pickstock, Ord. Sea.

A. J. Jones, Ord, Sea.             L. Pearson, Ord. Sea.

R. W. Johnson, Ord. Sea.               O. J. Roberts, A.B.

V. Jones, Ord. Sea.                    J. J. Roach, A.B.

W. H. Jones, A.B.               D. E. Rowlands, A.B.

R. A. Jagger, A.B.             I. A. Rogers, A.B.

A. Kyle, A.B.                     T. F. Roe, A.B. (Died).

R. G. King, A.B.                    E. J. T. Reed, Ord. Sea.

R. Knight, Ord. Sea.             G. G. F. Ridsdale, A.B.

D. Loveridge, Ldg. Sea.              J. S. Rolfe, Boy.

F. L. G. Lewis, Ldg. Sea.              A. B. Rafferty, Ord. Sea.

F. Lewis, Ldg. Sea.                  J. A. Roe, Ord. Sea.

F. H. Leader, Ldg. Sea.                R. L. Reeves, A.B.

W. Leafe, A.B.                      J. W. Redpath, A.B.

R. P. C. Laxton, A.B.              A. F. Slater, A.B.

J. Lunn, Boy.                     E. J. Shepherd, A.B.

J. H. Lloyd, A.B.                  N. A. Stewart, A.B.

K. J. Marwood, A.B.                A. J. Smith, A.B.

F. Murray, Ldg. Sea.                  V. C. Seager, A.B.

J. Mitchell, A.B.                        J. S. Smith, A.B.

J. M. Magill, A.B.                    W. W. Stokes, Ord. Sea.

C. E. Mellor, A.B.                   E. Smith, A.B.

W. Morris, A.B.                 R. Smith, A.B.

A. F. Mullins, A.B.                J. Sturgeon, A.B.

C. E. Hesp, Ord. Sea.                C. E. Slemen, Ord. Sea.

J. G. Challinsworth, A.B.               C. Stringer, Ord. Sea.

A. Maker, A.B.                        S. Stringer, Ord. Sea.

A. Manson, A.B.                     H. A. Symons, A.B.

G. W. Miler, A.B.                  S. W. Southeram, Ord. Sea.

H. B. Mitchell, Boy.                  C. Simpson, Ord. Sea.

A. N. McDonald, A.B.                 R. G. Sandy, A.B.

R. McColl, A.B.                     T. Slater, Ord. Sea.

W. McLean, Ord. Sea                F. H. Skinner, A.B.

J. McKee, Ord. Sea.                   T. J. Shuttleworth, Ord. Sea.

K. J. McRae, Ord. Sea.               C. R. D. Saunders, A.B.

J. G. Pakenham, Ldg. Sea.              A. J. Taylor, A.B.

W. G. Probert, A.B.                      P. Taylor, Ldg. Sea.

A. Phelps, A.B.                      W. H. Tucker, Ldg. Sea.

H. A. Phipps, A.B.                    D. T. Thornburn, A.B.

E. F. Pidd, A.B.                     M. J. Toohig, A.B.

D. V. Pugh, A.B.                  A. Taylor, A.B.

J. G. Pattinso, A.B.                 W. A. Thompson, A.B.

H. Phillpotts, A.B.                G. H. Tortoiseshell, A.B.

T. D. F. Palmer, A.B.             J. E. Teale, A.B.

S. E. G. Pygall, Ldg. Sea.            J. J. Tope, Ord. Sea.

E. H. R. Parkin, Ord. Sea.             W. F. Taylor, Ord. Sea.

R. S. Tilbury, A.B.               S. H. Wragg, Boy.

F. S. G. Wills, Ldg. Sea.             G. E. Yates, A.B.

C. Wareham, A.B.               J. R. A. Young, A.B.

J. H. Warren, Ldg. Sea.               H. R. Staines, A.B.

A. E. Wheeler, Ldg. Sea.              S. G. Vicary, A.B.

T. E. Worthington, Ldg. Sea.                 A. Pearce, A.B.

T. E. Walker, Ldg, Sea.                   R. Smith, Old. Sea.

W. Wilde, A.B.                               G. H. Newton, A.B.

R. P. C. Withell, A.B.                        R. S. Thorn, A.B.

T. A. Wilson, Ldg. Sea.                  E. Harrison, Ldg. Sea.

J. A. C. White, A.B.                   A. Bodycote, A.B.

W. H. Wrench, A.B.                 S. A. Blackburn, A.B.

J. Wreyford, A.B.                      N. Williams, Boy.

E. J. Watkin, Ord. Sea.                    J. A. Roe, Ord. Sea.

W. R. Williams, A.B.                    R. H. Bowes, Boy.

H. Wright, Ldg. Sea.                  J. Moss, A.B.

F. Williams, A.B.                     E. Pickstock, Ord. Sea.

F. J. Wilkinson, Ord. Sea.               W. C. Uren, A.B.

S. V. Wragg, Boy.                         J. B. Perry, Ldg. Sea.


Leading Stokers And Stokers

H. Salmon, L/Sto.                J. S. T. Collins, L/Sto.

T. W. Pratt, L/ Sto.                 R. Evans, L/Sto

A. Mather, L/Sto.                 T. A. Fry, L/Sto.

B. Wood, L/Sto.                   F. Hackett, L/Sto.

S. J. Woodhouse, L/Sto.               L.King, L/Sto.

E. H. Tucker, L/Sto.                    C. V. Jones, L/Sto.

R. H. Lockyer, Sto.                  T. Heaton, Sto.

D. Matthews, Sto.                J. H. O. Chaple, Sto.

I. C. Norman, Sto.            W. Hitchin.

F. F. G. Morgan, Sto.              F. W. Hartfield, Sto.

J. C. A. Parsons, Sto.             A. Davies, L/Sto.

A. Norgan, Sto.                    G. A. Humphrey, Sto.

G. Making, Sto.              J. Atherton, Sto.

M. R. Matthews, Sto.             J. J. Gordon, Sto.

W. Powley, Sto.                 E. P. Honour, Sto.

E. W. J. May, Sto.                S. R. Gentle, L/Sto.

J. C. Styring, Sto.          J. W. Hall, Sto.

J. N. Perks, Sto.                  F. Hatch, Sto.

C. E. L. Routleff, Sto.                J. H. Hall, Sto.

W. S. Patman, Sto.                   R. R. C. Clarke, Sto.

H. A. Miller, L/Sto.                 F. Knight, Sto.

J. H. Stone, L/Sto.                  J. T. Glover, Sto.

T. Linford, L/ Sto.                 W. J. Cockrane, Sto.

W. H. G. Wright, Sto.                 A. Greer, Sto.

A. M. White, Sto.                   J. A. Cail, Sto.

C. W. R. Mallett, Sto.               R. Christopher, Sto.

W. Mann, L/Sto.                   G. H. Hill, L/Sto.

W. I. Hole, Sto.                D. I. Shanahan, Sto.

J. W. Bell, Sto.                 J. W. Watson, Sto.

W. G. H. Jeffries, Sto.             J. G. McMahan, L/Sto.

W. L. Bennet, Sto.                J. C. Young, Sto.

R. A. Gammie, Sto.               J. Summerscales, Sto.

J. R. Carpenter, Sto.               J. G. H. Maylor, Sto.

J. S. Goss, Sto.                     W. J. Phillips, L/Sto.

E. C. Hawkins, Sto.                W. F. Farley, Sto.

R. W. Bruce, Sto.               R. H. Hines, Sto.

A. Lynch, Sto.                J. Ramsay, Sto.

D. J. Staddon, Sto.             F. W. Hartfield, Sto.

N. J. Sheers, Sto.                 T. Roberts, Sto.

J. H. Norhtey, Sto.                J. Walker, Sto.

W. A. O’Flaherty, Sto.              R. S. Vines, Sto.

W. J. Porter, Sto.                S. S. Work, Sto.

C. G. Parker, Sto.              W. Coleman, Sto.

E. Plested, Sto.                 W. Davidson, Sto.

J. Whrightson, Sto.              S. G. Dearie, Sto.

T. McGurgan, Sto.                I. Knight, Sto.

W. L. Moore, Sto.                D. R. Lewis, Sto.

S. Matthews, Sto.                B. Cahill, Sto.

W. Riddel, Sto.                  A. Taylor, Sto.

S. L. Lack, L/Sto.                  R. G. Seccombe, Sto.

P. O’Heary, L/Sto.                  H. Firth, Sto.

R. J. Worsley, L/Sto.                A. Jones, Sto.

J. Wark, L/Sto.                        R. E. Ward, Sto.

T. J. Williams, Sto.                  J. Andrews, Sto.

W. J. mills, L/Sto.                    T. H. Wilkinson, Sto.

L. J. Tippett, L/Sto.                     A. P. Cole, Sto.

J. Hopkinson, Sto.                   J. P. Gomez, Sto.

G. A. Jones, L/Sto.                G. Hughes, Sto.


Communication Branch

J. Adams, Sig.                     H. Fletcher, Sig.

R. C. Brown, Ldg. Sig.              W. W. Green, Ord. Sig.

C. H. Blake, Tel.                E. Hargreaves, Ord. Sig.

J. H. Bassnett, Sig.               E. E. B. Jakeway, Ord. Tel.

D. C. Brooke, Sig.                H. P. Jonee, Ord. Tel.

B. Bromham, Sig, Bov.           J. R. Ketteridge, Ldg. Tel.

E. J. Cotterell, Ldg. Tel.              A. J. Lavering, Tel.

A. T. Casely, Tel.                T. F. Lloyd, Ldg. Tel.

W. A. Clarke, Tel.              W. Marshall, Ldg. Sig.

T. Clarke, Tel.                 R. H. Murphy, Boy Tel.

W. J. Campbell, Tel.              A. J. May, Boy Tel.

F. G. Charlton, Sig.                W. G. Nicholls, Ldg. Sig.

J. E. Douglas, Tel.             W. J. Pearce, Sig.

W. J. ford, Tel.                C. S. Plant, Sig.

E. H. Pitcher, Ord. Tel.            R. W. Smith, Tel.

P. Phillips, Tel.                H. G. Shepherd, Boy.

R. H. Powell, Boy. Tel.               A. Shepherd, Boy Tel.

A. E. Priddle, Boy Tel.                T. V. Stammers, Ord. Sig.

F. Perry, Ldg Tel.                    R. W. Taylor, Ord. Tel.

T. H. Richards, Ldg, Sig.             H. Wilcox, Ldg. Tel.

T. C. Rackstraw, Tel.                  A. Wallace, Tel.

E. A. Robson, Ldg. Tel.                N. C. Williamson, Tel.

H. D. Richardson, Boy Tel.               J. A. Wells. Tel.

G. E. Shepherd, Ldg. Sig.                R. F. D. Waye. Tel.

F. G. Stephens, Ldg. Tel.                W. J. Warner. Ord. Tel.

D. J. Salmon, Tel.                       P. V. C. C. Wicks, Sig.

C. S. Stanford, Ldg. Sig.


Miscellaneous Branch

H. G. Baker, Ldg. Wtr.               E. Graham, Ldg. Stwd

L. S. Denley, L.S.A.                    L. V. Henning, Ldg. Stwd.

E. T. Hinde, L.S.A.                    E. B. Bernsten, Stwd.

T. F. Ahearn, L.S.A.                  W. H. B. Higgins, Stwd.

F. G. Smith, L.S.A.                    AS. Riley, Ldg. Stwd.

P. Radley, L.S.A.                      C. R. Scoins, Ldg. Stwd.

R. E. McDermott, L.S.A.              R. Rooke, S.A.

C. T. Foster, Ldg. Ck.                  W. J. Dunster, O.C.

A. J. Taylor, Ldg. Ck.                J. H. Pantoll, Ldg. Stwd.

A. T. Willis, Ldg. Ck.                 G. H. B. Grigg, Wtr.

H. G. Barnett, Ldg. Ck.               A. T. Nicholas, Ck.

J. C. Pearn, O.C.                           E. A. Percy, Ck.

J. R. Stevens, O.C.                     D. L. Lewtas, S.A.

J. E. Robinson, O.C.                     S. V. Purnell, Stwd.

F. Crossley, Ck.                      S. B. R. Davies, L.S.B.A.

R. A. Morris, Ldg. Stwd.                 S. B. R. Davies, L.S.B.A.

F. G. Perry, Ldg. Stwd.


Royal Marines

A. T. Russell, B.M.I., L.R.A.M.                         D. F. Barrett, Mne.

H. E. Buckley, Sergt.                    R. D. Blackmore, Mne.

A. H. Hawke, Sergt.                P. Bell, Mne.

F. T. Saunders, Sergt.                  H. A. Brown, Mne.

T. Addison, Mne.                 A. Baines, Mne.

W. J. Barnett, Musn.                      A. J. Croke, Cpl.

A. E. Baines, A/Cpl.               P. Connolly, Mne.

H. F. G. Beaven, Cpl.                 H. E. Coles, Mne.

J. F. Bishton, Mne.                 J. Carter, Mne.

H. Burghall, Men.                   A. V. Davies, Mne.

D. Bacon, Cpl.                      G. A. Fereday, Mne.

J. R. Bowyer, Mne.                L. G. Fowler, Mne.

T. H. Fletcher, Mne.                 F. C. Newbury, Mne.

H. J. Goldby, Musn.                   A. A. Owen, Mne.

J. W. Gosney, Mne.                H. E. Pickett, Musn.

H. A. Harrisson, Musn.            G. Plowman. Msn.

A. Hall, Mne.                          V. T. Powell, Mne.

G. T. Hughes, Mne.                  H. Philip. Bugl.

H. S. T. Hamer, Mne.               H. H. St. J. Palmer, Mne

J. Hanson, Mne.                    E. B. Powell, Bugl.

A. W. Harvey, Cpl.                B. Powell, Mne.

R. C. Hine, Cpl.                   B. Pitcher, Mne.

A. H. Horrell, Mne.            C. W. Richards, Mne.

R. S. Hine, Boy/Bugl.             J. Riley, Cpl.

A. E. Jarmen, Musn.            H. H. Read, Mne.

W. J. Jones, Musn.             B. D. Seager, Mne.

B. F. Jackson, Mne.             W. J. H. Seymour, B/Cpl.

W. J. R. Knight, Mne.             A. E. Stallard, Mne.

J. King, Cpl.              W. Summers, Mne.

J. E. Levitt, Cpl.                 S. H. Shattock, Mne.

P. V. Mayes, Mne.               E. F. Scantlebury, Mne.

L. G. Miller, Musn.               C. Skelland, Mne.

S. E. Maidment, A/ Cpl.            W. J. Scott, Mne.

H. Megarry, Mne.               H. E. Tomkins, Mne.

B. G. Miller, Mne.              W. W. Williams, Mne.

J. L. Middleton, Mne.            V. Wilson, B/Cpl.

D. Mailey, Mne.                W. J. Warren, Mne.

R. M. Mailey, Mne.             D. O. Williams, Mne.

S. E. McCourt, Musn.            H. Wenman, Mne.

A. D. McKendrick, Mne.             D. H. Watts, Mne.

D. Neal, Mne.               L. G. Wilding, Mne.

G. E. Nelson, Mne.            G. T. Whitefoot, Mne.


Royal Airforce 

W. E. Arnold, Sergt.              W. Sutherland, Cpl.

C. Hayden, Sergt.             L. Brown, L.A.C.

A. Castell, Cpl.             F. Frisbee, Cpl.

F. Nicholl, Cpl.              S. Jones, L.A.C.


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