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Old 12-07-2012, 15:39
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Default Tribute to Wing Commander Adrian Warburton by Ivan Berryman.

Tribute to Wing Commander Adrian Warburton by Ivan Berryman.
Released April 2012.

One of the most unorthodox and daring pilots of World War II, 'Warby' Warburton was the only bomber pilot to become an ace, shooting down a Savoia Marchetti SM.79, a Macchi MC.200 and three Cant Z.506Bs, one of which is depicted here being attacked by Warburton's Martin Maryland AR705.

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Old 07-08-2012, 13:09
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Default Re: Tribute to Wing Commander Adrian Warburton by Ivan Berryman.

A well constructed aerial action-one can sense the movement.Good detail of both aircraft although the Maryland's mid upper turret gun is pointing towards it's own tail- instead of appearing to track the enemy aircraft.

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Old 08-09-2015, 17:33
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Default Re: Tribute to Wing Commander Adrian Warburton by Ivan Berryman.

Dear Ivan Berryman,
Your painting of 'Warby' and one of his 'exploits is wonderful but there is an error on the caption below it.
Adrian Warburton was NOT A BOMBER PILOT but a PHOTO RECCE Pilot. He made a record number of sorties approx. 375+ while in Malta and though rather 'unorthodox' was an inspiration to all. PR Pilots were NOT supposed to be FIGHTERS or BOMBERS and when he did 'attack' he had to report it for which he had a very 'gentle' admonishment! His A/C was nicknamed.' Whispering Mary' so full of holes was it! After 'Warby' was injured in a car crash' he returned to RAF Benson. Oxon across the road from me. Elliott Roosevelt then Commanding the USAAF Recce group at Mount Farm(now Berinsfield) was a few miles away and requested his services being grateful for the American lives he had saved thru his P.R efforts on Malta even tho' still 'medically unfit
Constance Babington Smith was at the Central Interpretation Unit, Medmenham at the time and noticed some very good film and inquired of RAF personnel which Pilot had taken them only to be told . "Its one of yours"! As you may know he flew off for the last time from Mount Farm in a USAAF P38 Lightening and disappeared causing an enduring mystery and was libelled as a result.//A German contacted the War Graves Commission to report a crash site thought to be his but no action was taken until an English researcher Frank Dorber began to search. I was told of this by Alan Brown and was asked to keep mum for an year until the remains were identified.When they were by the USAAF he was to be quietly interred in Durnbach but Frank and I contacted the British Legion etc to publicise the fact and a Queen's colour Sqdn was present. Alan and I then planned to get some of the plane fragments to the UK. The Germans displayed one of the propellers in a local museum and there were queues for the rest.We planned to drive to Germany to fetch it!but Alan could not drive so I spoke to the Mirror newspaper whose reporter kindly drove all the way in floods etc to fetch a ton of it which is now in the RMARG display at RAF Welford.Some of it was donated to Malta. My hope was to get the work of the PR Pilots recognised by even those who lived here in WW2 and have a small display at a UK museum .I had written to BBC Time watch about them & Warby and gave them my research and so the documentary, "The mystery of the missing Ace " was made. I must confess, ,I was not dry eyed watching it.//The late author, Roy Nesbit(Eyes of the RAF) wrote an article in Airplane mag. about the crash but questioned certain aspects so I persuaded him to research further with Herr. Herman Laage who had ably assisted Frank Dorber in indentifying the crash site to find out just how and why 'Warby' had met his end at Egling because of the libels!!I spoke to author Tony Spooner, whose book I read in 1999 during my research into RAF Benson WW2 and was mesmerised. Sadly, Tony Spooner who served with 'Warby' died before the 'mystery was solved. Without him, neither Frank Dorber nor I would have heard the whole 'Warby' story. Roy, Hermann and I had no doubt that Warby was downed while filming the ME jet sites. As Roy was an adviser to Airmail mag. being a C.Command veteran and historian, their article was published in Airmail mag. We did NOT believe Warby was simply going on a 'jolly' to meet Elliot Roosevelt.The truth was hidden because he was flying when officially unfit but
Douglas Bader had no legs at all!!
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