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Unidentified Crews Where we post individual and group photos of unidentified naval personnel

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Old 10-01-2014, 20:27
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Default Re: ERA's & Stokers of HMS Asia

[quote=markdixon;10102553]Hi Patroclus
Thanks for the clear answers. I think it is safe to say he isn't in the picture at the top of this thread, but may well have gone ashore from BEACON; perhaps this is the wrong thread to continue my quest on, but would there be a list somewhere of those in the shore party?..[quote]

I think it very unlikely that there would be such a list of the landing party.

Your best chance would probably be the log of the BEACON in the hope that the names of her contingent are recorded as going out of the ship.
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Old 14-01-2014, 10:06
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Default Re: ERA's & Stokers of HMS Asia


Yes, a boy signed on, typically at about 15 1/2, for a period which started from that moment of signing and went up to a date 10 years after his 18th birthday.

‘Guard ship’ is one of those annoyingly slippery terms. Often though not always it was used interchangeably with ‘flag ship’ or ‘coast guard ship' or ‘base ship’. The concept is explained in this extract from an anonymous article A Run Ashore at Queenstown in the American Harper's New Monthly Magazine of September, 1884:
An obsolete old warship is moored in the harbor, and though it is nominally a guard-ship, its principal use is as a vessel on which the admiral can fly his flag. Practically he might fly his flag with no less effectiveness from any pole on land, but that would be an infringement of naval usages, and the harmless old frigate is maintained, with a crew of two hundred or more men, to fulfill a tradition.
Thus the flagship or guardship of a port was the venue for events of social or ceremonial character: a dinner on Trafalgar Day; a court martial; a presentation of medals, and so on. For this purpose an obsolete but still impressive ship was the natural choice. This was easily arranged: since the pace of technology change was rapid, there were at any moment plenty of ships available that had been state-of-the-art quite recently but were now no longer so.

A complication is that such a ship might be used at the same time for other purposes such as training or accommodation.
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Old 21-01-2014, 09:46
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Default Re: HMS Asia: ERA's & Stokers

Thank you both for your eloquent and interesting responses.
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Old 21-01-2014, 10:58
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Default Re: HMS Asia: ERA's & Stokers

You’re welcome, Mark. I’ll mention another thing.

The place in the dockyard where HMS ASIA was moored and where the photo was taken is now called Fountain Lake Jetty. In ASIA’s time this place was known as ‘Asia Pontoon’. However, the name Asia Pontoon persisted long after 1906 when ASIA left, in fact well into the 1960s.

I’m pretty sure that is so; I remember my father using the name. But it seems so odd that I’d be interested in any confirmation or correction.

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Old 28-02-2014, 09:47
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Default Re: HMS Asia: ERA's & Stokers

having just started to look at the family history I was fascinated to read all the comments regarding HMS Asia as my grandfather (Alfred Osborne 148027) started his naval career as a stoker 2nd class on that ship in January 1889 and returned on three other occasions before June 1891.

The comment about a ship being the address on a marriage certificate as on his return from the China Station in 1894 his marriage address was that of his family could this be because he was on leave. The marriage took place 9 days after his return 'after banns'?

Very glad I joined this forum.

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Old 22-10-2014, 15:52
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Default Re: HMS Asia: ERA's & Stokers

I have been researching my family history nearly 18 years and 'stumbled' across this forum while looking for photographs of HM Ships on which my grandfather served between March 1889 to Apr 1895. (He signed on for 12 years but 'purchased his discharge' for the princely sum of £12 - I guess a lady might have been involved!)

Grandpa joined the RN 26 March 1889 and was posted to Asia on the same day. He was transferred to Northumberland 21September 1889.

One thing I have noted on this forum is that there are details of the voyages these vessel made during various commissions. Can anyone advise where that information might be obtained from please?
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Old 22-10-2014, 17:02
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Default Re: HMS Asia: ERA's & Stokers

Hello Hugob268 and a very warm welcome to the Forums. If you would like to post a copy of his Service Record in the Service Records/Naval Relatives and Friends section, we will endeavour to fill in some of the gaps for you.

Old Ships: Raleigh 1963, Collingwood 63, Ark Royal 64, Collingwood 67, Undaunted 68, Porstmouth FMG 70, Exmouth 72, Victory 1974 as JEM, EM, OEM, LOEM, POOEL. Then 28 years in the Fire Service
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Old 27-05-2015, 22:56
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Default Re: HMS Asia: ERA's & Stokers

Originally Posted by RCN View Post
Here is a group photo of the ERA's (Engine Room Artificers) & Stokers of HMS Asia. HMS Asia was the depot ship at Portsmouth for ERA's & Stokers form approx 1862 to 1905.

I am guessing this photo was taken circa 1880's. Several are wearing what appears to be Naval LS medals but none are wearing the Egypt (1882-85) medal or Khedives star, & I would think in a grp this large that some would have seen service in this campaign & wearing their campaign medals. So I am guessing its prior to 1883 (when the first issuance of the Egypt 1882 medal took place).

The gangway of Asia is just visible in the lower right of the photo & to the right background is another big three decker receiving ship. I have no idea of the identity of the ironclad in the background but it appears to be Warrior class.

Sure would be nice to put names to these faces!!!

forgive me if I don't quite get this right . I`m new here first post . one of those men could be my great great grandfather Henry Sheppard he served on her a few times .
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Old 28-05-2015, 13:51
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Default Re: HMS Asia: ERA's & Stokers

Originally Posted by ian martin View Post
forgive me if I don't quite get this right . I`m new here first post . one of those men could be my great great grandfather Henry Sheppard he served on her a few times .
Hello Ian,

Welcome to the Ships Forum. lots of very knowledgable mates on the Forum, don't be afraid to ask questions.

Your g'g'father would definitely have been on HMS Asia at some time (or times) in his career as it was the Port Depot ship for ERA's & Stokers. They were sent to Asia between ship postings or when they were on promotion or other courses.

Don't be afraid to post any questions you may have on Henry's career - his 'Service Record' will be in the ADM 188 series in the NA.

RCN Bryan
A fully equipped Duke costs as much to keep up as 2 Dreadnoughts.... and they last longer.
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Old 04-11-2017, 15:15
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Default Re: ERA's & Stokers of HMS Asia

My 2x great grandfather served as a midshipman on the HMS Asia from 1847 until 1852 or thereabouts. They were primarily in the Pacific during this time.

Any idea where I might find crew lists or evidence about when he was on the ship?
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