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Old 20-06-2016, 15:42
Domino Domino is offline
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Default Re: Beware Dropbox

Originally Posted by skilly59 View Post
Hi Brian,
Sorry to hear of your experience with drop box. I have never trusted these 'Cloud' or drop-box services where someone else charges you to look after your own private property. I use 3 Western Digital portable HDDs to back up my computers on a monthly rotational basis.
Last month I had to take my A*** laptop into A*** Auckland for warranty repairs - thankfully, I had paid $180 to the local computer man up here to give me a full backup (300GB) of all 'My Documents' files (couldn't do it myself as the battery charging circuit had burnt out). Got the machine back from repair - and the keyboard fell out! Took it back and told them I would wait for it. 3 hours later, I get it back, take it home, and then find all the USB ports are disconnected and the WiFi On/Off switch was U/S. Another 70 km back to town, and this time I told them what I thought of their expertise!
Can't prove they did it, but numerous files were found deleted once I got it home again - very random deletions, but just enough to stop programs working properly, and a bunch of photos here and there. Was very thankful I had got the full backup done, and I had the files 'copied' to the WD HDD so I could work with them from any computer.

I hope you manage to get all your files & photos back - these young IT people don't seem to give a damn about reliable service! And you have to go through some dingaling bird in the Philippines for whom English is definitely not the first language, just to contact the help desk in Auckland, where I didn't see any 2nd generation Kiwis - probably no 1st generation either, truth be known!
I think we may have already seen the best years of this planet.



Have to agree with you, not only do they have no idea what Customer Service is all about, but their attitude is generally "What do you expect with a computer that's 1/2/3/4/5 years old, it's been out of date since you bought it" and "Who sold you this load of rubbish?" You almost don't have the heart to say "YOU DID!"
I have taken the attitude that I drive the things as long as I can without any help, after that I buy a new one with all the latest bits and pieces and down load. Never use an external cloud - have my own, never leaves the house!!

Surprising how many of the IT spotties keep telling everyone Windows 10 is oh so rubbish, looking back in forums they are same one's who were telling us that Win 7 was oh so rubbish. So why are they selling it??
Makes you wonder why they don't get a real job, doing something they like, with things they are happy with, such as working for non-profit organisations.

One indicator to look out for is people with job titles like "consultant" and a copy of "X for Dummies" on open view on their desk.

hope it all works out for you guys

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Old 21-06-2016, 22:06
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Default Re: Beware Dropbox

Well, I see it has been three months of troubles now ! Downloading from Dropbox was a very slow affair and kept sending the same files again and again.! So I followed Bill's recommended Wondershare: worked wonders and even produced the icons from the adds !

Between them both I ended up with 100,000 files ! Took a long time sorting them and retitling.. but about one third had no photo attached which made it easier.

Just tried to backup but Microsoft Backup now not working !
Thanks for all the help and suggestions, guys.

Happy computing

Being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned. Samuel Johnson
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Old 21-11-2017, 15:59
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Default Re: Beware Dropbox

Dropbox coming under the guns again.

I just received a genuine looking email, purportedly from Dropbox containing a link to some images, turned out to be spam HTML links to pharmacy type web sites.
My spam catcher had sent the email to the spam directory, so no damage done.
Ride safe
Sunny Ocala FLA USA

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