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Regiments, Units and Soldiers Topics covering WW2 soldiers, battalions, divisions, regiments and all other units

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Old 30-03-2010, 21:07
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Default Norfolk Regiment Italy 1943

Does anyone have any information about this regt's actions in Italy My father was a Captain with this regt. then went to another posting which I have no documents about all I have to this affect is a pewter tankard inscribed 557th 21st reunion 1967,can anyone help me as to who or what they were and the job they did in Italy I am assuming
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Old 08-11-2010, 10:28
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Question Re: Norfolk Regiment Italy 1943

The only battalions of the Norfolk Regt.that saw action in Italy were the 2nd (Regular) and the late addition of the 30th. 2nd were in the Gibraltar Brigade
in italy from Mar.44-Dc.44 then went to Greece to quell the unrest in that country.
30th batt. were in 43 Brigade in Sicily and Italy 4/44-6/45
Canot find much more -SORRY!

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Old 13-11-2010, 18:37
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Question Re: Norfolk Regiment Italy 1943

The only 557th I could find in Orders of Battle,Second World War,1939 1945 by Lt.Col.H F Joslin was a Field Company of the Royal Engineers attached to
the 55th Infantry Division from 12/39 to 10/43-what happened to that unit after that is not shown. I must confess I am as much perplexed as you will be .SORRY!
PS. 1943 is the year you stipulated in your post! ?


Always on the Lookout!

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Old 05-03-2012, 13:09
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Default Re: Norfolk Regiment Italy 1943

The 55th Infantry Division was only a "cadre formation"- which was part General Patton's "spoof" Army in hiding in East Anglia 1943/44.
It did not exist as a "bona fide" Infantry Division.

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Old 05-03-2012, 13:22
derek s.langsdon derek s.langsdon is offline
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Default Re: Norfolk Regiment Italy 1943

Mike (Jim)

You should be able get all info from The Norfolk Regimental Museum which
believe still has special exhib inside Norwich Castle (since lst October) having previously been at Norwich Shire Hall and their own premises-all web
contacts are online under Norfolk Regimental Museum Norwich.

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Old 05-03-2012, 13:51
jainso31 jainso31 is offline
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Default Re: Norfolk Regiment Italy 1943

I think that I have solved the puzzle.As I said the 55th Infantry Division was a "deception" unit in East Anglia along with Patton's other deception units to make the Germans think that we intended to invade at Calais.
43rd Independant Inf. Brigade was part of the 55th Division.30th Btn Royal Norfolks were part of 43 Ind.Inf. Brig.and the 557th Field Coy RE was also attached to the 43rd Ind.Inf.Brigade.
This Brigade went to Italy 6/44 to 6/45; when the deception plan was no longer needed. 55th Infantry Division was scrapped.

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