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Default Re: RN Frigates: Type 31

Originally Posted by gruntfuttock View Post

It is already doing the rounds at DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) 2017, that the BAE offering for the T31 project has been completely downgraded, due to the fact that they can't meet the specs at the price the MOD have demanded i.e. 250m.

They have removed Sea Ceptor, downgraded the main gun to a 76mm, and removed the enclosed RHIB bay. So reverting more or less to an OPV. This is the reason for what you call 'hand wringing' and no wonder.
If the above comes to fruition the whole project is a WOFTAM. These ships will not be worthy as frigates for the RN. They may as well build them for Bangladesh and be done with it.

It's better to maintain credibility with small numbers of capable ships in the A-league than to beef up numbers with liabilities from nowhere.
The allocated funds are better off spent on one or two extra T26.
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