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Default Re: HMS Vernon

Originally Posted by ceylon220 View Post
Hi Bob,thanks for putting my mind at rest about the tower,was there any accidents from the testing, when you are young you don`t take the saME INTEREST IN THESE ESTABLISHMENTS and what they do or was that just me. great photos of VERNON on this forum.
I was in Vernon in1956, in 1962 and in 1964 as diving school ships co.
Somwhere I belive between 62 and 64 some bright spark "litorally" thought it a good idea to grease the connection threads of the gages on a compressed O2 cylinder, the resulting explosion I was told, turned the cylinder into a high speed torpedo and demollished most of the main shed.

Were any of you there at the time? what were the repercussions?.
I know that in 64 there were plenty of warning notices telling all to keep grease a million miles away from O2.
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