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Originally Posted by Scatari View Post
Welcome aboard Sparky and thanks for this information. A most useful update indeed.

To ensure that I fully understand your post, could you please explain the following acronyms for this simple Canuck:


Thanks for the welcome.

EPV or MRV depending on who you ask is the term being used for Eithne's replacement, standing for either Ehanced Patrol Vessel, or Multi Role Vessel. It's not really clear what the end view of it is to be honest the only details we have is the tender that was out a decade ago and a lot has changed since then, with the Med operations for example.

WP is the White Paper on defence, setting out the 10 year plan for the Defence Forces, we've only done two of them (2000 which was a bad joke that never took into account the massive security changes post 9/11) and the 2015 one which seems to be better put together, taking in looking at new options/roles.

FFBNW, Fitted For But Not With, in the planned Absalon case, she would only have mounted a 76mm and 20 secondaries, not the fully equipped version.

DF is just short hand for Defence Forces.

AC is Air Corps, and NS is Naval Service the two branches involved.
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