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LE Aisling. In December 1989 I was sailing back to UK from warmer waters. (Should have known better. A Biscay crossing in winter? We took some critical damage which meant that, due to the wretched never-ending north-easterly winds, Christmas could be celebrated in Greenland. A Russian merchant ship (??? Sikors???) relayed our sitrep to coast guards. The following day brought a Nimrod (c/s Two Alpha India) searching for us. After ascertaining our situation, we were pleased to discover that not only did Eire have a navy, but one of their finest would be with us sometime after dark. Night fell, the seas became even more impressive and LE Ailing arrived. We couldn't see here, just the nav lights which were bouncing about something fearsome! After some conflab, Aisling's Zodiac reached us, gave us 10 gallons of diesel and took my (then) wife and a crewman away to safety. Some fine manoeuvring by Aisling enabled a heaving line to catch us at first attempt, followed by a towing hawser. A couple of hours later, my crewman and I asked to be taken off, as we were being knocked about most unpleasantly by the conditions. The Zodiac appeared and we de-barked and were soon welcomed aboard the LE Aisling. The Captain and crew were most attentive to our needs and offered a tow to Cork where we would be able to effect repairs in the Crosshaven marina. The following day dawned fine and sunny. LE Aisling had been tasked with a swift backto sea for another mission so we were restored to my yacht, off Roche's Point.
Strange thing- with the rush and business of trans-shipping, I failed to actually look at the Aisling. I trip to a library and a shufti in Janes sorted that omission. My appreciation and thanks to LE Aisling, her Captain and crew, especially to the crew of the Zodiac!
That first photo at post #39 has become my screensaver. It's magnificent!
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