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Default Re: Communications ratings only

Yes the 89Q and not forgetting the 87 - we had two of them cluttering up to MWO and they took up more room than the rest of the oufit. Welcome Fairlead did't think it would take you too long to get in. Watch it lads, our Fairlead is a Boffin and may lose us all [Only joking Graham]. OK Derek the Commcen [Lascaris] was on the top floor below the exalted Flagdeck and the messengers used to dash around with the Hand Message run down to the Tunnel where the Unclean brigade lived - always thought "under the sea, under the ground - what is the matter with these people?". As a Ship/Shore
operator it was cool in winter with all the windows open but we could have used some aircon in the Summer. The flag tearers up top had it great, dive in the office when it got cold and bronzying all summer.
Belated welcome to our tame dabtoe
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