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Default Re: Communications ratings only

Blimey Little H! What a great site the RATT one is and so far I've only scratched the surface. It's made me realise just how much we were all required to know and understand back then. The tone pictures reminded me of the CV89 very much and all the fun we had in the mid-sixties in the far east fleet trying to receive the RATTbroadcast trial. All the old salts stood around the office saying that it was Ok but it would never replace morse! What was the broadcast called now; was it FFR's or something like that? Much, much later as a grown up I was involved in a NATO exercise in the Med and the sparkers (all of PO) rate from a Turkish destroyer came around to say they didn't really understand their fit and were having trouble receiving various RATT signals. I went around to take a look and lo! And Behold! There sat a bank of ANSGCs. I barely remembered them but managed to get things sorted for them after a while. Their ships was an ex-US destroyer so most of her kit was from the Elmers. Great memories!

best wishes
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