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Default Re: Communications ratings only

Your right Harry

I am glad that I can enter this prestidgeous hall of the Communicators even if I am a very small part timer

Mind you I have just remembered... When I was at Vernon I worked in the Ships Office Block. and spent a lot of time in the Comms Office which had an R/S and a Wren. After a while I got used to the routine and would sit there and receive the incoming signals on the Teleprinter and Logging the signals. When That was done I sent signals after they had typed them onto ticker tape. Nothing technical but I am sure that they appreciated it. There was also the signals for the minesweepers to be sorted and pigeon holed. Then getting the signals brought in by the R/O of the Minesweepers and sending them off. Because it wasn't my job, I enjoyed it. It was also good when and R/S and a Killick Wren made the coffee and served it to me at my position!!!
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