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Default Re: Terry`s Propeller Bombers

Just announced recently in NZ - the remains of the last surviving DH Sea Hornet have arrived in Auckland for a full restoration to flight. The 480 mph, single seat fighter, powered by twin 2070 hp Merlins (a Merlin 130 and a Merlin 131) was the only one to escape from England to Canada at the end of the war. After evaluation by RCAF, it was sold to Spartan Air Services for use as a photo mapping aircraft. Unfortunately, the stbd engine later failed (the Merlin 131 with the extra idler gear in the reduction case to reverse the propeller rotation), and the RN wouldn't sell them another 131, so it was never flown again. 380 of the aircraft were used by the RN, but no complete survivors remain (well, not yet anyway).

The new aircraft is to be built by Pioneer Aero at Ardmore, not AVSPECS at Ardmore, who have built 3 new Mosquitos so far. However, I am sure more than a bit of across-the-airfield assistance will occur.


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