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Default Re: Captains and their Ships

i'm actually looking for information that is a few years before that to be relevant to my search, but it's a pretty remarkable list.

exactly what i was looking for, only later than needed unfortunately.

can i ask how you came across it? is there a resource i may be able to run through myself to seek some more specific data?

i picked up "Rakouske Valecne Namornictvo 1848-1866" but it does not seem to be quite as complete as i had hoped.

i am attempting to narrow the search to captains of battleships in the 1855-1865 era but some sources cite the earliest mention of this category being Habsburg class pre-dreadnaught ships in 1900 while others designate Drache Class ships encompassed within this classification as early as the 1860's.

possibly because much interest is focused/documented on the Austro-Hungarian Empire (k.u.k.) which only came about in 1867?
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