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Default Re: HMAS Sydney IV - FFG 03 1983 - 2015

Originally Posted by mstary1 View Post
loving the news that workers cutting up Sydney got a hot tip from a retired worker of Todd's at Seattle that a bottle of whiskey was inside the leg of the mainmast. Sure enough they cut a small hole and out came a small bottle of Candian whiskey dated 4-10-1982.

That suggests the question I put back in April 2014 is close to being answered, see:-

Masts for Sensors - Not For Sails.

Originally Posted by harry.gibbon View Post
'Stepping the Mast' - still further to posts #15 thru #20 (inclusive) page 1; also post #196 of this thread.

........and at the end of a ship's life - what happens to the items that were placed at the base of the mainmast during the 'stepping the mast' ceremony?

I find the question all the more relevant because of current requirements that ships' be recycled, which would suggest that the items could be recovered and put in storage pending the commissioning of another ship of the same name.

Originally Posted by mstary1 View Post
I've seen the photo's but as I don't own the images I though it best not to post them. Navy News is onto the story though.
The images on Facebook are very good.

Little h

GFXU - HMS Falmouth in Falmouth Bay

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