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Originally Posted by ivorthediver View Post
Why....? and how much could that set you back Stan ?
The main reason for buying a uniform from a Naval Tailor was because you only received your initial uniform free of charge. As you grew, or wore out your uniform, you had to replace it yourself.
Many people had an allotment (paid so much a month) with a Naval Tailor. Consequently, you could buy a uniform on the "never, never" without having to fork out the whole amount at one time, which you would have to do if you bought it from slops. Naval Tailors also included small embellishments, such as nice blue satin cuffs on the inside of the uniform sleeves, or even embroidered dragons in some cases. None of the embelishments could be seen when the uniform was being worn, but added to your street cred.
My Naval Tailor was Bernards of Harwich.
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