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Default Re: Royal Navy Uniform

No.1s was your best uniform. With gold badges. and medals.
No.2s was second best uniform but with red badges. This was for Duty i.e. Gangway staff.
No.3s was 3rd best uniform. This was worn where uniform was required but may get dirty. For the gods gifted few this was for entering harbour under procedure A & B. (Alpha :- Entering/Leaving harbour where ships company, not required for duty clear lower deck and man the upper deck. Bravo:- Where only the men required for entering/leaving harbour are required. Procedure C:- Only the men required for entering/leaving harbour are required. These are rigged in No.8s)

I forget what No.4s are

No.6s Full dress White uniform for use instead of No.1s in tropical areas

No.8s Dark blue Trousers, Light blue shirt. Used as general working rig.

No.10s Dark Blue shorts and No.8s shirt. Used as per No.8s in tropical areas. Sandals were used with No.10s

There was also 6As, which, I think, was White front and white trousers and white shoes

Issued:- 2pr boots, 1pr shoes, 2 pr Sandals, 2pr white shoes

This was in my time 1966-1978
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