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Default CPO Uniform questions

Hey all,

Just doing some research on my great grandfather who served as a CPO in WW2 and was wondering about his uniform.

The buttons on his tunic, what did they have on them? Crown above a fouled anchor?

His CPO buttons on his sleeves, are they the same in design and in size?

I have a CPO cap badge however its made of solid metal. I've seen other cap badges that appear to be completely soft, whats the difference? Looking on ebay I found both type with the metal one having the description of "WW2 era economy pattern"

I know CPO's had their own mess but did they have a mess kit?

Lastly does anyone know where I can get hold of a pair of Chief Stoker CPO collar badges from? I've been searching for ages and just can't find a pair.


EDIT: To sidetrack slightly. I often see photos of new recruits passing out or completing a certain school . In theory should there be one for a class my great grandfather passed out with? Where should I look to find these pictures?

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