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Default Re: UK Home Nations Fishery Protection Vessels

Royal Navy Offshore Fishery Protection Vessels - (Currently 3 x River Class OPV's)

Further to my previous post; once again this offering will include details that would not normally be carried in a thread on the Merchant Ships forum.

The details relate to those of our near neighbours; the Irish Naval Service in the performance of Fishery Protection duties. Compare the boarding statistics below, with those of the RN FPV's in Table 1.

Naval Service to increase fishery protection duties
Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Sean O’Riordan

The Naval Service is beginning to increase fishery protection duties having suffered a number of setbacks in recent years.

In 2014 the Naval Service carried out 936 boarding of trawlers, which was nearly half what it managed in 2009.

Problems started surfacing in the fleet in 2013 when it was only able to carry out 994 boardings, compared to 1,329 the previous year.

However, figures for 2015 showed an increase to 1,076, even though the Naval Service was missing one ship for most of the year which was deployed on humanitarian rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea. LÉ Samuel Beckett, LÉ Niamh and flagship LÉ Eithne rotated on that mission.

The drop in trawler boardings resulted from a number of unexpected issues, especially the discovery of asbestos on some ships.

Source; Irish Examiner where an image can be viewed and the full article can be read (reference to asbestos removal and introduction of new ships).

Little h

Re. introduction of new ships; see also recent posts in the thread titled 'Irish Warships' on 'All Other Naval Ships' forum.

GFXU - HMS Falmouth in Falmouth Bay

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