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Default Re: Auxiliary Repair Dock ARD-1

Auxiliary Repair Dock ARD-1

As briefly mentioned in post #1, the ARD (Auxiliary Repair Dock) docks were designedfor the use of destroyers, submarines, and small auxiliary craft.

ARD-1 was the first of these docks and was the first, and only one, of the ARD-1 Class of docks. It was designed by the Bureau of Yards & Docks, and was a revolutionary design at that time, being a single U-shape of welded steel construction with a distinctive ship shaped closed bow and faired stem.The stern was closed by a bottom hinged flap gate, operated by hydraulic rams, which was lowered to allow ships to enter when it was submerged, and then closed. The dock was raised by pumping water from the ballast compartments and also from the main basin.

ARD-1 had an overall lemgth of 393 feet six inches and had a lifting capacity of 2200 tons.was It was equipped with its own diesel-electric power plant, pumping plant, repair shops, and crew accommodation.

ARD-1 was laid down sometine in 1933 at the Pacific Bridge Company, Alameda in California. I haven’t ben able to establish a launch date, but it was commissioned as USS ARD-1 in the latter half of 1934, and then towed by the supply ship USS Bridge (AF1) to Pearl Harbor where it reported to have remained during the War. However, I have found records of ships being docked in it in San Diego in 1938 and 1941 (USS Aylwin and USS Avocet), and, at Keramo Retto (USS Spectacle), the staging area for the assualt on Okinawa Gunto in May 1945.

I can find no definitive reference to the fate of ARD-1, only a passing reference to it being sunk, but where or when does not appear to be documented anywhere.

ARD1_1: Launch of ARD1. Date unknown. Original source of image not determined. No copyright restrictions evident.

ARD1_1: ARD-1 passing through a lock in the Panama Canal, under the tow of USS Bridge. 28th Octobet 1934. Going to Pearl Harbor? US Navy Photo from the US Navy Memorial (Stan Svec).

ARD1_3: ARD1 being towed by USS Bridge in Colon Harbour, Panama Canal. Also 28th October 1934. US National Archives photo 80-G-455970

ARD1_4: First Day Cover posted from ARD-1 August 4th 1939. From where?

ARD1_5: Envelope/card posted from ARD-1 October 27th 1940 (Navy Day). San Diego post mark suggests it was ther at the time.

ARD1_6: Another Envelope/card posted from ARD-1 November 11th 1940, again from San Diego.
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