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Default Re: US Navy Floating Dry Docks

Thanks BB60.

Morse Dock

In post #1, reference was made to the Morse Dock, the six-section dock, which, upon its completion in 1919, was the largest floating dock in the World.

The Morse Dry Dock and Repair Company was a major late 19th/early 20th century ship repair and conversion facility located in Brooklyn, New York. Begun in the 1880s as a small shipsmithing business known as the Morse Iron Works, the company grew to be one of America's largest ship repair and refit facilities, eventually becomng part of United Dry Docks Inc., later bought out by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation.

In 1903, the Morse Works completed its first floating dry dock, having a lifting capacity of 15.000 tons. It was at time of completion the world's only electrically equipped floating dock, as well as being the first fitted with centrifugal pumps, the first powered by A/C induction motors and the first with an auxiliary pumping system.

Morse_1: Launch of the fifth section of the second Morse Dock, 1919. Photograph in public domain.

Morse_2: Front cover of Scientific American journal, interestingly dated 21st April 1900. The Morse Iron Works & Dry Dock Company was incorporated in January 1900, and construction of the first Morse Dock was started in the May. The Journal therefore, must show drawings of how it was planned to look. I can find no actual photos of this first dock.

Morse_3: Showing SS Eastern Cross in the 1918 dock, undergoing repairs to her rudder. Not of great quality, but worth submitting as photographs of this dock are scarce. Photograph from the February 1920 edition of ‘The Rudder’. Taken by Arthur Aldridge
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