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Kevin123 24-10-2008 23:38

Naval Uniforms
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I found this photo with my grandfathers R.N. momentos. I'm not sure if it's one of my family or a postcard of some sort. I think he's wearing some sort of cadet uniform. It's probably about 1910. Any ideas ? Kevin.

astraltrader 25-10-2008 00:13

Kevin - I appreciate it takes a bit of getting used to but you seem to have posted this picture in a thread especially used for multi-ship postcards and pictures!!
I will move it later on - and let you know by PM where I have put it.

al1934 29-11-2008 13:46

Naval Uniform - Help Requested Please
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Please see attached photo.

I believe that he is Royal Navy and guess end of 19th Century/beginning of 20th Century but I am not sure?

Can anyone please advise me when this photo would have been taken?

I assume that he is wearing his first GCB just above his elbow, but what is the other horizontal stripe at the top of his arm?

I'm not expecting anyone will identify him but if he is your Great Uncle Willie, all well and good!

Best wishes

Joseph 29-11-2008 15:53

Re: Naval Uniform - Help Requested Please
Its a 'watch stripe' denoting he is in Port Watch, the Photo is pre 1897.

Regards Charles

al1934 29-11-2008 16:53

Re: Naval Uniform - Help Requested Please
Thanks, Charles!

Best wishes

SCRG1970 29-11-2008 17:00

Re: Naval Uniform - Help Requested Please

Originally Posted by Joseph (Post 27812)
Its a 'watch stripe' denoting he is in Port Watch, the Photo is pre 1897.

Regards Charles

Never seen that before Charles. Does that mean that if he changed to the Starboard Watch he would put it on the other arm/change colour or what ???



Joseph 29-11-2008 19:36

Re: Naval Uniform - Help Requested Please

Watch Stripes—To be half inch blue jean and red braid respectively; upon the outer part of the sleeve, at the junction of the sleeve and the body, 12 inches in length; blue on white frocks and jumpers, red on blue frocks and jumpers. Starboard watch to wear stripes on the right arm, port watch on the left.

Regards Charles

SCRG1970 29-11-2008 19:45

Re: Naval Uniform - Help Requested Please
Fascinating stuff Charles, I have to trawl thro` some of my old books as I have genuinely never seen that before ( or I missed it).

Wonder when we will stop learning on this Forum!!!

Thanks again



Hencore 29-05-2009 15:45

CPO Uniform questions
Hey all,

Just doing some research on my great grandfather who served as a CPO in WW2 and was wondering about his uniform.

The buttons on his tunic, what did they have on them? Crown above a fouled anchor?

His CPO buttons on his sleeves, are they the same in design and in size?

I have a CPO cap badge however its made of solid metal. I've seen other cap badges that appear to be completely soft, whats the difference? Looking on ebay I found both type with the metal one having the description of "WW2 era economy pattern"

I know CPO's had their own mess but did they have a mess kit?

Lastly does anyone know where I can get hold of a pair of Chief Stoker CPO collar badges from? I've been searching for ages and just can't find a pair.


EDIT: To sidetrack slightly. I often see photos of new recruits passing out or completing a certain school . In theory should there be one for a class my great grandfather passed out with? Where should I look to find these pictures?

SCRG1970 29-05-2009 18:16

Re: CPO Uniform questions

The answer to your first two questions is YES.

The metal CPOs badge was a cheaper option to produce and thus was a wartime issue, when things got back to normal the embroidered badge was issued.

Mess kit at the time your ggf was in did not exist. However "mess undress" was introduced in the late 60s and consisted of a "bum-freezer" dinner jacket worn with cummerbund ,dress shirt and bow tie. It was not a compulsory piece of kit but gained popularity in the 70s when it seemed most chiefs had it.

Try the specialist badge dealers on ebay ,its not an uncommon badge.

As regards the passing out photo it depends where he did his training some establishments had a photographer on site and there are a wealrh of class photos others didnt bother.

Hope this helps



Hencore 29-05-2009 18:52

Re: CPO Uniform questions
Thanks Gerry.

All of his training appears to taken place at HMS Victory. Seems hard to find out about anything at the base as searching for Victory gives you the obvious results.

If they are common badges I'm doing something drastically wrong. I've been checking ebay for months and nothing. You get the odd Stoker badge, there's a PO stoker badge on there at the minute, but I've never seen a pair of CPO ones.

SCRG1970 29-05-2009 19:01

Re: CPO Uniform questions
If you click on to the "New Members" forum on the second page of threads there is one titled "Confusion over HMS Victory". I put this together as many members did not realise that Victory had several outposts.

Have you tried the"Shop" part of badge dealers rather than auction items??



Joseph 29-05-2009 22:21

Re: CPO Uniform questions
Unless they have changed the badge recently you should be able to buy it at Slops or a Naval Tailor. You need a collar badge the PO's wear a full size one on the sleeve.

Regards Charles

ivorthediver 15-06-2009 19:25

Royal Navy Uniform
I was doing some research the other night and on one of the sites I was on it listed numerous sets of clothing for various levels / ranks

i.e. No 1s, No 2s, No 3s, No4s, etc.

1/ were these issued F.O.C.
2/how many sets were issued of each
3/ likewise the shoe's

I also noted with great pleasure that Engineering was the top of a list for coloured inserts on the sleeves to denote trade....which I noted are now abolished....if you can't take it............etc

qprdave 15-06-2009 20:27

Re: Royal Navy Uniform
No.1s was your best uniform. With gold badges. and medals.
No.2s was second best uniform but with red badges. This was for Duty i.e. Gangway staff.
No.3s was 3rd best uniform. This was worn where uniform was required but may get dirty. For the gods gifted few this was for entering harbour under procedure A & B. (Alpha :- Entering/Leaving harbour where ships company, not required for duty clear lower deck and man the upper deck. Bravo:- Where only the men required for entering/leaving harbour are required. Procedure C:- Only the men required for entering/leaving harbour are required. These are rigged in No.8s)

I forget what No.4s are

No.6s Full dress White uniform for use instead of No.1s in tropical areas

No.8s Dark blue Trousers, Light blue shirt. Used as general working rig.

No.10s Dark Blue shorts and No.8s shirt. Used as per No.8s in tropical areas. Sandals were used with No.10s

There was also 6As, which, I think, was White front and white trousers and white shoes

Issued:- 2pr boots, 1pr shoes, 2 pr Sandals, 2pr white shoes

This was in my time 1966-1978

davep 15-06-2009 20:41

Re: Royal Navy Uniform
when i joined in 1990 thats about the same set of kit as we were likley to get, but now that we are a penny pinching outfit!
New entries get number ones and no number two uniform, number eights are now reduced to being called number fours probably to reflect the fact we have less uniforms!
Around the mid 90s we stopped wearing red epaulettes on our shoulders and everyone now has gold epaulettes to reflect their rate and for junior rates so they know what service they are in they get to wear epaulettes with Royal Navy on them.
When you get promoted to petty officer you are entitled to get your number ones supplied and fitted for nothing

ivorthediver 15-06-2009 20:45

Re: Royal Navy Uniform
Well done that man,

Hell of a lot of gear to move around when room is at such a premium on board
how did you manage to store / clean it all ?

Stan.J 15-06-2009 20:50

Re: Royal Navy Uniform
We usually bought our No 1s. from a naval Tailor. I used "Erlich`s" There were a number of tailors throughout the U.K.

ivorthediver 15-06-2009 21:00

Re: Royal Navy Uniform

Originally Posted by Stan.J (Post 56850)
We usually bought our No 1s. from a naval Tailor. I used "Erlich`s" There were a number of tailors throughout the U.K.

Why....? and how much could that set you back Stan ?

Stan.J 15-06-2009 21:05

Re: Royal Navy Uniform
We used to pay by a monthly allotment to the Tailors. I know that it sometimes took a while to complete payment..A lot of money in those days for a young lad. I cant for the life of me remember how much they cost?.Someone else may remember. I am talking about My time..A long time ago!!! 40`s-- 50`s

Stan.J 15-06-2009 21:07

Re: Royal Navy Uniform
By the way! the material was far superior to the Issued clothing.I remember Doeskin? We were Jack the lad then. Going ashore in Uniform...I think it would be a good idea if that was allowed again today!

qprdave 15-06-2009 21:09

Re: Royal Navy Uniform
Flemmings Naval Tailors was mine.

They would come around the ships after secure and sell you anything you wanted, by installments of course.

I think that Officers used Gieves!!!!!!

harry.gibbon 15-06-2009 21:11

Re: Royal Navy Uniform
Having looked up my quarterly doc re emoluments etc (for another thread) I noticed that I 'allocated' a regular sum to my naval tailor Honest Sam Caplan if I remember correctly.

I think he had a nissen hut at Mercury at one time:)

Bought uniform and civvies out of the sum accrued, also I think that the term was that one alloted an amount come on qprdave help me out mate:confused:

Little h

jbryce1437 15-06-2009 21:13

Re: Royal Navy Uniform

Originally Posted by ivorthediver (Post 56856)
Why....? and how much could that set you back Stan ?

The main reason for buying a uniform from a Naval Tailor was because you only received your initial uniform free of charge. As you grew, or wore out your uniform, you had to replace it yourself.
Many people had an allotment (paid so much a month) with a Naval Tailor. Consequently, you could buy a uniform on the "never, never" without having to fork out the whole amount at one time, which you would have to do if you bought it from slops. Naval Tailors also included small embellishments, such as nice blue satin cuffs on the inside of the uniform sleeves, or even embroidered dragons in some cases. None of the embelishments could be seen when the uniform was being worn, but added to your street cred.
My Naval Tailor was Bernards of Harwich.

ivorthediver 16-06-2009 05:33

Re: Royal Navy Uniform
Fascinating realise that any officer I meet know I will be asking "And what embellishments have you got in your uniform jimmy"

Better ask it at arms length.... plus some me thinks !

Thanks lads you have never let me down yet and I am very grateful for you sharing these facts with me

Kind regards Ivor

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