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manowari 29-12-2012 15:01

HMS Abel Tasman
Can any one help with details of the ship HMS ABEL TASMAN. A casualty off the ship, O/S Elliot is buried in a cemetery in Poole..
Thank you.

navalis 29-12-2012 15:41

Re: HMS Abel Tasman
ABEL TASMAN was a Dutch coaster, built at Groningen 1937; 314 tons; 126.6ft x 24ft

In May 1940 she was taken over by the Admiralty to assist with the evacuation of troops from northern France with a small naval crew under the command of Lieutenant Edward Terence Mudie. She took part in Operation Dynamo, (evacuation from Dunkirk), and was then assigned to Operation Cycle, (the lifting of troops from other French ports). She sailed from Poole on 11 June to proceed to St Valery in company with several other naval manned coasters, but became detached from the main force in fog. Attempting to return to Poole, she was in the Swash Channel when she detonated a mine and sank. There were no survivors, with all twelve men onboard killed

manowari 29-12-2012 19:03

Re: HMS Abel Tasman
Thank you for the background to Elliots burial. In September 1940 four German aircrew from a Heinkel bomber were buried within about twenty feet of his grave and caused a huge outcry in the local press re burying of Nazi aircrew in a British cemetery. This went on for a few days until a local lady wrote in and stated her son was a pilot and flying over Germany and she hoped that if he was killed that the Germans would give him a decent burial. That put an end to this rather vitriolic outburst..The Germans remained in the cemetery until moved to Cannock Chase in the 1960s...

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