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26-07-2007, 15:05
Troude (France)

Amable Gilles Troude, born 1762, died 1824. He entered the Royal Navy at the outbreak of the American War, and served with distinction in the West Indies under Guichen and Grasse. In 1801 he commanded the Desaix in the battle of Algeciras Bay, and was given the Formidiable battleship at its close. This ship had suffered heavily during the action, and could not keep up with the rest of the fleet, which sailed for Cadiz. The English giving chase at night, Troude hoisted English lights, and so escaped them, but coming up in the darkness with the Spanish allies, the San Ermengildo, three decker, mistook the Formidable for an enemy, and fired into her. The Real Carlos recognised the Formidable, but concluded that the vessel firing on her must be English and so attacked the San Ermengildo, and before the two Spaniards discovered their mistake they had set each other on fire and were lost. At daybreak off Cadiz, the Formidable fell amongst an English squadron of three line of battle ships and one frigate. Unable in her crippled state to escape, she was at once attacked, and a gallant action ensued. The Coesar and Superb were beaten off, the Venerable had to drive on shore, and Troude carried the formidable safely into Cadiz. For this fine action he was made a Post Captain. He subsequently distinguished himself in the West Indies. In 1811 he was made a Rear Admiral and in 1814 in command of the fleet at Brest, escorted Louis XVIII from Portsmouth to France. He retired in 1816.