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23-01-2008, 20:44
Here with four photos of carriers one easy two soso what is the last one thanks for help
1 No Idea
2 No Idea
3 Illustrious ? The deck Y cant find a match
4 Eagle or Ark after refit ?

23-01-2008, 21:09
a Colossus Class, it looks to be. Don't know which one, though. I'll look to see if I can find it.

Can anyone tell whose Naval jack is flying at the fantail?

edit---although now that I look at it, it could be a Majestic class, also. I am not too "swuft"* with RN ships.

I was referring to the first two, btw.

*Southern (US) pronunciation of "swift"

23-01-2008, 21:50
could it be the courageous as my dad was on that and all these photos came from his effects Rom:rolleyes:

What a muppet my dads was the converted one got aircraft carriers on the brain what with dads and grandads
sorry for cockup need a tot cheers Rom

23-01-2008, 23:52
Got it the first two are the carrier R68 HMS Ocean
second one I believe is R71 Vengeance or R63 Venerable
third still no idea:eek:

24-01-2008, 00:12
Well, I'll be danged, I hit pretty close.

24-01-2008, 00:40

Please, we are British!

The Sailor
24-01-2008, 05:39
No sex please Bob

24-01-2008, 14:47
Number 1 is OCEAN , Number 2 is WARRIOR Leaving Pompey pre 1962 .Number 3 is ILLUSTRIOUS, Last one is EAGLE Pre 1959 .

24-01-2008, 16:28
Dave, MAJESTIC had a large 'Y' on her flightdeck prior to being sold to Oz.

UPDATE: Just found another pic of ILLUSTRIOUS with a 'Y' on her stern so ignore my previous answer.

24-01-2008, 16:29

24-01-2008, 16:35
LUSTY PIC as mentioned

24-01-2008, 22:49
Gentlemen thank you I gather we all agree on Ocean ,Warrior, Illustrious ,Eagle, Iam beginning to feel like the inspector in the film On The Busses "I hate you ???2
Iam beginning to dislike Carriers, Tot Time, Rom:p

25-01-2008, 09:17
I would agree with the above and looking at the pictures they are passing out of Portsmouth Harbour with my favourite Pub in the background "The Still and West" which I still visit on my pilgrimages back to my hometown.