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10-01-2008, 09:54
Hi Rik

Thank you for taking an active interest in the New Year Quiz and for everyone else who viewed this thread but perhaps felt unable to take such an active part. Although I did say that I would publish the results on Friday today is a good day to release the answers, as this will unfortunately be my last day registered on this forum. So to move on to the answers:

1. HMS CENTURION 2nd Class Battleship completed Feb 1894 and sold in 1910. The photograph dates to after her reconstruction that was completed in 1903.

2. The answer I was looking for was HMS FURIOUS. The aircraft is a Blackburn R.1A Blackburn Mk.II serial number S1052. Sturtivant and Cronin (Fleet Air Arm Aircraft, Units and Ships 1920 to 1939 states that this aircraft carried 449 Flight code ‘21’ from 29 April 1929 to when the crash occurred on 15 January 1930. The unlucky pilot, on this occasion, was Pilot Officer KE Parker RAF who was picked up and returned to HMS FURIOUS. The aircraft was recovered but written off. Ray Sturtivant has verified this account and he confirms the incident is recorded in HMS FURIOUS Ships Log (ADM53/77712.

This is where it now becomes difficult, whilst researching this photograph on the web; I came across a second photograph in the crash sequence that is held by the Royal Navy Museum (Sea Your History) see http://www.seayourhistory.org.uk/component/option,com_gallery2/Itemid,402/g2_itemId,9002/type,search/ - please see the attached photograph.
The details given by the Royal Navy Museum are:
Title: Forced landing of a Blackburn Aeroplane aboard HMS Courageous (1916).
Accession Number: 1991/55(123).

In the circumstances I would have given either answer but personally I consider Sturtivant’s research to provide the definitive answer and that the Royla Navy Museum have wrongly identified the incident.

3. MV PALOMARES (I was looking for the original name) was hired and converted to an Anti-Aircraft ship in August 1940 to be come HMS PALOMARES. She was purchased on 30 October 1941 being converted to a Fighter-direction ship in 1943 and sold in April 1946.

4. Argentinean ISLAS MALVINAS captured by British forces in 1982 and given the name HMS TIGER BAY.

5. USS BUCHANAN DD.131, which was transferred and commissioned into the Royal Navy on 9 September 1940 when she was, renamed HMS CAMPBELTOWN. After a period of loan to the Polish Navy she was placed in dockyard hands to prepare her for the attack on the locks at St Nazaire on 28 March 1942.

6. MV PALOMARES in her original state before conversion to an Anti-Aircraft ship (see Question 3). I included this photograph to see if readers would make the connection between the two photographs.

Anyway sadly only Rik (tonclass) sent in a reply getting a very creditable 5 out of the 6 questions right. It appears though that question 2 really got under his skin. No hard feelings I hope Rik as long as you enjoyed the challenge.

All the best and I wish the forum success for the future.



12-01-2008, 09:11
My computer was down over the new year ship mate, sorry I missed out, good questions.



12-01-2008, 09:50
hard questions!

Last day here?

Just to pay you back for such a hard test and as your last task here, see if you can identify this ship below!

12-01-2008, 10:25
Is it the Dutchess?


12-01-2008, 11:17
The caption on the thumbnail says Voyager departure Herk ! Don't you think that when you post a poser you should title the thumbnail differently?

Just a suggestion, don't take offence.


12-01-2008, 11:33
Oh Batstiger you are so astute!

Of course I don't take offence!

Quite right. The ill-fated Voyager. There'll be a thread on her tomorrow.

12-01-2008, 11:36
What's all this business about "last day of registration" Stontamar? I didn't know there was a time limit for this forum or have I misunderstood you?

Your contribution has been invaluable and will be well missed if you depart.

Do you have to go?


12-01-2008, 11:51
I didnt cheat batstiger, I took a wild guess at an Australian Daring (sorry Voyager class). I was correct at which side of the globe though...It sounds like stontamar is leaving the forum?