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Vince O'Hara
10-01-2010, 16:43
Photos of operation Harpoon, other than a few well-known examples, seem rare. I know that the Charybdis submitted photographs with her report of proceedings and some newsreel footage was taken of the first large Italian air attack on 14 June. Has anyone ever seen these? Has anyone ever seen photographs taken during the surface action on 15 June? I would be most interested.

Thank you,

Vince O'Hara

10-01-2010, 18:14
British Pathe Newsreels are now available on line at:


Putting 'Malta convoy' in as a search term shows several 1942 newsreels - although these seem to be a mix of actual footage and 'standard' shots of depth charging etc. Some of this may well be from 'Harpoon'.

11-01-2010, 11:55
Mr OHARA are you the author of the book (Struggle for the middle sea), if you are then thank you for a great book about the sea war in the mediterranean.
To all the other guys out there I would recommened buying it or,getting it from your libary.

Vince O'Hara
11-01-2010, 16:26
Hi Peter,

Yes, I'm the author of Struggle for the Middle Sea and I appreciate your comment and recommendation.

I'm working on a new project and I'm looking for suitable photographs I can use in it. The Pathe site that navalis recommended was interesting but it gets prohibitedly expensive paying for rights. Items from individual collections are more attractive.


11-01-2010, 17:08
Hello Vince,
It looks like I've got yet another book to add to my collection :)...as my Dad was a "Sparks" on ML/MGB 357 in and around the Aegean during the latter part of WWII. So I'm sure you'll have some interesting facts in your book.
I'm finding it very interesting getting an overview of the state of things at that time and in that area.
p.s. I'm glad that this theatre of WWII is finally getting some coverage. Also I'm sorry but I don't have any Operation Harpoon photos...but hopefully there will be someone on here who can help you out.