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08-01-2010, 01:44
I've a question for any 'Old Salts' who've been east of Suez before the 70s.

My mum took me from Sydney, to live in Germany in 1964. After we crossed the Indian Ocean, we came within a mile of high cliffs at what I think was the Horn Of Africa. Atop these cliffs was what looked like a large statue of Christ facing out to sea.
I saw it again three years later on our way back to Aussie. The only reason I can think of a statue like that being in an Islamic region, is that Italian colonists had it erected before WW2.
The question is; Does anyone sailing past recall seeing that statue? Is there a photo or info available?
I tried Googling it, but no joy. We only ever used Italian lines for our journeys due to the cost, so I would've tried a Italian merchantman's forum but I don't speak the lingo.
I don't have any old charts of the area, so I'm not 100% sure of the exact location. I did'nt see it around 1990/91 so I guess it's been torn down.
Cheers Alex