View Full Version : Navy Christmas Celebrations!

29-11-2009, 12:58
My very first Christmas party was on board ship! My father was in home port, awaiting his 22 years discharge so it would have been 1934(?) and I was VERY YOUNG!

The only thing I can remember about it is my introduction to SHERRY TRIFLE which remained my favourite for many years!!! Think of it! 'Sherry' sponge, strawberry jelly, thick custard, cream, hundreds-and-thousands - but I wasn't too sure about the slivered almonds!!!

My father used to talk about the Christmas parties they gave for children when they were 'showing the flag' wherever their Lordships sent them.

Who has any memories of throwing parties for children around the world???


John Odom
29-11-2009, 13:49
Somewhere I have Christmas menus from Daddy's time on the USS Hart in China. and the Philippines. I need to find that box!