View Full Version : Fuel Range and Refilling

Denis L
19-11-2009, 08:29
On my mind, fuel is the most important parameter which decide about operationnal and strategic warfare. One major reason for keeping Tirpitz in his fjord was that she burns lot of of feul (and the fearness to lose her).

Could somebody suggest me some books or informations about the range of most WWII ships regarding his fuel consommation, and the fuel port capacities for different nations at anytime of the war ? And why not, the part given to national navies from petrol production ?

John O'Callaghan
19-11-2009, 09:10
Hi Denis L The fuel requirements for ships is extremely variable depending on the speed, manouvering and weather conditions. Up to World War 2 most European navies designed their ships for relatively short range operations, based on the assumption that a ship would return to a port for fuel replenishment. It was only with the requirement for convoy escort across the Atlantic and later operations in the Pacific that the development of a fleet support force, including fuel tankers able to refuel warships at sea more effectively than they had previously been able to. Along with larger vessels with geater fuel capacities that fleets began to remain at sea for the extended periods at which they began to operate. All of this came at a cost navies had been unable to afford previously.
Cheers John O'C.