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18-10-2009, 17:20
Hi All,
I just happened across this link, (in the R.N. Coastal Forces Veterans October '09 newsletter) whilst wandering around the net and thought that it may be of interest to some of our older members or members relatives, who may have been in Coastal Forces. (I know that there would be people out there, in this age group, who don't access the net and probably wouldn't know that this is available to them.)


Part of which says " Good news also for successful Branch members who have applied for grants under the Heroes Return 2 scheme. Appropriate sums of cash in the form of grants are available for eligible Veterans to return to places where they served during WW2, either in the UK. or places abroad - even if they have already participated in Heroes Return l. You could put in an application. Understandably, those applying must be prepared to complete an application form, but the one that is sent is user friendly and avoids the long and tedious list of questions so often encountered in official Government hand outs.

In fact, it is not an official Government form - the awards are funded by The National Lottery money so that anyone who has qualms about depleting the National finances by applying, would be worrying unnecessarily!"There is a phone number with the link....if anyone wishes further information.

I hope that there is someone out there who gets to benefit from this.

Fond regards,
Bee :)

18-10-2009, 18:33
Hi Lady Bee ,

would you like a Grant for Perth ? won't take me long to pack!

Good thread Bee ....hope it does well for you

Regards Ivor

18-10-2009, 19:48
A very worthy scheme or grant Bee.

Thank you for taking the time to post it in the forum.