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tim lewin
16-10-2009, 04:55
1759 Eddystone light first illuminated
1778 Capture of Pondicherry by Major-Gen Hector Munroafter a close blockade by Sir Edward Vernon (Ripon) ships;- Ripon, Coventry, Seahorse, Cormorant: Valentine HEICS
1798Kangaroo (18) fought the French Loire (44) off Blacksod Bay, Ireland
1815 Bonaparte landed on St. Helena
1918 L2 torpedoed and sank UB90 in Skagerrak
1931 Rank of Mate abolished
1939 GC (ex-EGM) Comander Richard Frank Jolly (Mohawk) posthumus.
1940 Dundalk mined off Harwich, sank in tow by Sutton next day
1940 Erebuswith 3 destroyers bombarded Dunkirk
1940 11 Swordfish and 3 Skua aircraft of 816 and 801 sqns (Furious) bombed the oil tanks and seaplane base at Tromso. Operation Dhu.
1941 Gladiolus torpedoed and sunk, probably by U558, while escorting SC48 in Western Approaches.
1942 Fame sank U353 in Western Approaches (SC104)
1943 Liberators S/59 and L/86 sank U844; Liberators C/59 and E/120 and Z/120 sank U470 and Sunflower sank U631 in North Atlantic (ON206)
1943 Liberator Y/86 sank U964 in North Atlantic ONS20
1943 Bisley aircraft E and H244 sank U533 in Gulf of Oman
1944 Annan RCN sank U1006 off the Faroes

clearly a bad day for U-Boats!

16-10-2009, 07:51
Interesting stuff,thanks ,I'll be using it at tonights trafalgar day dinner here in Cairns (guest of honour has to return to Blighty,so having it all a few days early).

tim lewin
16-10-2009, 10:19
Sid, if its not too late and youre already into the second glass, take a look at the Cap Norte post and what Nelson wrote on October 09th...alsway a good quote

17-10-2009, 01:19
G'day- found Nelson's Trafalgar memorandum too late for this year's dinner,but will add to list for next year...