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tim lewin
15-10-2009, 05:30
Extracted from the book "The Royal Navy Day by Day" which was concieved by my late father and Captain AB Sainsbury published by Ian Allen in association with the NMM.

my editioon must be around 1997/8

1711 Edgar (70) blew up at Spithead killing most of her people.
1795 Pomone captured the Fench Eveilleoff Ile d'Yeu.
1799 Boats of Echo cut out a Spnaish brigin the forenoon and a French one in the afternoon in Aguadilla Bay, Puerto Rico.
1799 Ethalion (38) captured the Spanish Thetis (34) off Cape Finisterre
1805 Fulton's experiment with Dorothea at Walmer
1909Admiralty part of Dover Harbour opened by the PoW.
1914 Hawke sunk by U9 60 miles East of Kinnairds Head, Aberdeen
1918 J6 accidentally sunk by Q ship Cymric off Blyth. Only 7 J class submarines were built and all operated from Blyth. J6 was their only loss.
1940 Triad sunk by gunfire and torpedo from the s/m Enrico Toti SSE of Collone, Italy with no survivors.
1941 Torbay bombarded Apollonia.
1942 Viscount depth-charged, fired at and rammed U661 sinking heron her first patrol of Cape Farewell, convoy SC.104
1944 Reoccupationof Athens by force under Rear Admiral Mansfield, operation Manna, Ajax, Aurora, Black Prince, Orion, Sirius, and LSI (M) Prince David, Prince Henry, LST Bruiser & Thruster.
1958 Eagle, Sheffield, Albion & Bulwark in emergency operations off Lebanon and Jordan.
1965 AoF Sir Henry Oliver died aged 101; he had apologised to Adm Sir David Luce, 1SL, who had called to congratulate him on his Centenery, for not recieving him in uniform!

Guz rating
15-10-2009, 10:56
Hello Tim,

very interesting book is it still in print, I googled some of the entries and discovered Sir Henry Oliver received the 'Order of the Rising Sun' And was paid 75000 pension over his long retirement, and I should imagine worth every penny.



tim lewin
15-10-2009, 13:17
Not sure if its still in print so I checked "bookfinder" which cam back with over 100 editions new/used for sale with prices anywehre between 12-130 so plenty of choice. The latest version seems to be 2005-7. My later edition, of two, is prob the 1993 edition and is signed by all who had a hand in it, dad, Tony Sainsbury (I gave him back the rights when dad died) Julian Oswald et al. It is indeed a fascinating book which will hardly go out of date because 95% of it is history (bit like us)...just google bookfinder with the name and A B Sainsbury (Capt) and you will be in the right place. I will copy out a few more days for fun and after that everyone can get their own!

15-10-2009, 15:02
I have a copy of "The Royal Navy Day by Day" by Capt.A.B. Sainsbury & Lt.Cdr. F.L. Phillips, published 2005, cost 35. I expect Amazon or Maritime Books, Liskeard will have copies. The book contains a wealth of information. A dropped hint to loved ones may bring a copy for a Xmas prezzie. ;);)

Guz rating
15-10-2009, 16:05
Thank you Keith I shall send out the signals wait for a bite, I must admit they are very good to their old dad. Thank you for the information, and I hope you are keeping well.


15-10-2009, 18:50
Thanks for the concern Alan, barring old age & poverty, I'm fine. :;):):)

dennis a feary
18-10-2009, 08:42
On this day in October, 1940 H.M.Submarine H.49 was depth-charged & sunk by UJ116 & UJ118, off the Texel Island, Holland.
In Rememberance of the Crew Of H.49 !!