View Full Version : Additions and Alterations to HMS/HMNZS Gambia and other Fiji Class CLs in 1945

Michael Eisenstadt
27-08-2009, 22:10

I am posting this request for information on behalf of Alan Raven.

Would anyone have any information concerning any additions/alternations made to HMS/HMNZS Gambia or any other Fiji class light cruisers (Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Ceylon, Newfoundland, and Swiftsure), during their 1945 service in the Pacific Theater (such as changes to their anti-aircaft fit during this timeframe)?

If not, would anyone know where in Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else such information might be found?

Snail mail contact information preferred.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Yours truly,

Michael E. for Alan Raven

Andy H
03-09-2009, 22:57
From Whitleys

Fiji class

HMS Nigeria:-Somewhere between April'44 and Oct'45 4xsingle MkIII Bofors (40mm) were added

HMS Bermude: During a major refit between June'44 and April'45 X Turret and 4 twin 20mm were removed and 3 quadruple and 4 single 2pdr were fitted. In August'45 she had a further 2 twin and 2 single 20mm removed, to be replaced by 2 Bofors and 2 single 40mm Bofors MkIII

HMS Kenya: In April'45 X Turret was landed, to be replaced by 2 twin 40mm Bofors. At the end of the war or just before the 2pdr wre replaced by 2 twin 40mm and the twin 20mm by single 40mm, the final outfir being 18 40mm ( 5x2 and 8x1)

Uganda class

HMS Ceylon: By the end of the war 6 of the single and 4 of the twin 20mm had been landed, to be replaced by 4 single 40mm Bofors MkII

HMS Uganda: After repairs in the USA, she was further modified in the first half of 1945 by the removal of 4 twin 20mm and the aircraft fittings

Tiger class

HMS Switsure:Had all her single 20mm and 8 twin removed in the summer of 1945, when she recieved, in lieu, 8 40mm Bofors and 5 single 40mm Bofors MkIII