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28-07-2009, 15:33
Some where deep down in the forum , there was a mention of the u-boats at
Lisahally , this article in the Derry Journal, is looking for some ones "15 mins of fame "



28-07-2009, 17:05
At the bottom of this link , is a chart of the Atlantic , showing the positions of the subs.



06-10-2009, 19:26
I'm interested in Operation Deadlight, as my mother says that my late father, George Cowie, was was stationed in Germany after the war at Kiel, and was involved with the scuttling of German U-boats. Other than that I know very little.
I researched the following:

The U-boats were scuttled off Ireland and according to the book "Churchill's Pirates" the typical mode of operation was for a German crew to take the U-boat out to be scuttled off Lisahally. The German crew would be taken off by a small Navy vessel and brought back to a POW camp.

If anybody knows anything else, I'd appreciate seeing them post here. I wonder if German sailors were really involved?