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02-10-2007, 13:33
HMS Vernon (UK)

Admiral Edward Vernon, born 1684, died 1757. His early career was uneventful; he became a Captain in 1706, and a Vice-Admiral in 1739. Porto Bello, on the north side of the Isthmus of Darien, defended by strong fortifications, was taken by him on November 21st 1739, with 6 ships of the line. In 1741 he commanded the fleet at the attack on Cartagena on the Gulf of Darien. Various circumstances combined to make the Admiral, who had been a very active Member of Parliament, a great public favourite for the time, and an enormous number of popular medals were struck in honour of these two exploits, exceeding anything of the kind before or since. Promoted Admiral in 1745, he was struck off the list of flag-officers the following year for publishing some pamphlets containing letters he had received from the Secretary of State and Board of Admiralty. He introduced watered rum into the Navy, and the beverage is to this day known by his nickname "grog", derived from the grogam coat he always wore. "Mount Vernon", General Washington's home near Washington, was so called after Admiral Vernon, a friend of the family.