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25-07-2008, 10:12
I have been looking through my fathers service records and come up against a series of abreviations which I can not decipher. Not just me but the records office themselves and several other people in the medical branches. My Father was a Lt RNVR in LCP(L)`s and involved with landing Canadian troops at Dieppe from where he survived without a scratch. His Flotilla then went into the business of smoke screen making and carried out this duty off the D-Day beaches. The chemicals involved were pretty aggresive and he ended up in hospital and also suffering from what would now be called Post traumatic stress Disorder from some of the things he witnessed.
In his reports he is detailed to go to a series of Hospitals for treatment the first being Haslar and after the addtl. notation in brackets the letters Y.Y.N.N appear.
He then moves to another hospital at Burdham Down and finally Barrow Gurney. After each name the Y.Y.N.N. appears in brackets.
Does anyone have any idea what this might signify ? It has so far baffled the best brains.

25-07-2008, 19:19

The main Royal Naval hospital for mental trauma was in Yarmouth I wonder if it is associated. Could it be anything other than YYNN?

Regards Charles

26-07-2008, 15:30
Thanks for your help but there is no doubt that the letters are Y.Y.N.N. I could try and scan the document and let you see what you think.

26-07-2008, 15:52
Patrick, it would be a great help if you could scan the document so we can see it and perhaps put it into context.

Initially I thought it may be relating to Naval Nursing but can't find anything which relates to the y.y before it.

Will keep looking though.


26-07-2008, 15:56
I tried to send a copy of the page but the site refused to send it because it was 29.5 kb which exceeds the acceptable limit so I have attempted to crop the original picture to view just the relevant area.
You will need to use zoom,I found 100% gave good results.
The thing about it is there are three different hospitals mentioned and the notation appears after each one so it probably does not refer to the location since they presumably are spread around the UK?

26-07-2008, 16:01
here is the scan (I hope )

29-07-2008, 21:48
Dear Batstiger,
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29-07-2008, 21:55
You're joking Pat. Bob doesn't have the big, white, bushy beard to be Capt Birdseye ;) Besides, he's already been promoted beyond Captain !!

29-07-2008, 22:00
Pat, I've asked a few consultants at the Hospital where I work as a Paramedic to see if they have come across this, including the mental health unit.
They seem to think it could actually be related to the system used to ascertain a mental health state. It's a little complicated but in basic terms they look at 4 area's if a person is deemed ok in that area it's yes (y)
if not at the required healthy state then No (N)
so it maybe that the YYNN stands for yes in 2 area's and No for 2 area's.
Once fit again the letters do not appear.

Hope this helps.


31-07-2008, 15:30
Many thanks for that. By coincidence someone else came up with the same answer so it may well be the correct one. I will leave the post on in case there are any other ideas.