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19-07-2008, 21:39
Came across this photo whilst looking through my Dad's old service records. pay ledgers etc.

It is a photo of Hms Kent's 'crossing the line' ceremony dated 8th March 1936. I don't know why my dad would have had this photo as he was only 4 years old in 1936. He never served aboard Hms Kent during his time in the navy and I don't recall him ever talking about Hms Kent.
The photo means nothing to me and doesn't remind me of my dad, so if anyone out there collects this sort of stuff, give me a shout and I'll post in on. In case I get a deluge of requests....please give me a good reason why YOU want it, to help me decide.

19-07-2008, 21:56
A great picture and a great gesture Alan.

19-07-2008, 22:01
Cheers for that Terry, just to add the photo is in pristine condition. been in a folder for god knows how many years.

By the way Terry done all the French, some superb ones among them, they certainly knew how to build ships.


19-07-2008, 22:34
Sure did Alan - although the styling of some of their pre-dreadnoughts I always thought very strange [like an inverted flat-iron!!]...

20-07-2008, 10:39
Were any of your late fathers relatives in the navy ?
example ,my wife has a photo of a person in a black cap ,and dark sea jersey,and HMS on the cap ..but so far in her quest in doing her family tree ,
she has a name to the person but no birth or death date.so she has no window to work on.


20-07-2008, 10:47
Cylla, no relatives other than me and my dad served in the navy, both grandads in the army, and great-grandads one army and one a policeman.

I can only assume he sent this to me as a kid to show what the crossing the line ceremony was.

Anyhow no takers up to now...suprising you can't give something away.


20-07-2008, 23:01
Alan - can I make an application on behalf of Romft when he next appears. I know he would be interested in it..
See thread...


21-07-2008, 13:13
Terry, thanks for putting Romft up for this photo, get him to email me his address and I'll pop it into the post for him.

No one else has come forward, yet as usual some 17 people have downloaded the photo anyway.

Following on from a previous post re: any relatives who may have served on the Kent, I looked at the crew list for 1934-36 commission and Lo and Behold there is a E.Benn (seaman) listed. I certainly don't know of him, Grandad on my Dad's side was an only child, curious though isn't it?

Anyway Romft's it is......no more requests please.