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10-07-2008, 17:59
I don't know if anyone has a photo of a complete Empire Rescue Ship from WWII. I'm looking for the Castle Class Corvettes that were converted during build to convoy rescue ships:

Empire Lifeguard launched as HMS Maiden Castle
Empire Peacemaker launched as HMS Scarborough Castle
Empire Rest launched as HMS Rayleigh Castle
Empire Shelter launched as HMS Barnard Castle
Empire Comfort launched as HMS York Castle

I am particularly interested in Empire Lifeguard, which was sabotaged and sunk in Haifa during the post war Palestine conflict. Just found I have a medal to a merchant navy man who served on this ship off Palestine.


10-07-2008, 18:23
Odin - According to my lists I do have a picture for each of them somewhere. I have a feeling that most of them must be on my old computer. I will look into it and come back to you. In the meantime I have these on this computer...

11-07-2008, 09:35
Thanks very much for those Terry. As ex Corvettes I had no real idea what they would look like after conversion. As I suspected they appear to have retained a gun and have extra boats / floats fitted for the rescue task. If you can find any more photos that will be really good. Thanks again

11-07-2008, 13:51
I belive this is EMPIRE LIFE GUARD ....


11-07-2008, 13:57
here is another rescue ship empire comfort.


11-07-2008, 16:19
Thanks very much for those Cylla, especially the Empire Lifeguard

11-07-2008, 19:08
ok Odin - will look into it my friend.

13-02-2009, 15:43
Having read a number of books about the "WW11 ATLANTIC WAR " i have found no mention on the amount of ships that were in a convoy, and so that a RESCUE SHIP was included.

Was there a set amount of ships,so as to require such a vessel.??