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18-08-2007, 00:24
This is just a test thread to try to give a regular update to the forum in addition to the normal threads which generally ask questions. I'll try and collect any significant or interesting details about the date in history and post them regularly if you think it is worthwhile. Let me know if this is of interest, and add anything you think I've missed for that day. Obviously, this can be a bit time consuming so it probably won't happen every day, but I'll try to do it at least once a week, probably twice. :)

On this day - August 18th

1849 - British frigate HMS Octavia launched

1864 - French broadside ironclad Surveillante was launched on this date.

1868 - Alaska class cruiser USS Algoma is launched

1876 - British cruiser HMS Emerald launched

1897 - Austro-Hungarian cruiser Zenta is launched

1907 - Chinese gunboat Chiang Li launched

1913 - British destroyer HMS Lysander is launched

1915 - Russian Leitenant Ilin class destroyer Vladimir launched

1916 - HMS Setter is launched, a Romola (R) class destroyer which would sink less than a year later in a collision

1917 - British destroyer HMS Vanquisher is launched.

1918 - DD161 USS Palmer is launched

1919 - Russian battleship Pamiat Azova was sunk on this date by torpedoes from CMB79 (was named Dvina at the time)

1919 - British Motor Torpedo Boat CMB24A was lost

1920 - US submarine S21 is launched

1921 - USS Pennsylvania embarked 400 marines in order to persuade Panama to accept American mediation in the border dispute with Costa Rica.

1935 - German Leberecht Maas class destroyers Leberecht Maas and Georg Thiele launched

1939 - British Fiji class cruiser HMS Kenya launched

1940 - British battleship HMS Ramillies took part in the bombardment of Bardia

1942 - American destroyer DD526 USS Abner Road is launched

1942 - HMS Fremantle, a British minesweeper is launched

1944 - British H Class submarine H28 is sold for scrap at Troon

1944 - Japanese escort carrier Taiyo was sunk by torpedoes from the American submarine USS Rasher

1944 - British S Class submarine Scotsman launched

1944 - Japanese Nagara class cruiser Natori sunk by American submarine USS Harhead.

1944 - British minesweeper HMS Wave, of the Algerine class, is launched

1945 - American DD818 USS New, a Gearing Class destroyer is launched

1955 - HMS Santon, a British Ton class minesweeper is launched

1966 - Uruguayan corvette Commandante Pedro Campbell is acquired from the United States, formerly USS Chickadee

1966 - British Oberon class submarine HMS Onyx is launched, this being the second HMS Onyx of this class, with the first bought before launch in 1963 by Canada.

1972 - Italian submarine Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia was acquired from the United States