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17-08-2007, 15:36
Reinier Claeszen (Netherlands)

Dutch seaman. In the autumn of 1606 he commanded a ship in Admiral Hautain’s fleet, which was cruising in the Atlantic to intercept the Portuguese West India squadron. Off Cape St. Vincent Hautain was attacked by the Spanish fleet under Don Louis Fiasciardo. Several large galleons assailed Claeszen’s vessel, and when the Dutch were forced to retreat, he continued for two days alone to defend his now unmanageable ship against the enemy. At the end of this time she was a complete wreck, with but sixty of her crew left alive. Capture appearing imminent, Claeszen called Council of War, and with the consent of the survivors, he set fire to the powder magazine. The explosion destroyed the ship and all on board accept two men, whom the Spaniards picked up.