View Full Version : Who painted the hull white?

09-04-2008, 17:23
Seeing the post HMS Edinburgh Cruiser in Buff and White made me wonder about ships being painted white prior to Far East service. With my interest in Persian Gulf 1909-1914 I have noticed in photographs of the campaign all the ships appear to have been painted white.

Was this a task that was undertaken by a dockyard prior to ships going east, or was it a task that ships staff had to perform? It would be easy enough to repaint a small armed launch but most ships companies would bulk at painting something the size of HMS Swiftsure.

Last year I noticed two of the Example Class (ex RNXS vessels now used by the RN University Units). They were originally painted grey with a black hull, unlike the Archer Class which are all grey. One of the two I saw had still not been repainted in all grey, after over 13 years with the URNUs. When I asked the Captain he said it was all down to cash. So clearly ships staff don't do painting of hulls now.