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20-03-2008, 17:19
Can you eagle eyed experts help me out with this one please.
I thought it was going to be easy at first but I have had to give up for the time being.


20-03-2008, 18:45
Definitely one of the County/Kent class, Bob. Unfortunately quite a few had the same paint scheme. I think the markings date from around 1943. HMS LONDON had these but had been modernised by then. So that's 1 down. Canberra, Cornwall & Dorsetshire were sunk in 1942 so 4 down. That leaves either AUSTRALIA, BERWICK, CUMBERLAND, DEVONSHIRE, KENT, NORFOLK, SHROPSHIRE, SUFFOLK & SUSSEX.

20-03-2008, 18:55
According to silhouettes from Conways, there a few small things (like doors and portholes) which suggest that this is a Kent Class - i.e. ruling OUT DEVONSHIRE, NORFOLK, NORFOLK, SHROPSHIRE and SUSSEX.

This would leave AUSTRALIA, BERWICK, CUMBERLAND, KENT and SUFFOLK, if the silhouette is accurate. It is, incidentally, of Kent in 1944.

20-03-2008, 19:05
Nice one kc.

20-03-2008, 20:31
Many thanks folks, I was going to plumb for the Shropshire. Don't ask me why!
Here is the Kent.


20-03-2008, 21:24
Was the white type coloured bottom of the bow exclusive to this class of ship?as I have found a photo of HMS Cumberland with the same paint marking
dated 1945,

31-03-2008, 18:22
I believe it's CUMBERLAND - only she and SUFFOLK had the cut-down quarterdeck, and I've seen this photo captioned as CUMBERLAND (although captions cannot always be trusted).

02-04-2008, 11:37
Further to my first question:-

The Suffolk and the Cumberland have been mentioned. When were their hind quarters altered? I am attaching two pictures of each, before and after conversion.The first picture I posted and for interest a picture of the Cumberland fitting out in 1928.


John Brown
02-04-2008, 11:51

The Suffolk had her stern cut down during a 1936 refit in order to reduce displacement. Cumberland came to the UK for a refit in March 1935 so her alterations were possibly made then.


03-04-2008, 22:03
CUMBERLAND reconstruction Feb 1935 to Jul 1936 - additional armour, hangar and fixed athwartships catapult, torpedoes removed, AA armament and fire control improved. Quarterdeck cut down to avoid going over the 10,000 ton limit imposed by the Washington Treaty. SUFFOLK's reconstruction Aug 1935 to Oct 1936 was almost identical to CUMBERLAND's. CORNWALL and BERWICK were lighter on completion so didn't need the quarterdeck cutting down; KENT was heavier, didn't get the hangar and fixed catapult, but retained the high quarterdeck.