View Full Version : Could this be the navy of the future?

15-02-2008, 03:07
A gifted amateur has built a car that can travel under water - James Bond style. Though I can't find any reference to her armament.


The pic is from the Daily Telegraph article.

The Sailor
15-02-2008, 03:47
Well the US Navy has announced its plan to go underwater with its aircraft carriers. This is why I was shocked at Britain announcing its intention to build two old fashioned super carriers. This is 1970 technology.
As I have said, carriers are ships for peacetime. They are to fight small wars and terrorism like the US uses them for.
If a real war breaks out, they wouldn't last past the first day

15-02-2008, 12:27
I hate to say it but the present state of the Royal Navy - especially the number of destroyers and frigates that we have been reduced to is nothing short of appalling.
It is a good job the Falklands War did not break out today as we do not have the ships to mount a similar operation.
At the rate things are deteriorating we will soon be nothing more than a coastal force...

The Sailor
15-02-2008, 12:36
Well Terry give an Australian an opinion of these two super carriers?
I think I'm dreaming. Someone wake me.

15-02-2008, 17:26
Graeme - My feelings on the proposed two new carriers are mixed I`m afraid.
On the positive side we do need them if we are to be a Blue Water Navy. Not just for the ability to project air power but for centralised command and control centre abilities. We would need two so that one could be at sea at all or most of the time. In addition the shot in the arm that these two ships will or would bring to our ship building industries is huge.
What does concern me is that in order to secure agreement for these two ships the Navy chiefs have had to agree to a large reduction to our existing fleet of destroyers and frigates and also to the proposed numbers of new destroyers and submarines on order or scheduled to be ordered.
The reduction in the size of the Royal Navy has been shocking over the past 20 years - and as things stand there are doubts over our ability to carry out our present level of commitments world-wide yet alone contributing to the proposed European Defence Force.
My other concern is the present state of development of the joint strike fighter which could leave us with a few elderly Harriers by the time the first carrier is scheduled to be launched.
Sailor - I have seen your views elsewhere in which you doubt the viability of a Carrier to survive more than a couple of days of a major war, etc.
Of course in that scenario you are without question correct - but the chances are that we will not be involved in a major war against Russia or any other nuclear power for that matter. In all other circumstances the carriers would be vital.