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HMS Hawkins

Name : HMS Hawkins
Laid Down : 3rd June 1916
Launched : 1st October 1917
Completed : 23rd July 1919
Type : Cruiser
Class : Hawkins
Builder : Chatham
Country : UK
Pennants : D86, I86
Fate : Scrapped December 1947

His Majesty’s Dockyard Chatham launched this Hawkins class heavy cruiser on 1 October 1917 and she entered service in the Royal Navy on 23 July 1919 as flagship of the 5th Light Cruiser Squadron on the China Station. In 1928 HAWKINS paid off and commenced refitting, recommissioning in December 1929 when she joined the 2nd Cruiser Squadron in the Atlantic Fleet. In May 1930 the cruiser was decommissioned and joined the Reserve Fleet until 1932 when she became Flagship to the 4th Cruiser Squadron in the East Indies. In April 1935 she returned to the Reserve Fleet. In 1937 she was demilitarised and all her main armament and torpedo tubes were removed.

On the outbreak of war in 1939 her armament was replaced and she became flagship to Rear Admiral Harwood after the GRAF SPEE incident, patrolling off South America and operating as far as the Falklands. On September 5th 1940 HAWKINS left Montevideo for Simonstown, South Africa for a long overdue refit. During February 1941 HAWKINS supported the British offensive against Somaliland from Kenya; she and two other cruisers supported the land advance with gunfire. Later the same month, she captured five Italian ships attempting to reach Mogadishu. After this she escorted a troop convoy and patrolled in Cape waters, and, whilst off Mauritius, her starboard outboard shaft fractured and her screw and shafting was lost. In October she returned to dry dock in Simonstown before leaving for the U.K. for refit and repairs.

After refit, HAWKINS left U.K. to join the Eastern Fleet in May 1942. She spent June – August 1943 in the Simonstown dock yard, entering dry dock to enable replacement of shaft bushes. November - December was again spent at Simonstown. During this period she spent time once again in the dry dock for the fitting of a new propeller shaft. During January – February 1944 HAWKINS patrolled in the waters around South Africa escorting troop convoys. At the end of the month she again docked in the Selborne dry dock, prior to her transfer to British waters. In June she took part in Operation NEPTUNE, the amphibious phase of D-Day and in August reverted to the role of Training Ship.

In 1945 HAWKINS reduced to reserve and was allocated for ship target trials in January 1947; Royal Air Force Lincoln bombers attacked her off Spithead. Sold for scrap on 21 August 1947, she went to Dalmuir where, in December, Arnott Young broke her up.

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HMS Hawkins, 1925.

HMS Hawkins, October 1932.

HMS Hawkins, July 1935.

HMS Hawkins, laid up, May 1946.

HMS Hawkins, laid up, May 1946.

HMS Hawkins

The bow of HMS Hawkins

Some of the crew of HMS Hawkins

A Crew member of HMS Hawkins

HMS Hawkins at Singapore c.1920

Visitors on board HMS Hawkins at Masampo, Korea.

HMS Hawkins

A Sampan visits the ship at Chefoo, 21st June 1928.

HMS Hawkins at Wei Hai Wei, c.1920.

HMS Hawkins entering dry dock.

HMS Hawkins at Shanghai, c.1920

Some of the crew of HMS Hawkins at Kyoto, Japan.

HMS Hawkins.

HMS Hawkins.

HMS Hawkins.

Timeline Entries :

3rd June 1916 - Laid down at Chatham Dockyard
1st June 1917 - Launched at Chatham
1st June 1919 - 5th Light Cruiser Squadron, China Station
23rd July 1919 - Completed
24th July 1919 - Capt. R.G.H. Henderson in Command
26th October 1919 - Arrived Hong Kong
29th March 1920 - Sailed Woosung for Yokohama
29th March 1920 - Sailed Woosung for Yokohama
16th March 1921 - Arrived Singapore
10th August 1921 - Arrived Wei Hai Wei
28th October 1921 - Sailed Wei Hai Wei for Wusung
29th October 1921 - Arrived Wusung
29th January 1922 - Arrived Singapore
2nd February 1922 - Flagship of Admiral Sir Alexander Duff
2nd February 1922 - Capt. W.M. James in Command
4th June 1927 - In the Yangste
19th August 1927 - Flagship of Vice-Admiral Sir Reginald Tyrwhitt
19th August 1927 - Sailed Shanghai for Nanking
9th November 1929 - Commissioned at Chatham
9th November 1929 - Capt. W.N. Custance in Command
11th November 1929 - Commenced post refit trials
28th November 1929 - Completed post refit trials
16th December 1929 - Sailed Chatham for Sheerness
2nd March 1931 - At Barbados
21st September 1932 - Commissioned
1st October 1932 - Capt. T. S. V. Phillips in Command
1st October 1932 - In reserve. Portsmouth
15th October 1932 - Arrived Gibraltar
17th October 1932 - Sailed Gibraltar
20th October 1932 - Arrived Malta
25th October 1932 - Sailed Malta
26th October 1932 - Arrived Port Said
28th October 1932 - Sailed Port Said
1st November 1932 - Arrived Aden
3rd November 1932 - Sailed Aden
8th November 1932 - Arrived Bommbay
5th December 1932 - Sailed Bombay
9th December 1932 - Arrived Muscat
11th December 1932 - Sailed Muscat
12th December 1932 - Arrived Henjam
14th December 1932 - Arrived Khassab
14th December 1932 - Sailed Henjam
15th December 1932 - Sailed Khassab
15th December 1932 - Arrived Shajah
16th December 1932 - Sailed Shajah
17th December 1932 - Arrived Bahrain
20th December 1932 - Sailed Bahrain
21st December 1932 - Arrived Basra
28th December 1932 - Arrived Abadan
28th December 1932 - Sailed Basra
2nd January 1933 - Sailed Abadan
3rd January 1933 - Arrived Kawait
3rd January 1933 - Arrived Koweit
6th January 1933 - Sailed Kawait
7th January 1933 - Arrived Bushire
9th January 1933 - Sailed Bushire
17th January 1933 - Arrived Colombo
23rd January 1933 - Sailed Colombo
24th January 1933 - Arrived Trincomalee
3rd April 1933 - Arrived Trincomali
1st May 1933 - Sailed Colombo
1st May 1933 - Capt. T.S.V. Phillips in Command
24th June 1933 - Sailed Zanzibar
28th July 1933 - Arrived Male, Maldives
30th July 1933 - Sailed Male, Maldives for Colombo
2nd August 1933 - Arrived Colombo
2nd August 1933 - Capt. T.S.V. Phillips in Command
2nd August 1933 - Flagship of Vice-Admiral M.E. Dunbar-Smith
2nd October 1933 - Sailed Colombo
11th November 1933 - Arrived Basra
14th November 1933 - Arrived Abadan
20th November 1933 - Sailed Abadan
21st November 1933 - Arrived Koweit
25th November 1933 - Sailed Koweit
27th November 1933 - Arrived Henjam
28th November 1933 - Sailed Henjam
2nd December 1933 - Arrived Bombay
2nd December 1933 - Arrived Bombay
4th December 1933 - Sailed Bombay for Colombo
4th December 1933 - Sailed Bombay
7th December 1933 - Arrived Colombo
7th December 1933 - Capt. T.S.V. Phillips in Commad
7th December 1933 - Flagship of Vice-Admiral M.E. Dunbar-Smith
18th December 1933 - Sailed Colombo for Calcutta
18th December 1933 - Sailed Colombo for Calcutta
22nd December 1933 - Arrived Calcutta
3rd January 1934 - Sailed Calcutta for Singapore
3rd January 1934 - Flagship of Vice-Admiral M.E. Dunbar-Nasmith
3rd January 1934 - Sailed Calcutta for Port Blair
6th January 1934 - Arrived Port Blair
9th January 1934 - Sailed Port Blair for Penang
11th January 1934 - Arrived Penang
11th January 1934 - Arrived Penang
16th January 1934 - Sailed Penang for Singapore
17th January 1934 - Sailed Penang
18th January 1934 - Arrived Singapore
18th January 1934 - Arrived Singapore
3rd February 1934 - Sailed Nancowry for Trincomalee
5th February 1934 - At Trincomali
5th February 1934 - Flagship of Vice-Admiral M.E. Dunbar-Nasmith
6th February 1934 - Arrived Trincomalee
6th February 1934 - Arrived Trincomalee from Singapore
6th February 1934 - Falgship of Vice-Admiral M.E. Dunbar-Smith
1st March 1934 - Arrived Portsmouth
1st March 1934 - Capt. T.S.V. Phillips in Command
22nd March 1934 - Sailed Trincomali for Colombo
23rd March 1934 - Arrived Colombo
25th April 1934 - Joined Reserve Fleet
8th June 1934 - Sailed Colombo
8th June 1934 - Flagship of Vice-Admiral M.E. Dunbar-Nasmith
8th June 1934 - Capt. T.S.V. Phillips in Command
15th June 1934 - Arrived Mauritius
25th June 1934 - Saled Mauritius for Durban
26th June 1934 - Sailed Mauritius
2nd July 1934 - Arrived Durban
11th July 1934 - Sailed Durban
16th July 1934 - Arrived Kilindini
23rd July 1934 - Arrived Dar-es-Salaam
23rd July 1934 - Sailed Killindinni
6th August 1934 - Sailed Dar-es-Salaam
6th August 1934 - Arrived Monitor Anchorage
13th August 1934 - Sailed Monitor Anchorage
20th August 1934 - Arrived Mombasa
9th September 1934 - Arrived Seychelles
20th September 1934 - Arrived Colombo
30th October 1934 - Sailed Trincomali
2nd November 1934 - Arrived Port Blair
2nd November 1934 - Flagship of Vice-Admiral Sir Martin Dunbar-Nasmish
2nd November 1934 - At Trincomali
23rd November 1934 - Sailed Rangoon for Hastings Harbour
28th November 1934 - Arrived Car Nicobar and sailed for Colombo
1st December 1934 - Arrived Colombo
17th December 1934 - Flagship of Vice-Admiral F.F. Rose
17th December 1934 - Sailed Colombo
17th December 1934 - Sailed Colombo for Karachi
19th December 1934 - Arrived Bombay
20th December 1934 - Sailed Bombay for Karachi
21st December 1934 - Arrived Karachi
22nd December 1934 - Arrived Karachi
25th December 1934 - At Karachi
31st December 1934 - Sailed Karachi
1st January 1935 - Arrived Khor Kuwai
2nd January 1935 - Arrived Henjam
2nd January 1935 - Sailed Henjam for Basra
4th January 1935 - Arrived Basra
18th January 1935 - Arrived Bahrein
31st January 1935 - Sailed Bombay
31st January 1935 - Capt. T.S.V. Phillips in Command
5th February 1935 - Arrived Aden
6th February 1935 - Sailed Aden
11th February 1935 - Arrived Suez and Port Said
14th February 1935 - Sailed Port Said
17th February 1935 - Arrived Malta
20th February 1935 - Sailed Malta
24th February 1935 - Arrived and sailed Gibraltar
1st March 1935 - Arrived Portsmouth
25th April 1935 - Joined reserve at standard notice
30th December 1935 - Sailed Karachi for Khor Kuwai
10th October 1936 - Commenced Flagship of Vice Admiral G.C. Dickens
14th October 1936 - Ceased Flagship of Vice Admiral G.C. Dickens
17th October 1936 - Commenced Flagship of Vice Admiral G.C. Dickens
2nd June 1939 - Sailed Kobe for Wei Hai Wei
3rd September 1939 - At Portsmouth to refit and rearm
9th December 1939 - At Portsmouth refit and rearm complete
23rd December 1939 - Ready for Sea
2nd January 1940 - Completed her refit and ran trials from Portland
8th January 1940 - Completed trials from Portland
9th January 1940 - Sailed Portland for Freetown
9th January 1940 - Sailed Portland for duty in the South Atlantic
16th January 1940 - Arrived Freetown
17th January 1940 - Sailed Freetown
29th January 1940 - Arrived Rio de la Plata
29th January 1940 - Relieved New Zealand light cruiser HMNZS Achilles as Flagship of the South America Statio
29th January 1940 - Arrived on station
February 1940 - At Falkland Islands, refitting
13th February 1940 - Force G
5th March 1940 - Sailed Montevideo for Port Stanley for short refit
15th March 1940 - Sailed Port Stanley after refit
May 1943 - At Simonstown, South Africa, being refitted
June 1943 - At Simonstown refit completed
July 1943 - At Trincomalee to resume convoy escort duties
29th March 1944 - Arrived in the Clyde
6th June 1944 - Part of the force supporting the landings at Utah beach
July 1944 - Arrived Rosyth to be used as a training ship
19th July 1947 - Broken

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