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HMS Daring - World Naval Ships Directory

HMS Daring

Name : HMS Daring
Laid Down : 18th June 1931
Launched : 7th April 1932
Completed : 25th November 1932
Type : Destroyer
Class : D
Builder : Thornycroft
Country : UK
Pennants : H16, I15
Fate : Sunk 18th February 1940. by U-23, under the command of Otto Kretschmer. Daring capsized and sank very quickly after having her stern blown off; 157 of the ship's company were lost.

Daring was ordered on 2 February 1931 under the 1930 Naval Estimates, and was laid down at John I Thornycroft's yard at Woolston, Southampton on 18 June 1931. She was launched on 7 April 1932 and completed on 25 November 1932, at a total cost of £225,536, excluding equipment supplied by the Admiralty, such as weapons, ammunition and wireless equipment. The ship was initially assigned to the 1st Destroyer Flotilla in the Mediterranean and made a brief deployment to the Persian Gulf and Red Sea in September–October 1933. Lord Louis Mountbatten assumed command on 29 April 1934, and Daring was given a refit at Sheerness Dockyard from 3 September to 24 October to prepare the ship for service on the China Station. In December 1934 she sailed to join the 8th Destroyer Flotilla in the Far East and served there until the outbreak of war. Upon the ship's arrival at Singapore, Lord Mountbatten was transferred to command HMS Wishart and Commander Geoffrey Barnard assumed command. The ship and her sisters Duncan, Diana, and Dainty were transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet shortly before World War II began in September 1939. Daring was kept in the Red Sea for escort and patrol work until November 1939. She was overhauled in Malta from 25 November to 20 December. The ship escorted the Union-Castle Line ocean liner SS Dunnottar Castle to Belfast in early 1940 and was under repair at Portsmouth until 25 January. Daring joined the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla in Scapa Flow on 10 February 1940 for escort duties. While escorting Convoy HN12 from Norway, she was torpedoed on 18 February in position 58°39′N 01°40′WCoordinates: 58°39′N 01°40′W by U-23, under the command of Otto Kretschmer. Daring capsized and sank very quickly after having her stern blown off; 157 of the ship's company were lost. The five survivors were rescued by the submarine HMS Thistle, which had witnessed the attack

Crew who were on board at the time of the ships sinking only 4 crew survived AMOR, Frederick W, Able Seaman, P/J 90332, MPK (missing presumed killed) ARMSTRONG, George W, Able Seaman, P/JX 138436, MPK ASHFIELD, Frederick B, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 61491, MPK BARRY, David J, Able Seaman, P/J 102271, MPK BEAMIN, Donald P, Able Seaman, P/JX 140466, MPK BELLIS, Albert E, Able Seaman, P/JX 132147, MPK BENDON, Arthur H, Chief Petty Officer, P/J 98957, MPK BERRY, Reginald J, Able Seaman, P/J 90141, MPK BEVAN, Anthony G, Act/Leading Seaman, P/SSX 15985, MPK BLAIR, Duncan, Stoker 1c, P/KX 84505, MPK BOGGELN, Frederick A, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 163006, MPK BROWN, Leslie W, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 627277, MPK BYNG, Percy N, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 126742, MPK CAMERON, James H, Able Seaman, P/JX 152171, MPK CAMERON, John C, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 169288, MPK CAMPBELL, Peter H W, Able Seaman, P/SSX 23427, MPK CARD, Frederick G, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 56007, MPK CARROLL, Kenneth, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168738, MPK CHAMPION, Alphonso T G, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 150871, MPK CHARLES, Geoffrey H, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 165586, MPK CLARK, Albert J, Able Seaman, C/JX 137478, MPK CLEAVER, John S, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168739, MPK CLIFFORD, Henry N, Able Seaman, P/JX 133405, MPK COLE, John C, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 75392, MPK COLEMAN, John L, Py/Ty/Midshipman, RNVR, MPK COOKE, Arthur, Steward, P/LX 21363, MPK COOPER, Sydney A, Commander, MPK COPPERTHWAITE, Ernest A, Able Seaman, P/J 102455, MPK COULING, William, Electrical Artificer, P/M 38502, MPK COX, Reginald H, Chief Petty Officer, P/J 104501, MPK COXON, John, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 64357, MPK DEAN, Leonard J, Stoker 1c, P/KX 83839, MPK DRIVER, John A, Stoker 1c, P/KX 92907, MPK DRURY, Francis W, Engine Room Artificer 3c, P/MX 50242, MPK DUNBAR, John P, Act/Leading Seaman, P/SSX 14350, MPK EASTMAN, Thomas R, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 63997, MPK EASTON, William H, Gunner (T), MPK ELKINS, Herbert J, Leading Stoker, P/KX 79946, MPK ENGLISH, William, Cook, C/MX 52431, MPK EUERBY, Oliver J, Able Seaman, P/JX 143867, MPK EVANS, Albert J L, Leading Stoker, P/KX 81853, MPK EVANS, Samuel J, Signalman, D/J 110773, MPK FEAR, Charles E G, Able Seaman, P/J 109763, MPK FINLAY, Daniel E, Able Seaman, P/J 99757, MPK FITTON, Robert, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168745, MPK FOOD, Edwin W, Able Seaman, P/JX 128934, MPK FOX, John T, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168746, MPK FOXON, Albert S, Canteen Manager, NAAFI, MPK GAFFNEY, Albert, Stoker 2c, C/KX 96504, MPK GALE, George E F, Able Seaman, P/SSX 14403, MPK GARDNER, Joseph W, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, P/M 36103, MPK GARFORD, Ronald C, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 167889, MPK GISSING, John, Petty Officer Cook, P/MX 55734, MPK GORDON, Peter C, Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK HAGGERSTON, Victor H, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/SR 8623, MPK HARPER, George W, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168748, MPK HARRIS, Albert, Able Seaman, P/SSX 14436, MPK HARRIS, Clifford E, Stoker 1c, RFR, P/KX 75034 P/B 19692, MPK HARROCKS, Samuel, Able Seaman, P/JX 137840, MPK HATFIELD, Albert E, Able Seaman, P/J 98674, MPK HAWKINS, George J, Leading Steward, P/L 13265, MPK HEALEY, Arthur, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168750, MPK HICKMOTT, Arthur A, Leading Supply Assistant, P/MX 54117, MPK HILL, Ronald F, Supply Petty Officer, P/MX 50179, MPK HOLMAN, Ernest O, Able Seaman, P/J 69330, MPK HOLMAN, John G, Stoker 1c, P/KX 84739, MPK HOWAT, John M B, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 128832, MPK HULMES, Frederick, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168749, MPK HURDING, Joseph E, Canteen Manager, NAAFI, MPK JENKINS, Frederick W S, Stoker 1c, P/KX 83635, MPK JESTICO, Alfred W, Petty Officer, P/J 111608, MPK JOHNCOCK, Ernest G, Engine Room Artificer 3c, C/MX 52935, MPK JONES, Thomas R, Stoker 1c, P/K 61680, MPK JUKES, William G, Able Seaman, P/JX 141795, MPK KEARNEY, Gerald J, Surgeon Lieutenant, MPK KEITH, John, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 86290, MPK KENNARD, William G, Signalman, P/JX 1407225, MPK KING, John C, Able Seaman, C/JX 129787, MPK LAMONT, Athol D, Able Seaman, P/JX 143595, MPK LEE, Albert H, Act/Yeoman of Signals, P/JX 131994, MPK LITTLE, Leslie G W, Officer's Cook, P/LX 20434, MPK LOADER, Charles H, Stoker 1c, P/KX 91766, MPK MCGHEE, James C B, Stoker 1c, P/KX 90519, MPK MILLER, Edward C, Act/Leading Seaman, P/KX 90519, MPK MOON, William, Able Seaman, C/J 115154, MPK MOORE, Frank C, Stoker 1c, P/KX 84623, MPK MORRIS, James, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168753, MPK MOTTRAM, Thomas De R, Ordnance Artificer 2c, P/M 8643, MPK MURRAY, Leonard A, Leading Seaman, P/JX 131081, MPK MURRISON, Alfred, Chief Petty Officer, P/J 51842, MPK NORRIS, William, Able Seaman, P/JX 145696, MPK OVEREND, William, Leading Seaman, P/JX 140156, MPK PAGE, Albert E, Leading Stoker, P/K 65886, MPK PALMER, Fred M, Able Seaman, P/SSX 16718, MPK PARSONS, Maurice, Petty Officer, P/JX 126434, MPK PENKETHMAN, Thomas, Able Seaman, P/SSX 21192, MPK PIPES, Henry, Able Seaman, P/SSX 19730, MPK PONTER, Norman J C, Able Seaman, P/JX 126529, MPK POTTS, George H, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168757, MPK POTTS, Leslie G M, Sub Lieutenant, MPK PULLAN, Harold, Able Seaman, P/J 53918, MPK PUMFREY, Alan V, Midshipman, MPK PURVES, Reuben S, Petty Officer Steward, P/L 6143 Pens No 15854, MPK RAFTER, Sydney E, Assistant Steward, P/LX 22766, MPK RAINEY, Thomas H, Able Seaman, P/JX 129478, MPK RAINEY, Walter G, Telegraphist, C/JX 140125, MPK RAMSDEN, William T, Sick Berth Attendant, P/SBR/X 7748, MPK RILEY, Arthur H, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 153281, MPK ROBERTS, Patrick L, Lieutenant, MPK ROBINSON, Sydney, Able Seaman, P/SSX 21262, MPK RUSTON, William S, Able Seaman, P/J 112579, MPK SANDERSON, George, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168766, MPK SEARLE, Ernest A, Stoker 1c, P/KX 91098, MPK SHAXBY, William J K, Lieutenant (E), MPK SKIPP, Percy L, Able Seaman, P/J 78876, MPK SLADE, Maurice G, Stoker 1c, P/KX 87487, MPK SLATER, Edward H, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168767, MPK SMITH, Ernest S, Stoker 1c, P/K 64972, MPK SMITH, Frederick R B, Stoker Petty Officer, P/K 59442, MPK SMITH, Thomas G, Able Seaman, P/J 110912, MPK SMITH, Thomas H, Ordinary Seaman RNSR, P/JX 168533, MPK STEELE, Thomas, Stoker 1c, P/KX 87870, MPK STENNINGS, Reginald E, Chief Petty Officer Stoker, P/K 62234, MPK STILL, Frederick J, Able Seaman, RFR, P/JX 135707 B/20025, MPK STOKES, William G, Stoker 1c, P/K 65267, MPK STRAUGHAN, Edward, Able Seaman, P/JX 129776, MPK STURGESS, Basil G, Able Seaman, P/JX 142840, MPK TABERSHAM, Frederick G A, Stoker 2c, C/KX 129787, MPK TANNER, Denis V, Signalman, P/JX 139930, MPK TATE, Milton, Stoker 1c, P/KX 84616, MPK TAYLOR, George M, Telegraphist, P/JX 150824, MPK TAYLOR, Sidney J F, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168545, MPK THATCHER, Henry F, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168540, MPK TINGEY, Thomas A, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168542, MPK TOMPKINS, George R I, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 138338, MPK TROTT, Douglas G, Able Seaman, P/JX 140335, MPK TUNE, Arthur C, Able Seaman, P/J 111977, MPK TURPITT, Charles E, Leading Telegraphist, D/J 107675, MPK VINCENT, Walter S T, Stoker 1c, P/KX 90590, MPK WALSH, Francis, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168552, MPK WALTER, Frederick D, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168556, MPK WALTON, Sidney R, Telegraphist, P/JX 154035, MPK WARD, Philip L, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 139689, MPK WATSON, Walter W, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168550, MPK WEBSTER, Charles H, Act/Petty Officer, P/JX 131448, MPK WELLS, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, RNSR, P/JX 168554, MPK WHITE, Charles, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 126943, MPK WHITEHEAD, Robert J F, Stoker 1c, P/KX 92912, MPK WHITELOCK, Edward G, Able Seaman, P/SSX 16917, MPK WILLIS, George H, Able Seaman, RFR, P/J 113592, MPK WILLMOTT, Cyril A, Stoker 1c, P/KX 81463, MPK WILSON, James M, Engine Room Artificer 3c, P/MX 50356, MPK WILSON, Norman E, Electrical Artificer, P/MX 48742, MPK WOOLSTON, Stanley R, Able Seaman, P/J 98913, MPK WORMALD, David, Stoker 1c, RFR, P/SSX 116521 B/10499, MPK WRIGHT, Thomas W, Able Seaman, P/J 96255, MPK

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HMS Daring, 1932.

Timeline Entries :

7th April 1931 - Pennant H16
7th April 1931 - Launched
6th April 1932 - Off Hyeres
25th November 1932 - Commissioned
14th January 1933 - Arrived Port Galaxidi
25th January 1933 - Sailed Port Galaxidi
25th January 1933 - Arrived Gulf of Patras
1st February 1933 - Arrived Malta
7th March 1933 - Sailed Malta for Pollensa Bay
10th March 1933 - Arrived Palma
30th March 1933 - Arrived Golfe Juan
8th April 1933 - Sailed Antibes for Malta
10th April 1933 - Arrived Malta
5th August 1933 - Arrived Kotor
25th September 1933 - Arrived Henjam
9th January 1934 - Sailed Malta for cruise
10th January 1934 - Arrived Sfax
3rd March 1934 - Sailed Malta for Gibraltar
23rd March 1934 - Sailed Gibraltar
27th March 1934 - Arrived St. Maxime
10th April 1934 - Sailed Gulf of St. Trpoez for Rapallo
11th April 1934 - Arrived Rapallo
25th July 1934 - Arrived Phalerum Bay
15th August 1934 - Arrived Malta
23rd August 1934 - Sailed Malta for the UK
30th August 1934 - Arrived Sheerness
9th November 1934 - Arrived Malta
1st December 1934 - Arrived Colombo
5th December 1934 - Sailed Colombo for Singapore
10th December 1934 - Arrived Singapore
11th December 1934 - Arrived Singapore
18th December 1934 - 8th Destroyer Flotilla (China Station)
18th December 1934 - Sailed Singapore for Malta
19th December 1934 - Sailed Singapore for Borneo
22nd December 1934 - Arrived Singapore
26th December 1934 - Sailed Jesselton for Manila
1st January 1935 - Sailed Manila for Hong Kong
3rd January 1935 - Arrived Hong Kong
6th January 1935 - Sailed Hong Kong
18th January 1935 - Arrived Hong Kong
4th April 1935 - Sailed Hong Kong
8th April 1935 - Arrived Hong Kong
24th April 1935 - Sailed Hong Kong
28th April 1935 - Arrived Hong Kong
30th July 1935 - Sailed Hong Kong
15th August 1935 - Sailed Hong Kong
28th December 1935 - Arrived Manila
27th January 1936 - Arrived Hong Kong
5th February 1936 - Arrived Hong Kong
16th April 1936 - Sailed Hong Kong
27th May 1936 - Arrived Wei Hai Wei
25th July 1936 - Arrived Tsingtao
12th January 1937 - Arrived Tawao
23rd April 1937 - Arrived Pagoda Anchorage
27th April 1937 - Sailed Pagoda Anchorage for Shanghai
19th May 1937 - Arrived Chefoo
15th December 1937 - Sailed Hong Kong for Amoy
January 1938 - 8th Destroyer Flotilla
January 1938 - 8th Destroyer Flotilla, China Station
28th July 1938 - Arrived Swatow
23rd January 1939 - Sailed Hong Kong for Swatow
24th January 1939 - Arrived Swatow
30th January 1939 - Arrived Gibraltar
6th March 1939 - Sailed Manila
31st March 1939 - Arrived Swettenham
3rd April 1939 - Sailed Port Swettenham
10th April 1939 - Arived Singapore
11th April 1939 - Sailed Singapore for Bali
15th April 1939 - Arrived Bali
20th April 1939 - Sailed Bali for Singapore
24th April 1939 - Arrived Singapore
7th July 1939 - Cdr. Sydney Alan Cooper, RN In Command
2nd September 1939 - 21st Destroyer Flotilla, Division 42, China Station
3rd September 1939 - Sailed Singaporefor patrol in Padang area
3rd September 1939 - Returned with engine room defects
9th October 1939 - Exercised off Alexandri
13th October 1939 - At the celebrations of Foundation Day in Freemantle, Western Australia
16th October 1939 - Arrived Socotra
November 1939 - Relieved by HMS Delight at Aden
10th November 1939 - Sailed Aden for Suez
23rd November 1939 - Sailed Port Said
25th November 1939 - Arrived Malta
30th November 1939 - At Malta repairing
27th December 1939 - Sailed Malta
2nd January 1940 - Attacked a submarine contact off Cape Roca in 38-40N, 10-04W
7th January 1940 - Arrived Belfast
10th January 1940 - Arrived Portsmouth
31st January 1940 - Arrived in the Clyde.
2nd February 1940 - Sailed Greenock for an anti-submarine sweep towards the Mull of Kintyre
7th February 1940 - Arrived in the Clyde
8th February 1940 - Commenced escorting tanker British Governor and Ilsenstein to Scapa Flow
10th February 1940 - Sailed Muckle Flugga for Rosyth escorting steamer Housatonic and British Governor
10th February 1940 - Arrived Scapa Flow
11th February 1940 - Arrived Rosyth
15th February 1940 - Attacked a contact NNE of Kinnaird Head
15th February 1940 - Sailed Rosyth to join Convoy HN.12
16th February 1940 - Supported Operation DT
18th February 1940 - Sunk
18th February 1940 - Cdr. S.A. Cooper in Command
27th February 1940 - Cdr S. A. Cooper in Command
27th February 1940 - Sunk by U.23 off Duncansby Head

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